80 coffee memes (Funny coffee memes to brighten your day + more information)

Few things can put a smile on a coffee lover’s face early in the morning. One is their beloved java, other is coffee memes.

I love my coffee, caffeinated. I’m not one of those people who spring out of bed, bright-eyed and eager to take on the world. For me, my morning ritual involves dragging my body to the kitchen to get some coffee to wake my brain. I know I am not alone; everyone seems to know at least one person like me. Either way, what funnier way to start the day than with a collection of absurdly humorous and relatable coffee memes? To read them, grab your cuppa, scroll down, and let’s have some laughs.

Can you even ask?

Tea Or Coffee? Are You Serious? meme text over image of woman looking confused

Image source: RD.COM

There are coffee people. There are tea people. Read my lips – I am a coffee person.

Don’t try me

Image source: Imgur.com

Coffee can bring out the tyrant in anyone. You best forget about someone else’s cup and get your own.

Is it too little, or too much

45 Funny Coffee Memes all humor and coffee lovers can not miss - meme 19

Image source: Remote. tools

Because you are never sure how many cups you’ve had, it can be difficult to tell why you are having a headache. After all, it is likely you had the first cup while still half asleep.

If you insist

Sweet Good Morning Meme Images | Morning | Morning memes, Funny ... #goodMorningCoffee

Image source: lovethispic.com

I don’t know if it is a good morning or not. I can’t tell, at least not yet.

Let’s make a toast

May This Morning Coffee Give You Strength To Make It To Your Mid Morning Coffee meme text

Image source: RD.COM

There is a lot to cheer about a morning cuppa. Waking up in the morning is made better by coffee. The aroma filling your kitchen, the warmth of vapor rising from your favorite cup, and the surge of energy enough to bring your best game at the start of any day.

First thing Monday morning

the first sip of coffee on a monday morning

Image source: Pics.me.me

Mondays are unforgiving – they occur every week. Thankfully, you have coffee for company in the morning and through the day.

Because of Monday

coffee because monday happens every week

Image source:i.pinimg.com

A large coffee mug on Monday and every morning does not mean you are a coffee addict. It’s just means that you prefer to have your caffeine fix in a big serving.

Excuse me?

When You Order A Coffee And They Ask If You Want Decaf Or Regular meme text over image of man looking dumbfounded

Image source: RD.COM

Is decaf also considered coffee?

Emotional Support 

emotional support

Image source:someecards

Fret not if they do not let you pick your dog to work for emotional support. They can’t stop you from bringing coffee and taking a break to have a cup.

One Cup A Day

only one cup a day

Image source: Pinterest

And this is how I am keeping my promise.

Very Seriously

how do i take my coffee seriously very seriously

Image source:i.pinimg.com

You need to understand. Coffee is a way of life.  For some people, no one can get between them and their coffee. It’s precious to them. And they take that commitment very seriously.

Don’t even lie

do you need coffee

Image source: pics.me.me

Coffee can even make you more creative. Regardless of whether you can focus, open your eyes, or even talk to anyone. From a coffee lover’s perspective, coffee can help you create poetry and give you superpowers.

One is the minimum

I drink one cup of coffee to get up in the morning. The others are to stay out of trouble and allow me to do basic life tasks.

Image source: RD.COM

It is common knowledge, said the addict, that you need at least three cups of coffee each day. One for sure as soon as you get up. One more to keep sane, and another to carry out all your tasks for the day.

Feels great too

help me caffeine meme

Image source: i.pinimg.com

Coffee is great. Having a cup is stimulating. Thereafter, you are filled with energy and feel amazing. Coffee memes are not just about not having any.

Just one cup

Image source: Instagram

Or three. Morning, mid-morning, and later.

Tears are allowed

Portrait of black crying desperate woman

Image source: RD.COM

Feels awful. And going to the coffee shop is not an alternative. Crying a little is okay. We’ve all been there.

First things first

first i drink the coffee then i do the stuff

Image source: i.pinimg.com

Give them the death stare and they will keep out of your way until you are done with your cuppa.

