How to get Dutch Bros stickers (How do you get stickers at Dutch Bros? + More information)

If you love awakening the inner child in you by getting cute stickers, then Dutch Bros stickers will excite you. However, how do you get them? Read on to find out how to get stickers at Dutch Bros.

According to the Dutch Bros website, you can only get stickers when you make a purchase at any Dutch Bros location on the first Wednesday of the month. Dutch Bros used to sell stickers online, but it no longer does so.

I love stickers a lot. They brighten my mood and make me feel vibrant. As much as I love purchasing stickers, I eagerly wait for the first Wednesday of the month to get the uniquely designed Dutch Bros stickers. I usually stick them on my laptop or water bottle to just lift my spirits. If you love stickers as much as I do, keep reading to learn how you can get Dutch Bros stickers.

Why does Dutch Bros give out stickers?

It is a marketing strategy! By giving out stickers, Dutch Bros propels the popularity of its brand. Customers will be looking forward to the first Wednesday of each month to get lovely stickers. That way, Dutch Bros makes more sales as the stickers are limited, and many people would want to grab them.

Can you get Dutch Bros stickers after the first day of the month?

How do you get stickers at Dutch Bros? 
Dutch Bros stickers. Image source: Dutch bros

Dutch Bros no longer offers stickers on the first day of the month but on the first Wednesday of each month. The coffee house recently changed its days and rules around offering stickers. Dutch Bros moved the dates from the first day to the first Wednesday of the month to give their customers hope for a mid-week pick-me-up.

Can you buy Dutch Bros stickers online?

Dutch Bros no longer sells stickers online. You can only get stickers by swinging by your local Dutch Bros shop on the first Wednesday of the month or earning app stickers via the Dutch Bros app. While using the Dutch Bros app, you will earn stickers depending on several things, like if you purchase your favorite drink and more.

Final thoughts

Stickers are such lovely pieces to warm up your favorite day-to-day tools like your water bottle and even a laptop. Dutch Bros offers unique stickers to lighten up your mood, and you can only get them at the coffee house on the first Wednesday of each month. Feel free to pass by and get yourself a free sticker when you make a purchase.

FAQ Section

Can you make your own Dutch Bros stickers?

Dutch Bros stickers are a bit difficult to customize on your own. You would rather get a drink at any Dutch Bros location on the first Wednesday of the month and get a free sticker instead.

How long do Dutch Bros stickers last?

If maintained well, Dutch Bros stickers can last for years.

Does Dutch Bros sell its stickers?

According to Dutch Bros’ official website, the franchise no longer sells stickers. However, with every online purchase, you will receive a free sticker from Dutch Bros.

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