Starbucks Gold Card vs. Green Card: how do they compare?

When I first enrolled in the rewards program, I was excited but I didn’t know what the cards were all about. I got five stars and was promoted to the green card level. When I reached 299 stars, I entered the coveted gold card level. Many people do not get the fuss about the green and the gold cards, but this post will decipher all information about both cards. By the end, you will know the difference between the two cards, so read on.

What are the differences between Starbucks Gold cards vs. Green cards?


Gold card

Green card


Gold color with the name of the owner

Green color


299 stars or more

5 stars or more




Rewards and benefits

Free refills, free birthday hand-crafted drink, 2 stars of 1 dollar spent, monthly double-star days

Free in-store refills on brewed/iced coffee and tea, free birthday handcrafted beverage


Enrolment, 299 stars

Enrolment, 5 stars





Six months for stars

Six months for stars

Starbucks gold card vs. Green card-How they compare


Starbucks Gold Card

The gold card comes in a stunning gold color with the owner’s name on it. It’s made with hard plastic that is laser-etched with Starbucks symbols and letters.

The green card comes in green color with a huge Starbucks siren logo. It is laser-etched with symbols of Starbucks’ history.

In this category, the gold card wins as it comes with the owner’s name engraved on the card.


The Gold card is available to all enrolled members who reach the 300-star threshold. The card is mailed to you after you accumulate stars.

The green level is available to any person who earns more than five stars. This is the most common level, with most people reaching the five-star threshold.

In this category, the green card takes the lead for being easily available to many users.


The gold card level is free. However, if one star equals one dollar, it means you need to spend 300 dollars to get to this level.

The green card level is free, after a member earns five stars. This translates to a star for every dollar you spend, which means $5 to get a green card.

In this category, the green card takes it for being cheaper to earn.

Rewards and benefits

A gold member is entitled to a custom birthday gift of any handcrafted drink, monthly double-star days, free syrups, and two stars for every dollar spent.

The green card gives you a free refill for brewed coffee or iced tea in the original store of purchase, and a free birthday handcrafted rink of choice with two customizations.

In this category, the gold card has more perks and wins.


A gold card member must have reached 299 stars after enrolling in the rewards program within 12 months.

A green card member requires to enroll in the Starbucks rewards program and earn five stars. These stars are earned when one purchases qualifying drinks.

In this category, the green cards win for having fewer requirements than the gold card.


A lost gold card is replaced after reporting on the Starbucks app. However, you will receive a standard plastic gold card if your card was a special metallic edition.

Green cards are replaced once lost, only if they have any balance in them by the time of reporting.

This category gives us a draw as both cards are replaceable.


Gold card stars expire six months from the date they were credited to your card. However, Starbucks uses the older stars when you redeem.

Green card stars also expire 6 months after they are credited to the card, and one must accumulate the required stars within 12 months.

This category gives us another draw, as both card rewards expire at the same time.

Starbucks gold card vs. green card- A comparison overview

Starbucks green card-overview

Starbucks Green Card

This is the second level and it’s earned after getting five stars credited to the registered account. When you get the green card, you receive welcome perks like free refills and birthday gifts. In this category, you will earn one star for every dollar you spend.

How to get Starbucks green card

Enroll in the reward program by registering on the Starbucks rewards page. You will then proceed to make purchases and have stars credited to your account. Once you get to five stars, you will move to the green card level.

What do people say?


I received a tall refresher for my birthday last summer, and two stars were credited to my account after my first purchase.


This is the best program to save some cash when you redeem stars for free drinks.

Starbucks Gold card-Overview

Starbucks Gold Card

This is the highest tier in the Starbucks rewards program after accumulating 299 stars within a year. When you meet the threshold, you are moved to this level, and a gold card is emailed to you. You will be entitled to a free handcrafted drink of choice on your birthday, and 2 stars for a dollar spent.

How to get a Starbucks gold card

You will need to be a member of the rewards program, as mentioned above at the green card level and earn 299 stars within a year of enrolment.

What do people say?


Not as elite as it used to be, before. Nothing extraordinary about this level.


The cards are cute and the free drinks on my birthday are amazing.

Final verdict: So which is better? Starbucks gold card vs. green card

The Gold card is better but does not have much difference from the green after Starbucks made changes to it. You will still get more rewards and stars with the gold card and earn more stars.


Is there a big difference between Starbucks gold card and green card?

No, Starbucks standardized the levels for all its reward members.

Which card is more expensive between the Starbucks gold and green card?

The gold card will require more spending.

Is the Starbucks gold card worth the money?

No, the perks are not worth spending.

Which reward card has a permanent status between Starbucks gold card and green card?

You can remain at the green card level permanently.

Which is easier to get between Starbucks gold card and green card?

The green card is the easiest to get.

Which one can Starbucks employees earn between gold and green card?

Starbucks employees can earn gold cards.

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