Glamor Shots

45 Funny Coffee Memes all humor and coffee lovers can not miss - meme 41

Image source: Remote. tools

Who needs beautiful photos to show us that they aren’t at their finest in the morning? Well, I’ve never let anyone take a photo of me before coffee.

No Talk

no speaking till this is empty
Image source: pics.me.me

You don’t just need a cup of coffee in the morning. You need one whenever you want an excuse to avoid engaging in social interaction, including in the afternoon, evening, and other times.

No Decaf

Image source: ifunny.co

We love coffee not just for the smell and taste, but primarily for the caffeine. Anything else will simply not do.

Doing the math

Me Trying To Figure Out How One Iced Coffee Leads To Four Trips To The Bathroom meme text

Image source: RD.COM

Do tell me, just how does coffee make you pee more? Does anyone know?

Quiet, I am grumpy

don't talk to me until i've had my coffee meme

Image source: pics.me.me

We know you feel awful. You look it. Coffee might help. Have a cup.

Stay hydrated

not enough coffee

Image source: Remote. tools

They say we need to consume more than 11 glasses of liquids daily. And by liquid, they do not simply mean water but any type of beverage. Well, for me that beverage is coffee.


Image source: Twitter

Reserve your questions for after coffee. And no, you can’t ask when that time will be.

Mind your business

When You Tell People You Only Drink One Cup Of Coffee Per Day meme text over image of woman drinking from a giant coffee cup

Image source: RD.COM

To each their own. Mine is a large sized cup of coffee every morning.

Need Coffee for life

i need coffee now meme

Image source: pics.me.me

Coffee has a wide range of advantages, including the ability to warm you up, increase energy, and facilitate procrastination when you have a lot to do. What is there that coffee can’t accomplish for you?

Benefits of coffee be.

the benefits of drinking coffee

Image source: i.pinimg.com

A summary of the main reasons we love coffee.

Smells Like Heaven

Image source: Ahseeit.com

Oh, the aroma! Making coffee is more than merely a process to an end. It is pure art in every sense—from scent to taste.

The dilemma

When Yyou Need Coffee To Wake Up But You Need To Wake Up To Get Coffee meme text

Image source: RD.COM

We are sure the problem will get sorted out as soon as you wake up to get coffee to keep you awake.

Eternal Flame

45 Funny Coffee Memes all humor and coffee lovers can not miss - meme 33

Image source: Remote. tools

Coffee drinkers finally have something to rule over the rest of society. Coffee may hold the key to eternal life if science is ever able to figure it out.

I can finally get to business

coffee i think it's kicking in

Image source: i.pinimg.com

How can one tell when they need coffee? Are there any tell-tale signals or a secret formula? The truth is that, unless you’re Batman, you always need coffee, everywhere you go.

The Shock

they don`t drink coffee

Image source:coffeeaffection.com

Can’t wrap my head around that. How do you get through the day without it?! Maybe I should learn. On second thought, maybe not. I am doing just fine with my daily cuppa, or two (or more).

What size?

No Judgements Here meme text over image of man in robe drinking coffee from coffee pot

Image source: RD.COM

A cup is not necessary. The pot will also do just fine, thanks. After all, I am sure I will have it all long before noon.


it's not procrastinating if you're drinking coffee

Image source: i.pinimg.com

Useless without coffee? worry not, for yourself, but for those who seem fine without it- how do they even do it, do you know?

Stone Age Coffee

Image source: Img-9gag fun

I occasionally ponder how people survived in the days before coffee was discovered. But I don’t dwell on it too much. I know they just went back into the cave and waited until it was night. The wait was not in vain. I have proof.

Possible without coffee, but…

why yes i could start my day without coffee

Image source: i.pinimg.com

Not sure if the day’s tasks will come out all right without at least a cup. In other words, let’s just say coffee helps, a lot.


When you write “drink coffee” on your to-do list, just so you can check something off

Image source: RD.COM

When you have a full day ahead and can’t seem to be able to start, listing and crossing off coffee as soon as you’ve had it is progress. Try it sometime.

