How often does Starbucks come out with new cups? (Starbucks Holiday Cups we should expect each Season + More)

Starbucks is not only famous for its delicious drinks but also its attractive cups. If you are a customer, you are probably wondering how often does this company release new cups?

This company releases new cups 6 times a year. Some new Starbucks customers wonder when they should be watching out for new cups. I once saw my friend talking about a colorful Starbuck cup on Instagram and was determined to get it.

I drove to my local Starbucks store to get it. Unfortunately, I was disappointed to find out that it was no longer in stock. I created this post to help you find out how often Starbucks releases new cups. You will also discover whether you can get a new tumbler from Starbucks.

Starbucks Holiday Cups we should expect each Season

How often does Starbucks come out with new cups?

Every year, Starbucks unveils its holiday cup lineup in different designs. Below are some of the holiday cups you should expect.

Color-changing hot cups

Starbucks uses color-changing technology to make its holiday cups meant for hot beverages. It changes its color whenever you ask for a hot drink on such a cup. Starbucks not only used this technology on the holiday cups but also on its straws. Color-changing hot cups are mostly available during winter.

Ceramic Poinsettia power cup

If you love plants, you should watch out for this cold cup. It is made from ceramic and is double-walled. You can get this Starbucks cup during spring.

Floral plastic cold cup

If you are looking for a holiday cup with a captivating design, you can get this from Starbucks. This has bold hues, and it mostly trends during spring.

Heat gradient cold cup

This stainless steel cup was introduced in the summer. It is a quality cup that you can use to order your favorite cold drinks from Starbucks.

Plastic green jeweled cold cup

This is one of the cups that Starbucks introduced in spring. It is an opaque holiday cup that makes it hard to tell the contents of your drink.

What days do Starbucks get new cups?

Starbucks Holiday Cups we should expect each Season

Starbucks gets new cups at the beginning of different seasons. For instance, the summer cups arrived at Starbucks stores on May 10, 2022. These came in bright neon colors. Starbucks spring cups for 2022 hit the shelves on March 1.

Is Starbucks coming out with new tumblers?

Apart from holiday cups, Starbucks also introduces new tumblers from time to time to appeal to more customers. For example, this coffee chain introduced new tumblers in its stores during summer this year. Tumblers are more convenient to use than regular holiday cups since they allow you to take your coffee with you everywhere.

When do Starbucks release new tumblers?

Starbucks released new tumblers during summer. The latest tumbler at Starbucks is known as the Cool Lime Tumbler. It was released on May 10, 2022. This colorful tumbler matches any summer mood.

Can you order Starbucks cups online?

Starbucks Holiday Cups we should expect each Season

Yes. You can now order a Starbucks cup online. Things have changed since, in the past, you had to go to a Starbucks store to buy one. You can do this through the mobile app if you want to order a Starbucks cup more conveniently.

Start by downloading the Starbucks app, then use it to find out which Starbucks cups are available and place your order. To order, click on the section labeled order and then tap the menu. Look for the section labeled drinkware and tap on it. This can help you find out the drinkware available at your local store.

If you cannot find the specific cup you are looking for, look for it in other stores, then add it to your order. You should then find time to visit the store. You can easily pick it up as soon as you arrive at the Starbuck store.

How often does Starbucks release new cups?

According to a Starbucks spokesperson, this company releases new cups six times a year. The coffee chain times the release of drinkware designs to major holidays and seasons such as summer or holidays like Valentines. If you see a new cup you like, you should order it as soon as possible before it is no longer available at Starbucks stores.

FAQ section

Will Starbucks restock cups?

Yes. Starbucks restocks its cups from time to time based on seasons like winter and summer.

What are the new cups at Starbucks called?

The latest cups that Starbucks released are called Purple Iridescent Bling. You can find them at most licensed store locations in the US.

Is Starbucks releasing any new cups 2022?

Starbucks has already released new cups in March 2022. It has not yet confirmed the release of any other new cups this year.

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