Does Starbucks have macarons? (How many macaron flavours does Starbucks have? + More information)

Aside from coffee, smoothies and other drinks, Starbucks is also known for its pastry menu. With all the dessert options available, does Starbucks have macarons?

Starbucks does have macarons in six different flavours available during the holiday season. The Starbucks macarons are available in the majority of Starbucks locations in the refrigerated section but only during the holiday season. My younger sister loves treats, especially during the festive seasons. Her latest obsession is with macarons. Being a frequent Starbucks visitor, it’s only natural that I researched the Starbucks macarons. In this article, I am sharing everything I found out about the macarons at Starbucks. Continue reading to find out more.

How many macaron flavours does Starbucks have?

The macarons at Starbucks come in six different flavours. The different Starbucks macarons flavours are; raspberry, lemon, pistachio, coffee, chocolate and vanilla flavour. The pistachio macarons and the chocolate macarons are the most common flavours, but the coffee-flavoured macarons are the most preferred macarons among consumers.

Are Starbucks macarons gluten-free?

How many macaron flavours does Starbucks have?

The Starbucks macarons are labelled as “no gluten added” and not as “gluten-free.” This can be confusing and alarming to consumers, especially to those with celiac disease or gluten intolerance. The ingredients in most traditional macarons are naturally gluten-free and therefore safe for a gluten-free diet. The major macaron ingredients are; granulated sugar, egg whites, almond flour and powdered sugar. Apart from the ingredients, the food colouring used to give the macarons their bright colours is usually gluten-free too. The macaron filling used is typically a certain kind of cream, jam or ganache and is usually gluten-free.

Despite all the ingredients and fillings of the macarons being traditionally gluten-free, do not assume the same with the Starbucks macarons, especially if you are gluten intolerant. This is because some macarons may have gluten from the extra ingredients or buttercream added to them. Always confirm with your server or the manager in charge if the macarons in the store are celiac-friendly before purchasing. Although rare, there is a possibility of cross-contamination in the store and therefore allergen-free products are not guaranteed.


How much are macarons in Starbucks?

A box of 12 macaron pieces at Starbucks goes for around $9.99. This is a little over $.83 per macaron which is relatively cheap compared to other macaron sellers who sell a piece of macaron for over $1.00. With the affordability of the Starbucks macarons, the caveat is that they don’t taste as great as other macarons from other pastry shops. A lot of Starbucks customers preferred other pastry shops when it came to buying macarons.

Do Starbucks sell macarons all year?

No. Starbucks does not sell macarons all year round. The macarons at Starbucks are usually available during the festive season, until right after Christmas. As of the last decade, around 3,500 Starbucks stores sold these little macarons during the holiday season. Feel free to always ask a Starbucks employee in your local store if you have any doubts.

Can you eat Starbucks macarons with coffee?

Yes. You can eat your Starbucks macarons with coffee. Coffee pairs well with most Starbucks macarons. When selecting an accompaniment for your macarons, always coordinate the beverage with the macaron flavours you have. Typically, coffee pairs well with coffee, vanilla and pistachio flavoured macarons. The macaron fillings will also help you determine the strength of your coffee, for example, macarons with fruity fillings will taste great with a balanced brew while floral flavours will be delicious when paired with mild refined coffees.

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