Every Morning

Image source: filmdaily.co

You do you. Whatever it takes to get you moving and ready for work.

Between Cups

mid-morning coffee

Image source: pics.me.me

Sometimes, a strong cup of coffee is all we need to get through a hectic morning. A second one is recommended for a hectic day.

Coffee Addicts Anonymous…

Image source: 9GAG.COM

Rather than blame coffee, could they rightly blame the lack of coffee, a situation easily solved by having some?

Mom’s brain

Cold Coffee Recipe For Moms: 1. Brew Coffee 2. Forget You Made It 3. Drink It Cold

Image source: RD.COM

A cold coffee recipe handed down from one generation to the next. All in Mom’s well-practiced fashion.

Get in the mood

drink coffee do stupid things with more energy

Image source: Amazon

Additionally, coffee helps you stay positive and controls your drive to kill.

I didn’t mean it

Image source: pinkmooncoffee.com

Don’t hold it against me, I was not myself at all.

Why I love Sundays

53 Funny Sunday Coffee memes that are hilarious! #sweatpantsCoffeeQuotes
Image source: pinkmooncoffee.com

Why you should too. A few things are as good as getting to have some coffee without pressure.

So touching

Image source: RD.COM

My coffee speaks my love language perfectly. Love you back, Coffee. You are so sweet, black, and without sugar!

You Don’t Say?

Image source: makeameme.com

You can call me a coffee purist, but I think caffeine is crucial to my preferred brew. Even if it is 10 p.m.

Not just a morning brew

Image source: Pinterest

Thank goodness it’s another time for coffee. I kid you not.

The best scent ever

... coffee drinking coffee brewing coffee writing about coffee and

Image source: quotesgram.com

So poetic! No truer words.

Oh, please

One Does Not Simply Not Like Coffee meme text

Image source: RD.COM

Describe how you can do this. Best give a detailed answer so that I understand you well.


Image source: Instagram

Can we get on with the day and change the world, now that we know what inspired Einstein’s formula?

Filtered water

i drink a ton of water

Image source: i.pinimg.com

It’s difficult to put into words how much better you are when you finally receive your coffee. But there is one excellent expression that could help to convey how important it is.

For your information

Image source: Pinterest

Just letting you know who you will be dealing with.

It’s a lifestyle

I Didn't Choose The Mug Life. The Mug Life Chose Me. meme text

Image source: RD.COM

Does anyone else keep coffee mugs in a special cupboard in the kitchen? How many do you get to use?

Always there

i don't really have a plan most days

Image source: pics.me.me

Coffee is so compassionate. It will support you continuously and never want anything in return.

Some mornings

Image source: lovethispic.com

On every week day that starts with the letter “M” I be like….

A good reason

The many reasons why I drink coffee meme.

Image source: pinkmooncoffee.com

Not that I need to justify my actions, but there are some pretty good reasons I can’t stop having coffee.


First I Drink Coffee Then I Do Stuff meme text

Image source: RD.COM

Must be in that order. No other formula works. None.

Coffee science

Folgers Coffee Quotes

Image source: quotesgram.com

Say it loud, say it clear, and say it often for all to hear.

Don’t take it away

nooo not the coffee

Image source: pics.me.me

Coffee must always be protected. You know you have to protect your coffee to death when it seems like everyone is taking away the drinks and foods you are allowed to enjoy.

The Meaning of Life

I wake up to drink coffee

Image source: imgflip.com

You can get through anything with coffee. Who needs a plan when coffee can solve all your problems?

So true

A Warm And Cozy Alternative To Hating Mornings Forever meme text over image of a latte

Image source: RD.COM

Not to mention, it smells great and tastes delicious.

Cheeky Chick

45 Funny Coffee Memes all humor and coffee lovers can not miss - meme 35

Image source: Remote. tools

It, therefore, comes as no surprise that this brazen chick greets you in an unfriendly manner before demanding her coffee. Sounds familiar? As coffee lovers, we can’t count the number of times we’ve had to put on the façade of friendliness as we make a beeline for the coffee pot.

