Why can’t I order ahead at Starbucks? (Why is order ahead unavailable for Starbucks, and what to do about it)

Have you been contemplating grabbing a drink at Starbucks but do not want to make the long queue at Starbucks instore, so you tried ordering ahead only to realize you cannot?

Why can’t you order ahead at Starbucks?

You cannot order ahead at Starbucks because your local Starbucks store has turned off mobile ordering temporarily. Starbucks stores turn off mobile ordering if they are experiencing long lines in-store, mostly during peak hours, or if they are short staffed, or if they are closed.

I realized that Starbucks does turn off mobile ordering temporarily just a few weeks ago when I was in dire need of some Starbucks iced coffee. I tried ordering ahead, but the app kept saying the service was unavailable.

Going to the store, there were long queues which I made to get my drink, but later on, inquired about the ‘faulty’ mobile app.

I was informed the mobile app does not have issues, but the store has turned it off temporarily to attend to the many in-store customers.

Can you still order ahead at Starbucks?

Yes, you can still order ahead at Starbucks via mobile ordering. However, sometimes Starbucks temporarily turns off mobile ordering if they are overwhelmed with orders and do not have adequate staff.

Why is ordering ahead not available at Starbucks?

Why can’t I order ahead at Starbucks?
Ordering Starbucks drink ahead. Image source: Pinterest

If you try ordering ahead at Starbucks and you find the option is not available, this is because mobile ordering might have been turned off temporarily.

Turning off mobile ordering could be because of several reasons, including; the store is closed, long lines in-store, or staff shortages hence a delay in-store.

Furthermore, order ahead can be unavailable if you have the wrong account for the country you are currently in.

In case of this, you will have to open the right account from the website and place your order successfully.

Why Does My Starbucks App Say Order Ahead is Unavailable?

Your Starbucks app can say order ahead is unavailable if mobile ordering has been temporarily stopped due to a lack of staff to serve customers, or the Starbucks location is experiencing long queues of customers hence unable to handle order ahead orders.

For example, some Starbucks stores temporarily turn off mobile orders when peak hours approach to ensure their in-store customers get quality customer service.

Furthermore, because most people are opting for mobile ordering, some products or supplies may not be available due to the influx of orders.

How do I order ahead in the Starbucks Mobile app?

Why is order ahead unavailable for Starbucks
Ordering using Starbucks Mobile app. Image source: Starbucks

Ordering ahead in the Starbucks app is easy if you have already installed the app. You first open the app to ensure your location services are enabled.

You then click the “order” icon located at the bottom of your screen. You then customize your order and finish by picking the pick-up store.


Ordering ahead is not available at your local Starbucks location because the store may have temporarily turned it off due to multiple orders, being short staffed, or it is closed.

If Starbucks stores are very busy with in-store customers, they turn off mobile ordering to ensure in-store customers get quality services and products.


Why did Starbucks stop online orders?

Starbucks stops online orders temporarily if they are closed, it is during peak hours, and the store is very busy, or they are short-staffed.

Is there a problem with the Starbucks app?

No, there is no problem with the Starbucks app. If your mobile order is not working, it may be because Starbucks has temporarily turned mobile ordering off.

Why is order ahead unavailable for Starbucks?

Mobile ordering is unavailable because your local Starbucks location temporarily turned off mobile ordering.

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