What is in Starbucks toasted white chocolate mocha? (what does Starbucks toasted white chocolate mocha taste like + more information)

 Everyone is wondering what is in the Starbucks toasted white chocolate mocha? Read on to find out!

The Starbucks toasted white chocolate mocha is a treat I always have during the festivities, and it is worth it in all ways! It is made of white chocolate and steamed milk and then topped with whipped cream. At the top are red and white sprinkles that make it look even more desirable to taste.

The drink gives you a festive mood during the holiday season by keeping you cheerful and energized. This article gives you more details about what it is made up of.

What is in the Starbucks toasted white mocha?

Starbucks mentions this in the ingredients list of the Starbucks toasted white chocolate mocha:

  • Milk
  • Whipped cream
  • Toasted white chocolate mocha sauce
  • Sugar sparkles and crispy white pearls topping
  • Brewed espresso

The toasted white mocha can be an iced or a warm drink or even as a frappuccino depending on which one you prefer. According to Starbucks, this is their signature espresso that comes in different cup sizes.

How do you make a Starbucks toasted white mocha?

what does Starbucks toasted white chocolate mocha taste like

The Starbucks toasted white chocolate mocha is seasonal and only reappears during the holiday festivities. It is loved by many so you can learn to prepare your drink and enjoy it at any time of the year, from the comfort of your home.

It is much cheaper to prepare this drink at home. The best thing about the homemade version is you can have it taste even better, and to your liking because you are the barista of the moment!


  • Red sugar sprinkles
  • Steamed milk
  • Espresso
  • White chocolate and dulce de leche sauce
  • Whipped cream


  1. Add a teaspoon of milk, chocolate chips, and dulce de leche to a saucepan and then let it heat under low heat.
  2. Heat it until it melts. The sauce will add that caramelized white chocolate flavor to the drink.
  3. Prepare the espresso with the espresso machine. You can also use the Moka pot to make stronger coffee if you do not have a machine.
  4. Pour the espresso on the toasted white chocolate sauce in the glass
  5. Steam the milk using a frother or steam wand
  6. Pour the frothed milk on the espresso
  7. Add toppings and whipped cream to the drink
  8. You can include ice cubes if you want it cold or leave it if you want a hot cup of toasted white chocolate mocha.

For this drink, getting the texture right is important. This will help in matching the flavor and the texture of the original drink. Still, practice makes perfect and if you keep on trying the recipe, eventually you will have your own Starbucks shop in your kitchen!

Why is the homemade toasted white chocolate mocha worth it?

Super tasty

The homemade drink is made to your liking, with your own additives and you can enjoy it all season long


You save money even on the days you cannot afford the one at Starbucks

No extra sugar

This recipe removes using so much sugar, as the dulce de leche has enough sweetener already.

Hot or cold

Just like at Starbucks, you can decide what cup you want to have, a hot one or a cold one.


You can make this cup any time you want to.

Fewer calories

The Starbucks toasted white chocolate mocha has 420 calories for the grande cup size. The homemade one has lower calories.

What does the Starbucks toasted white mocha taste like?

what does Starbucks toasted white chocolate mocha taste like

This is a sweet smooth drink that does not have much espresso flavor in it and that tastes like candy in a cup. It tastes of holiday cheer with its sufficient whipped cream and sugar toppings. It brings peace and joy to anyone who takes it, and its sweet flavor lingers when you taste it. This drink also offers a boost of energy as well as brings out the taste of caramelized white chocolate.

Almost every Starbucks customer always anxiously waits for the holiday drink to be placed back on the menu. This, therefore, is a clear indication that the drink has a large fanbase, and that the taste is magical.

How do you order the toasted white chocolate mocha at Starbucks?

The Starbucks toasted white chocolate mocha is seasonal. To order it online on the Starbucks app, you simply select it on the list under mochas. Then, you can decide on what topping you want, and have it customized to your liking. You can always have it with customized toppings, by adding or removing some additions. You should also decide the cup size that it will come in.

You can always look up reviews on social media on what customization methods worked for the Starbucks toasted white chocolate mocha, then try them too. The best thing about this drink is that when it is in season, Starbucks allows you to spread the seasonal cheer by buying one and then getting one free to give to a friend.

What is the nutritional value of Starbucks toasted white mocha?

The nutritional information for the 16 Oz sized seasonal drink is tabled below:




15 g


380 g


56 g


55 g

Total fat

15 g


50 mg


150 mg

A serving of 16 fl Oz has 420 calories. This drink is not healthy, as the sugar content is 55 g, contains 2% of milk and fat is 15 g for a Grande cup size. It is all about enjoying its flavor, and not doing it as often, to avoid excessive calorie intake in a short while. It is therefore probably a good thing, not to be on the menu all year long, just for the sake of staying healthy.

FAQ Section

What are the chunks in Starbucks toasted white mocha?

Because this is a sweet drink, it has been sprinkled with bits of candied cranberry sugar. These are the chunks found on the whipped cream in the drink.

Does the toasted white chocolate mocha have coffee?

Yes. The toasted white chocolate mocha has caffeine in it. For a serving size of 16 fl Oz, it contains 150 mg of caffeine. The coffee content varies depending on the size of the cup.

What are the balls in the toasted white chocolate mocha?

Apart from the whipped cream and the cranberry sugar on top of the drink, there are also crispy white pearls. These are the balls in the toasted white chocolate mocha.

What is on the top of the toasted white mocha?

The top of the toasted white mocha is sprayed with whipped cream that adds life to the whole drink.

How does a white chocolate mocha differ from a toasted white chocolate mocha?

The difference is in the toppings and the mocha sauce. The regular white chocolate mocha has milk whipped cream, brewed espresso, and white chocolate mocha sauce. It does not have red and white sprinkles. For the sauce, one has a toasted white chocolate mocha sauce while the other just has a white chocolate mocha sauce.

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