Little rush


Image source: i.pinimg.com

Coffee drinkers might assert that the beverage is magical. It’s made from coffee beans, brewed into a potent mixture, and then, revives you when you feel almost dead.

Which owl are you?

25+ Funny Coffee Memes All Caffeine Addicts Can Relate To #decafCoffee

Image source: Pinterest

We will know who you are by your coffee. Note: Non-coffee drinkers are not considered. Also, you put in half the effort and get half the results.

Music to my ears

ryan gosling
Image source: RD.COM

Not too bad on the eyes either. Tell me how I’m supposed to say anything else but “Yes”?

Did I Hear That Right?

I love coffee

Image source: Fluentincoffee.com

A true coffee enthusiast can ramble on for hours about their favorite brew. Being an expert on everything related to coffee, from plant sources to brewing methods, is wonderful for generating conversation. However, some individuals find it difficult to comprehend our delight in drinking it.

Nature laxative

45 Funny Coffee Memes all humor and coffee lovers can not miss - meme 43

Image source: Remote. tools

Just another advantage for morning coffee. I wonder if you can get a prescription from a physician saying how much will do. Is there something coffee can’t do?

The right soup

45 Funny Coffee Memes all humor and coffee lovers can not miss - meme 12

Image source: Remote. tools

Coffee memes are now taken extremely seriously. It’s acceptable to say “coffee” when a server asks if you’d like soup or salad, right?

Never enough

Tired Woman Trying To Drink Morning Coffee And Sleeping On The Table

Image source: RD.COM

No judgment. We get you.

Oh what a feeling!

first sip of coffee

Image source: Fluentincoffee.com

It’s like ingesting liquid joy. You only need to take a drink to feel a lot happier.

What’s Too Much?

sick from all the coffee i`ve had

Image source:img.picturesquote.com

Let’s be sincere. All of us have experienced stomach pains after consuming too much coffee. However, did it ever prevent us from wanting more? Nope. We use fire to fight fire!

You after coffee

Image source: therandomvibez

The reason we have coffee, every day, several times sometimes, is that it makes us feel invincible.

The fountain of youth

Smiling senior woman in lounge room with cup of coffee

Image source: RD.COM

Well, who would have thought? From now I promise not to listen to coffee naysayers. They’ll know I was right when I outlive them all.

Where be the coffee

Funny coffee pot image meme

Image source: Pinterest

This may be the only time mugging is not only acceptable but also encouraged.

Before Coffee

you won`t die without coffee

Image source: Forums.somd.com

It’s pointless to even attempt to envision my morning without a mug of coffee at this point. It’s similar to donning rose-colored glasses. It makes everything seem much happier.

Coffee Makes Reality Doable

45 Funny Coffee Memes all humor and coffee lovers can not miss - meme 40

Image source: Remote. tools

On our way to get our first cup of coffee, all we need to do is glance in the mirror to realize how monstrous we are. We often feel that way even if we don’t appear particularly messy. That caffeine shot truly improves our outlook and is similar to a glamor shot. It also shifts our perspective and makes us feel like a million bucks!

Every drop counts

Close up of broken coffee mug and spilled coffee

Image source: RD.COM

Someone said coffee is the common person’s gold. I call that someone wise. Every drop is precious. Not to be wasted.

SOS. Too much caffeine. Send Help

45 Funny Coffee Memes all humor and coffee lovers can not miss - meme 16

Image source: Remote. tools

I tried it so you don’t have to. Compared to the jumper cables, I can assure you this may simply be a worse idea.

Any time now

Image source: workandmoney.com

We realize you are not lazing around. All will be done in a flash when you finally get up and about.

Mind blowing

Image source: Facebook

That awkward moment when you confess that your only lasting relationship is with a hot bean liquid.

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What are coffee memes all about?

Coffee memes are jokes about people, especially coffee lovers’ behavior around their favorite caffeinated beverages. In the digital world full of memes, they are meant to be hilarious and used images and words to poke fun at coffee and coffee drinkers.

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