Which sugar-free syrups does Starbucks have? (Starbucks Has Sugar-Free Syrups: Here’s How To Order Them.)

Starbucks has two sugar-free syrups that they use in their beverages; vanilla sugar-free syrup and cinnamon dolce sugar-free syrup. To order the sugar-free syrup, simply ask the barista to prepare your drink with “sugar-free syrup”.

I have been working on cutting down my sugar intake and my first thought when I started was that my daily Starbucks fix would have to be bland.

However, after researching and chatting with several Starbucks baristas, I realized that wasn’t the case. I learned that I could have my Starbucks drinks sugar-free but full of flavour, thanks to their sugar-free syrups.

To learn more about this and how you can order the syrups, continue reading.

Starbucks sugar-free syrups and how to order them.

The sugar-free syrups available at Starbucks include vanilla sugar-free syrup and cinnamon dolce sugar-free syrup. To order a sugar-free syrup at Starbucks, simply ask your barista to prepare your drink with it.

Alternatively, you can order the bottled version of Starbucks sugar-free syrup from their website or app or in any leading online store. Also, you ask for your drink to be made “skinny”.

The skinny drink will be prepared with sugar-free syrup, nonfat milk and no whipped cream.

Are Starbucks sugar-free syrups good?

Starbucks sugar-free syrups
Starbucks sugar-free syrup. Source: Starbucks

In regulated, occasional amounts, Starbucks sugar-free syrups are good. However, in excess, they become bad for you.

This is because sugar-free syrups have an ingredient known as maltodextrin, known to cause bloating, blood sugar spikes and obesity in the long term when consumed excessively.

What type of sugar-free syrups are at Starbucks?

The sugar-free syrups at Starbucks are vanilla sugar-free syrup and cinnamon dolce sugar-free syrup. Starbucks had other types previously, but they got discontinued.

What sugar-free sweetener does Starbucks use?

The Starbucks sugar-free sweetener includes Splenda, Stevia and Equal. These sweeteners are non-nutritive, therefore do not cause a blood sugar spike and are calorie-free.

Is Starbucks discontinuing sugar-free syrups?

Starbucks Has Sugar-Free Syrups
Starbucks sugar-free syrups. Source: Starbucks

Starbucks has already discontinued some of their sugar-free syrups like caramel and hazelnut sugar-free syrup. The vanilla and cinnamon dolce sugar-free syrups should however, still be available.

How bad is Starbucks sugar-free syrup?

Despite being considered a healthier substitute for the other syrups, the Starbucks sugar-free syrups can be unhealthy to some extent, since they are manufactured with chemicals that are partially digested.

Since these chemicals are not fully digested, they may cause gastrointestinal issues like bloating and gassiness.

Is Starbucks sugar-free syrup really sugar-free?

Starbucks sugar-free syrup is indeed sugar-free. The ingredients in the sugar-free syrups are; citric acid, preservatives (potassium sorbate), natural flavour, sucralose, maltodextrin, water and xanthan gum.

Sucralose is a non-nutritive sugar substitute that is carb-free, therefore, doesn’t affect the glycemic response.


Does Starbucks sugar-free syrup taste different?

Yes. The Starbucks sugar-free syrups are less sweet than their sugared counterparts. Although the flavour of the syrup is still intact.

Does sugar-free vanilla syrup taste good at Starbucks?

Yes. The Starbucks sugar-free vanilla syrup is known to pair well with Starbucks drinks, especially coffees, for amazing taste and flavour.

Do Starbucks syrups have sugar?

Yes, Starbucks syrups without the name “sugar-free” all contain sugar. The ingredients include; natural flavour, water, citric acid, sugar and preservatives.

Which Starbucks syrup has the least amount of sugar?

Which sugar-free syrups does Starbucks have?

The Starbucks sugar-free vanilla syrup and sugar-free cinnamon dolce syrup have the least amount of sugar. The sugar amount in these syrups is 0g.

Is there sugar-free caramel syrup at Starbucks?

The Starbucks sugar-free caramel syrup was there but it was discontinued by the coffeehouse.

Is Starbucks sugar-free syrup healthy?

In small amounts occasionally, Starbucks sugar-free syrup is fine for the body. However, in excess, sugar-free syrups become unhealthy.

Are Starbucks sugar-free syrups calorie-free?

Yes. Starbucks sugar-free syrups have 0 calories.

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