Is the Starbucks app worth it? (what are the benefits of using the Starbucks app?)

Did you just hear about the Starbucks app and are wondering,” Is the Starbucks app worth it?” Worry no more because I’m about to give you the reassurance you deserve to have that Starbucks app on your device.

Yes. The Starbucks app is very much worth it. Having been a staunch consumer of Starbucks products for more than 15 years and having this app on my device for almost a decade, I have encountered people who wonder why it is on my device and if it’s worth it. This app’s benefits include allowing me to make orders wherever I am. It also runs a program that rewards its frequent users, among others. These benefits are so amazing that I use such opportunities to shine and display my undisputed knowledge about Starbucks whenever I encounter such questions. If you want to know more benefits of having the Starbucks app, read this article to the end.

Should you download the Starbucks app?

Is the Starbucks app worth it?
Starbucks App for iPhone and Android. Image source: Starbucks

☺As their drinks enthusiast, I advise you to download the Starbucks app. Not only does the app offer you a chance to order at your comfort, but it also runs a rewards program. The more avid user you become, the higher your chances of having a great time with the app. Download the app and register yourself for this fascinating experience.

What are the benefits of using the Starbucks app?

Using the Starbucks App exposes you to at least three excellent benefits. Is your experience more special on the app? First, the app runs a great rewards program that allows you to earn points in the form of stars. These stars can be redeemed for your favorite drink, food, or merchandise🕶 from the app’s menu: free drinks and gifts, my perfect combo. I honestly can’t resist free food, especially from Starbucks.

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The app also gives you the freedom to order ahead. You could be somewhere stuck in a meeting and need a quick drink immediately after you finish the business. In the Starbucks App, you can place that fast order, end your session, then check into your outlet for your ready-made drink. This will massively save you that long waiting time. Once you start ordering with the app, you will no longer have to break your limbs for that quick late-evening beverage before heading home, will you?

In select stores, if you take back a clean reusable cup, you earn 25 stars that can be redeemed for an extra shot of espresso or dash of syrup. On the app, a birthday reward is also offered to registered members. You can redeem this for a free food item or a drink on your special day.

Are the Starbucks app rewards worth it?

The Starbucks app rewards are worth it. Imagine having that favorite drink at Starbucks that earns you bonus points. You can redeem these points for free goodies at select Starbucks outlets. Doesn’t this sound like a good idea for any loyal Starbucks lover? I do not mind those rewards as they have made some of my evenings at Starbucks worth it. Any chance I get of redeeming those points, I majestically walk into Starbucks before humbly requesting that my points be redeemed.


Do you get a free Starbucks when you get the app?

It is not guaranteed that you will be offered a free Starbucks immediately after you get the app. However, you will start earning stars once you make the first purchase. These stars can later be redeemed for food items, beverages, and merchandise.

Why is the Starbucks app so popular?

The Starbucks app is popular due to its customer-friendly nature. Not only does it make ordering and customization of drinks easier, but it also offers rewards and discounts to customers.

Do you pay to use the Starbucks app?

Not you do not pay to use the Starbucks app. The app is free in the play store. Registering as a member is also free, and as soon as you register, you start earning bonus stars✰.

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