How to Order Iced Coffee at Tim Hortons (Cost, Sizes, and Flavors of Iced Coffee at Tim Hortons)

If you want to get your hands on this Canadian coffeehouse’s famous iced coffee but don’t know how to, don’t fret. This article will tell you exactly how to order iced coffee at Tim Hortons.

Ordering a Tim Hortons iced coffee is simple. All you need to do is go to one of its locations, where a barista will take your order. You will specify that you want an iced coffee and your preferred flavor, cup size, and customizations. After you are satisfied with your order, you must pay and wait for your drink to be prepared. When it’s done, you can get it from the counter.

How to Order Iced Coffee at Tim Hortons 

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I grew up only drinking coffee from popular American chains, so of course, ordering from them was easy and breezy. Foreign franchises like Tim Hortons were, however, another story. Iced coffee is my go-to, and when I tried ordering it from Tim Hortons, I was initially confused about how to go about it, customize it, and even the size options available. Well, I’m now proud to say, years later, that I got it down pat! I can even say ordering my regular iced coffee from Tim Hortons has become second nature to me, so if you want to grab an iced coffee from Tim Hortons but don’t know how to order it, this article is perfect for you.

What Does Tim Hortons Iced Coffee Taste Like?

Tim Hortons iced coffee is, without a doubt, a unique-tasting drink. It has a nutty, aromatic profile with a slightly sweet taste. It may be marketed as a medium roast coffee, but it tends to be stronger and more bitter than expected. The brand’s iced coffee is also very creamy and smooth in texture.

What Are the Ingredients of Tim Hortons Iced Coffee?

Tim Hortons iced coffee is touted as one of the best coffees with premium ingredients. Have a look at them and see what you think.

  • Tim Hortons Coffee – this is a blend made of 100% Arabica coffee and water.
  • Skim Milk – this adds creamy richness.
  • Cane Sugar – acts as the sweetener.
  • Natural Flavors – depending on what flavor you get.
  • Ice – an obvious must-have in an iced drink.

How to Order Tim Hortons Iced Coffee?

How to Order Iced Coffee at Tim Hortons 
Order Tim Hortons Iced Coffee. Image source: Tim Hortons

Ordering Tim Horton’s iced coffee is as easy as saying your ABCDs 🔠. It is also fast, and within no time, you get your tasty iced drink. Here’s what you need to do when making an order physically:

  1. Get to the most convenient Tim Hortons location near you.
  2. To the barista at the counter, specify you want an iced coffee.
  3. State which size and flavor you want to order.
  4. Make customizations to your drink, if any. This could be additional syrups, kinds of milk, and cream.
  5. Pay for your drink.
  6. Wait, and once the order is ready, you can get it at the counter.

Getting an iced coffee from Tim Hortons can be even more convenient with the franchise’s mobile app. On it, you can pre-order your drink and pay before picking it up from a Tim Horton’s location or drive-thru.

What Are the Available Sizes of Tim Hortons Iced Coffee?

Tim Hortons has a cup size for everyone (literally!) Very few coffee chains have as many options as Tim Hortons. When ordering the Tim Hortons iced coffee, expect to choose from either Small (12 fl oz), Medium (14 fl oz), Large (16 fl oz), or Extra Large (24 fl oz) 🥤. If you’re lucky enough to live in Canada, you can even get an Extra-Small cup, which holds 8 fl oz of drink. If you ask me, that option should be available everywhere!

What Are the Available Flavors of Tim Hortons Iced Coffee?


Tim Hortons iced coffee comes in various flavors for every palate. Aside from the standard iced coffee drink, you can also get these:

  • Vanilla Iced Coffee – no flavored drink menu is complete without a vanilla option, and Tim Hortons agrees. Its vanilla iced coffee is mildly flavored with vanilla syrup, which also gives it extra sweetness.
  • Mocha Iced Coffee – Chocolate and coffee go well together, and Tim Hortons Mocha iced coffee is the perfect example. It is my personal favorite, and if you enjoy milkshake-like coffee drinks, it will be yours too.
  • Caramel Iced Coffee – Caramel iced coffee from Tim Horton’s is a definite crowd-pleaser and has a well-balanced toffee/caramel taste.

Can You Customize Your Tim Hortons Iced Coffee?

Most definitely! Customizing your Tim Hortons iced coffee is possible, and the options are pretty comprehensive. You can choose from different selections of milk, syrups, and other additions. Here are some of their options:

  • Milk – skim milk, almond milk, coconut milk, oat milk, and soy milk
  • Syrups – chocolate, vanilla, roasted hazelnut, caramel, brown sugar cinnamon, and cookies & cream. You can also get sugar-free vanilla and hazelnut syrups.
  • Sweeteners – aside from regular cane sugar, low-calorie sweeteners are available.
  • Original, dark roast, or decaffeinated coffee blend – aside from the Original Tim Hortons coffee blend, which is a medium roast, you may opt for a dark roast or decaffeinated iced coffee.
  • Extra cream – to make the drink extra creamy and decadent.

How Much Is Tim Hortons Iced Coffee?

Iced coffee is not only delicious but also insanely affordable. What’s not to love? 😍 Small iced coffees go for $1.99, mediums at $2.29, and large cups at $2.79. Of course, with other add-ins and customizations, the price will go up, but those are the current standard prices.

FAQ Section

Is Tim Hortons’ iced coffee the same as cold brew?

No, the Tim Hortons iced coffee is not the same as a cold brew. Cold brew is a simple blend of coffee, water, and ice, while iced coffee has other add-ins, such as dairy and syrups.

How long Tim Hortons does iced coffee last?

Tim Hortons is good for only 7 days, or a week since it has dairy.

Can I order my iced coffee at Tim Hortons on the app?

Yes, one can pre-order iced coffee drinks from the Tim Hortons app. It is a time-saver since it allows customers to order and pay before picking up the drink physically.

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