Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher (Ingredients, Taste, Variations, Sizes, Copycat Recipe, Caffeine, Calories & More information)

The Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher was without question the best summer quencher of all time. I’m happy to bring this uber cool drink back to your life with a simple recipe.

I have a love-hate relationship with Starbucks. On one hand, I absolutely love how creative they are with their drinks but on the other hand, I hate how they’ll just wake up one day and decide to pull out my favorite drinks from the menu. Just like that. For instance, the Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher! It was our team’s ultimate resort after swimming practice in the scorching sun at MIT. Nothing compared to the Cool Lime Refresher during the 59 degrees Boston weather. Gulping the smooth refreshing drink as a group felt so good. It was such a summer necessity.

When the drink was no longer available at Starbucks, I learnt how to make my version of the drink which I even like better. Now that I think of it, Starbucks is turning me into a barista because I’m forced to learn the recipes whenever they do me dirty. I’ll be sharing my simple Cool Lime recipe with you today.

Brief History of the Drink

The Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher hit the menu in the summer of 2012 alongside the very berry hibiscus flavor. They were among the initial Starbucks Refreshers that had green coffee extract, the company’s creation of a refreshment that could quench thirst and provide a natural energy boost. Both drinks became an instant hit with many customers loving the light and refreshing taste.

Is Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher still available at Starbucks?

Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher
Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher. Source: Pinterest

Nope. The beverage was removed from the menu in July 2018, and replaced by the Mango Dragonfruit. You can imagine how I felt upon learning that Starbucks was scrapping this refresher off the menu. I could not believe the audacity. Like, how do you remove a fan favorite to replace with a new one? What happened to adding, instead of replacing? Of all drinks, why the cool lime? It actually took me a long while before I could forgive Starbucks for this move. Despite protests by fans to bring the drink back, Starbucks did not bulge. To date, it is not explained why the wonderful refreshment ended.

The company however sells the Cool Lime Refresher VIA Instant for your home recipe.

Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher (Ingredients, Taste, Variations, Sizes, Caffeine, Calories)

What’s in a Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher – (Ingredients)

The handcrafted refreshment is made of a revitalizing blend of real citrus fruit juice and a lime base shaken with ice, mint and freeze-dried lime slices.

The lime refresher base consists of white grape juice concentrate, citric acid, Stevia sweeting extract, green coffee extract, erythritol, ascorbic acid, natural flavors, water and sugar.

Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher: Sizes, nutrition, Caffeine & Calories

What sizes are available?

The drink was availed in 4 sizes as per the Starbucks quantities including the Trenta leading with 31 ounces, followed by Venti which is 20 ounces, Grande with 16 ounces and Tall with 12 ounces.

Some people have not liked the combined flavors of lime, mint and green coffee that come with the drink. For the first timer, you can just try the Tall.

Nutritional facts

Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher Calories
Lime Nutritional facts. Source: Pinterest

The Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher carries only 60 calories per 16 ounces. All its ingredients are plant based and hence its allergen free.

The real lime pieces are natural antioxidants, with vitamins and minerals that promote healthy skin and iron absorption. Citric acid found in limes helps with metabolism and in turn weight loss if you are looking to shed some pounds.

Raw mint on the other hand is a fantastic organic cleanser for the oral cavity. Its antibacterial and inflammatory qualities that protect teeth and gum.

Studies show that the unroasted green coffee extract does flush out toxins and impurities from the body, as well as absorption of excess fat.

The Cool Lime refresher falls into the healthier category of drinks by the Coffee giant.

The following table has a summary of the nutritional details:

Calories per 16 ounces (out of 2,000 calories used for general nutritional advice)60
Total Fat (0.0g)0%




Cholesterol (0.00g)0%
Sodium (10.0mg)2%
Total Carbohydrates (15.0g)



Dietary Fiber (0g)

Sugars (14.0g)






Protein (0.0g)0%
Vitamin C120%
Caffeine (45mg)0%

Caffeine information

The drink has a subtle hit of caffeine, about half of what you get in an iced tea, same size. Just enough to put some pep into your step.

So, what does Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher taste like?

Slightly tarty and citrusy but not too sweet. You can taste the real juice but in diluted form. The mint flavor is light while the lime notes are dominant. It reminds me of virgin mojitos, quite cool and refreshing.

Because most of the ingredients are light, the green coffee can be tasted from a distance but nothing off-putting.

Overall, the Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher does live up to its name in appearance and flavor. It is an appropriate summer drink.

Ways to Customize Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher – Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher Variations

Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher
Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher Variations. Source: Pinterest

Given its simplicity, the Cool Lime can accommodate a myriad of inclusions to fit different customer preferences.

First of all, sugar is not the only sweetener you can use. Both the flavored and sugar free syrups can be excellent alternatives.

I personally prefer icy cold refreshers but if you just want to enjoy the taste and flavors without freezing your mouth, by all means have the drink without the ice.

Since the goal is hydration, you may also add some cucumber slices into the blend for that crisp and extra rejuvenation.

Of course, you can spice things up with some ginger and apple. That will be one Cool Lime Refresher extraordinaire.

Apple juice can also replace the white grape juice, giving your drink that brown tint.

Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher

How to make Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher at home – Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher Copycat Recipe

Kai Jordan


  • A container with a lid
  • Measuring cup
  • A glass
  • strainer
  • A teaspoon
  • A knife
  • Chopping board


  • Drinking water
  • Ice (optional)
  • Limes
  • White Grape juice
  • Mint leaves
  • Cucumber
  • Sugar


  • Chop the mint leaves into fine pieces and dice about ¾ of the cucumber then put them in the container.
  • Add about 2 cups of water in the container and shake well with the container covered, then leave the mixture for 10 minutes to allow the juices to extract into the water. You can even place it in the fridge.
  • Strain the water to remove the mint and cucumber.
  • Cut two limes and squeeze the lime juice into the water, over the strainer.
  • Add sugar to the refresher and stir well. This is where you add the grape juice and the green coffee extract powder if you want some caffeine.
  • Put the ice in the glass and pour your lime refresher over the ice.
  • Garnish with lime & cucumber slices. You can also top it off with some whole mint leaves.
  • Let the beverage sit for about 3 minutes to allow the flavors to mix naturally.
  • Enjoy your Cool Lime drink!


  • The Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher VIA Instant will lessen the process for you by half because it already has most of the ingredients in itself. You can get one at most Starbucks stores and one packet will be enough for a full glass.
  • I use sugar but you can use Stevia extract powder or make a simple syrup for sweetening. Just heat equal quantities of sugar and water while stirring until the sugar dissolves. Wait for it to cool down then you can use it. I personally don’t mind the sugar but you can cut some calories by using the alternatives.
  • You can also use limeade or lemonade in place of freshly squeezed lime juice. I just like mine crisp and fresh from the fruit).
  • Apple juice can also substitute for grape juice. The color of your drink may be deeper but the resulting refreshment is pretty much similar to the original Cool Lime.

Informative Section

How do you order a Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher?

Just tell the barista the name of the drink and the size you would like to purchase. It can be either Trenta, Venti, Grande or Tall sizes.

Is the Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher good?

Yes, the Cool Lime Refresher is a great thirst-quenching refreshment without too much sugar.

Is the cool lime refresher coming back?

It’s hard to tell. Starbucks only retails the VIA instant of the flavor, no word yet on return of the drink on the menu.

What is the cool lime refresher Starbucks Price?

Prices of the drink vary depending on the sizes. A Grande retails at 2.95 dollars while a Trenta sells at 4.45 dollars.

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