How Much Does Breville Charge To Fix Espresso Machines (how much does it cost to fix an espresso machine at Breville + more information)?

If you have been facing an issue with a Breville espresso machine, you should have it fixed. So, how much does Breville charge to fix espresso machines?

The cost depends on the espresso machine’s make, model, and age. The cost of repairing a superautomatic espresso machine at Breville may range between $150 and $350, while repairing a semi-automatic one may be lower. Though Breville espresso machines are built to last, most users are forced to repair them at some point.

Being an espresso lover compelled me to buy a Breville espresso machine for my home. I used it for five years, and then one day, I noticed that it was no longer turning on. After trying a few hacks, I finally sent it to Breville for repairs. After this experience, I created this post to share how much repairing Breville espresso machines costs. By the end of it, you will also discover how long fixing it takes.

How long does it take Breville to fix an espresso machine?

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Fixing an espresso machine. Image source: Pixabay

The exact duration depends on the problem with the espresso machine. Some issues are more complex to fix than others. Once you send an espresso machine to Breville, it promises to deliver it back to you within 10 business days, depending on the type of damage. If the issue cannot be fixed, Breville may send you a replacement.

Does Breville charge the same for all espresso machines?

No. The cost of repairing Breville espresso machines is not the same. It varies depending on the age of the machine, model, and make. For instance, superautomatic espresso machines from Breville need repair costs of between $150 and $350. On the other hand, you may be charged less when repairing a semi-automatic espresso machine from Breville.

A warranty can help you save on costs when it comes to repairing espresso machines from Breville. The warranty should cover repairs on major parts or defects on the espresso machine. While most Breville espresso machines have a one-year warranty, others have longer coverage.

Final Thoughts

Breville espresso machines are reliable and reputable. However, they are not immune to problems. Since some issues with espresso machines are hard to fix without a professional, you can arrange for Breville to repair your machine if you cannot fix it. This may take up to 10 business days, and it may cost you up to $350 if the warranty does not cover the problem.

FAQ section

Can Breville fix any espresso machine?

Yes. Breville has specialists that carry out professional repairs on its espresso machines. However, for espresso machines that are beyond repair, Breville can replace them.

Does Breville charge for fixing espresso machines before the warranty expires?

No. As long as the part is covered in the warranty and the warranty has not yet expired, Breville will not charge you to fix the espresso machine.

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