What is a pour over at Starbucks? (What is the purpose of pour over coffee? + more information)

Do you, like me, crave a fresh, beautifully brewed cup of coffee? Trying a Starbucks pour over is undoubtedly something you ought to consider. So then, what is a pour over at Starbucks?

A pour over is simply coffee that is manufactured by one person using the filter method; it requires no special equipment and yields only freshly brewed, flavorful coffee, depending on the level of strength you choose. With a friend, I first had a pour-over Starbucks. She had promised me a blast of flavor once I tasted it, and she was right—I liked it.

The flavor was clear and delicate, neither too strong nor too light. I was surprised to find no residue in my cup. Pour over coffee is pure, true to its origin, and incredibly simple to make. Continue reading to find out more about Starbucks’ pour over coffee, which is currently my favorite coffee of all time.

Why did Starbucks introduce the pour over coffee?

Pour over coffee was introduced by Starbucks due to its numerous advantages. For starters, it is made by one person, allowing the barista to make a quick cup when a pot isn’t brewed. It’s perfect for single servings. Because of its simple step-by-step preparation method, this coffee is fresh and clean, and it thrives in not leaving any residue. The coffee has an excellent flavor that can be described as robust.

Another advantage of the pour over is that the barista can control the temperature, speed, amount of time, and amount of water used to make a delicious cup. This is convenient because it allows you to get the coffee strength you prefer. This technique is very practical and thus requires little investment while yielding enormous profits.

What is the equipment for making Starbucks pour over coffee?

What is the purpose of pour over coffee

Starbucks’ pour over coffee equipment is neither fancy nor complicated. The baristas essentially use a plastic or ceramic cone that holds coffee grounds and over which hot water drips into a cup below.

Pour over coffee makers are also available for purchase at Starbucks for those who want to brew their pour over coffee at home. It collaborated with Oxo to create the pour over coffee maker. Other Starbucks pour over equipment, such as the Starbucks reserve ivy pour over coffee maker, is also available for purchase.

Starbucks How to Brew Pour Over Coffee

This single-handed brewing method is simple and takes little time. The pour over technique is described in detail below.

1. Measure out the amount of water needed for brewing, plus a little extra for rinsing the filter, and bring it to a boil.

2. Rinse the filter with water and then discard it.

3. For a paper cone, measure your coffee and use ground coffee. For every 6 ounces of water make sure to you use 2 tablespoons of ground coffee.

4. Fill the cone halfway with hot, just-off-the-boiling water to saturate the grounds. Give the coffee around 10 seconds to blossom. Allow it to hydrate evenly to allow the flavor to develop.

5. Pour the remaining water into small even circles to cover all of the grounds.

After that, enjoy!

When did Starbucks launch its pour over system?

Starbucks introduced pour over coffee in their stores in the United States and Canada in March 2010. Pour over coffee is based on a simple ritual that promised quick cups without the need to brew a pot. Pour over coffee has been used by campers and many people who want quick single coffee cups for decades.

This initiative was welcomed as a way for Starbucks baristas to quickly prepare single cups of decaf and plain coffees. It also provides flavorful, wholesome enriched coffee, which is appealing to coffee enthusiasts.

How much caffeine is used in the Starbucks pour over coffee?

The caffeine content of Starbucks pour over coffee is largely determined by the type of coffee beans used, as well as the cup size, blend, and brewing process. Starbucks uses a standard caffeine measurement for all of its cup sizes and roasts, as shown in the table below.

Cup Size

USA Caffeine

Global* Caffeine


155 mg

160 mg


235 mg

240 mg


310 mg

320 mg


410 mg

400 mg

It is important to note, however, that Pour over coffee contains more caffeine than your typical cup of coffee from a coffee maker. That means that pour-over coffee contains twice as much caffeine as a shot of espresso.

What does the Starbucks pour over coffee taste like?

What is a pour over at Starbucks?

The Starbucks pour over coffee has a slight flavor explosion and is pure and clear. It offers a pleasant sip without being either heavy or light. It is exceptional because of its complex flavor.

Does the Starbucks pour over coffee contain fewer calories?

Yes. Pour over coffee is essentially just plain, unflavored black coffee and has very few calories. According to the USDA, an 8-ounce mug of black coffee contains only 2 calories, which is hardly much of a deal.

The good news is that black coffee is safe to drink regardless of your diet. Make sure to only purchase coffee roasts that you can drink black.

FAQ Section

Is pour over coffee hard to make?

No, the pour over method of making coffee is straightforward enough for anyone to


What is the difference between espresso and pour over?

Pour over coffee is brewed differently because the water is not forced through the filter under pressure but rather flows through it. Also, espresso is fast to make as compared to pour over coffee. Additionally, espresso is stronger in taste compared to pour over coffee. Espresso coffee also has more calories in comparison to pour over coffee.

Does pour over coffee taste better than Keurig?

Yes, pour over coffee tastes far superior to Keurig. Because of the brewing process, pour over coffee is more flavorful and rich than Keurig.

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