How much does black rifle coffee donate (how much does Black Rifle Coffee give back + more information)?

Black Rifle Coffee Company is dedicated to giving back to the community. But how much does Black Rifle coffee donate?

Black Rifle donates thousands of dollars and coffee and merchandise to charities and organizations.
Most people wonder what initiatives coffee companies take to give back to society. One thing that drew me to Black Rifle was its concern for veterans. Since I was raised by a father who was in service, I witnessed how hard it was for him to transition back to the civilian world.

I decided to become a regular customer at Black Rifle since I learned that it was actively involved in helping military members. I created this post to inform you what Black Rifle coffee company donates. By the end of it, you will also learn how frequently it donates.

What does Black Rifle donate?

Black Rifle donates cash, merchandise, and even coffee to communities and non-profit organizations. One of its missions has always been to donate to veteran-based charities. Reports reveal that since its introduction, Black Rifle has also managed to donate $600,000 in cash to such charities.

Black Rifle continues to donate part of its profits to organizations that help first responders and law enforcement. According to reports, Black Rifle donated around 17,000 products by the beginning of 2020. With every purchase that customers make, the company gives back through its BRCC fund. This fund was designed to help veterans and service members gain access to the care they need, as well as resources, training, and grants.

Black Rifle also engages with the local communities and partners with different organizations to help support their cause. Some of the organizations this coffee company has donated to include the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, The HunterSeven Foundation, the K9 Hurricane’s Heroes, and the Navy Seal Foundation.

How often does Black Rifle donate?

How much does black rifle coffee donate
Black Rifle donations. Image source: Black Rifle

Since Black Rifle is committed to supporting veterans, it donates frequently. For example, in the month of August 2022 alone, Black Rifle donations totaled $180,000. The Special Operations Warrior got $50,000 from Black Rifle between June and August. The donation was to offer post-secondary educational support for children of fallen special operations forces.

After a while, the Black Rifle donated $10,000 to the Greater Dallas Veterans Foundation to help support veterans recovering from traumatic brain injuries. Black Rifle announced at the beginning of 2022 that it had plans to award a $15,000 grant to the HunterSeven Foundation. This non-profit organization conducts research on the effects of toxic exposure. Additionally, Black Rifle has donated over $14 million to the Special Forces Group over the last two years.

FAQ section

Does Black Rifle Coffee donate to charity?

Yes. Black Rifle Coffee continues to donate directly to charities such as Brotherhood for the Fallen, Erich Mash Foundation, and Tunnels to Tower.

Does Black Rifle donate coffee?

Yes. This company donates not only cash but also coffee and its merchandise.

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