Green mountain coffee vs. Starbucks: which is better?

Coffee is an excellent beverage, but you can love or hate it depending on the choice of your coffee shop. But which is the best coffee shop between green mountain and Starbucks?

I never take chances on the issue of where to take my coffee. I have discovered that you enjoy coffee depending on where you get it. The quality of coffee, access, and the environment I take the coffee are some considerations I must make. I have made this post so that you can easily choose where to have your coffee if you choose between the two companies.

What are the differences between Green Mountain Coffee Vs. Starbucks?


Green Mountain



The furniture, arrangement, and lighting are of a standard restaurant. Lighting differs with each shop

They have standardized lighting, arrangement, and decoration. It is spacious and welcoming.


There are 583 stores, with 283 being in the US.

There are 33 800 stores in 80 countries


The menu has several varieties of beverages and food

There is a wide variety of beverages on the menu

Price Range

Fairly prices

Relatively high

Beverage Sizes

There are three cups: 6 ounces, 8 ounces, and 10 ounces.

The sizes include demi (3 ounces0, short (8ounces), tall (12 ounces), Grande (16 ounces), venti (20 ounces or 24 ounces), and Trenta (31 ounces)

Environmental Consciousness

Makes cups from natural and renewable materials

Recycles cups and uses refillable cups to avoid pollution

Green mountain coffee Vs. Starbucks – How they compare

Green mountain coffee vs. Starbucks


Green mountain coffee shops have a standard restaurant set-up, each with unique furniture, arrangement, and lighting. Since most stores are different, customers cannot predict what to expect in a new coffee store. The stores are well organized and spacious, giving you a good experience.

Starbucks coffee shops have uniformity in their organization, lighting, and decoration. It is possible to predict what you find in a new coffee store. The lighting is warm and welcoming, the walls are painted in welcoming colors, and there are beautiful wall hangings.

Starbucks wins in this category because its cafés have a standard arrangement and appearance. The cafes are beautifully painted and have excellent wall hangings.


Green mountain coffee has 583 stores across the globe. The US has the lion’s share with 283 coffee shops- almost half. Since there are few coffee shops, some regions do not have access to any.

Starbucks has more than 33 800 stores in 89 countries. There are 15,444 locations in the US alone. It is easy to access the stores and order coffee online without incurring high delivery costs.

Starbucks is the winner in this category because it has more locations. It is easy to access it physically and by online order.


Green mountain coffee stores have a variety of beverages and food items. Stores have a different menu that is sometimes dominated by food. The most popular beverages on their menu include maple supreme, French vanilla, and green mountain coffee with whipped cream.

Starbucks has a wide variety of beverages. Coffee, tea, chocolate, smoothies, energy, and refresher drinks have various categories. Customers can customize their drinks; hence, they have developed a secret menu that expands the available varieties.

Starbucks wins in this category because it has a wider variety of beverages.

Price Range

Green Mountain beverages are fairly priced. Beverages that compare to Starbucks have a slightly lower price. The prices do not have a relationship with quality since the quality of coffee is generally acceptable.

Starbucks beverages are relatively highly-priced. Although the quality is good, and you can expect consistency, such prices may discourage you from getting your favorite drink.

Green Mountain coffee wins in this category; their beverages are fairly priced, so you do not have to break your bank to have coffee.

Beverage Sizes

Green Mountain Coffee serves beverages in three cups, which include six, eight, and ten ounces. The few sizes are small, which might force you to have several cups if you find the cups too small.

On the other side, Starbucks has a variety of cups which include demi (3 ounces), short (8ounces), tall (12 ounces), Grande (16 ounces), venti (20 ounces for hot drinks or 24 ounces for cold drinks), and Trenta (31 ounces). The wide variety of sizes ensures that you always get one that fully satisfies you.

Starbucks wins in this category because it provides customers with a wider variety of cup sizes which is crucial for satisfaction and prices.

Environmental Consciousness

Green Mountain coffee conserves the environment by using cups that can be recycled and that are made from natural materials. The cups are free from petrol products making them more environmentally friendly.

On the other side, Starbucks recycles its cups which reduces pollution. Additionally, the company has refillable cups that customers can repeatedly use, significantly reducing pollution.

The two companies win in this category because they have strategies to reduce pollution.

Green mountain coffee Vs. Starbucks – A Comparison Overview

Green mountain coffee Overview

Green mountain coffee

The company began as a small café roasting and serving coffee. Bob Stiller founded it in Vermont in 1981. Their popularity grew, and restraint started ordering their ground coffee. As the order increased, the company increased its capacity to roast larger quantities of coffee. The company was listed in NASDAQ Global Select Market under the stock symbol GMCR in 1993 when it became public. It has 583 stores around the globe. In the US, 283 stores make it a relatively competitive company. The company intends to grow more branches to capture the global market effectively. The company specializes in roasting, packaging, and brewing coffee. Starbucks has contracted the company to package its K-cup. One fun fact about the company is that before starting serious coffee roasting, it was associated with the production of paper used in the marijuana industry. The company produces quality coffee shipped worldwide with some of the best roasting and packaging equipment.

Starbucks Overview

Green mountain coffee and Starbucks comparison

In 1971 Gordon Bowker, Jerry Baldwin, and Zev Siegl founded Starbucks, a coffee roasting company. It was also dealing with spices and tea. From a humble beginning, the company has grown to become a multi-million company with more than 33,800 locations across the globe. It is the biggest coffee company in the world. The company’s major specialization is making all kinds of beverages and customer service. The company is famed for its quality products, good customer service, and consistency. Important information about the company is that it has partnered with uber eats to provide the best online services. Additionally, the coffee house has allowed customers great liberty in customization of their drinks, and customers have created a secret menu with some of their favorite Starbucks drinks. You can customize your drink depending on your taste and nutritional preferences, thanks to the nutritional information that the company provides for various items on its menu.

Final Verdict: So, which is Better? – Green mountain coffee Vs. Starbucks

Starbucks is the ultimate winner because it has better cafes. A customer does not experience extreme changes in the café ambiance after changing the usual location. Additionally, the company has many locations, especially in the US. It is, therefore, easy to have your favorite drink in most regions of the US. Moreover, the Starbucks menu has the widest variety of coffee and other drinks. You are spoilt for choices and therefore can never fail to get a drink you like. Finally, it has a wide range of cup sizes that ensures you can manage your budget and have the quantity that satisfies you.


Is Starbucks more popular than green mountain coffee?

Starbucks is more popular than Green Mountain coffee

Which is bigger, Starbucks or green mountain coffee?

Starbucks is bigger than Green Mountain coffee

Is Starbucks more profitable than green mountain coffee?

Starbucks is more profitable than Green Mountain, that is as a result of high sales

Is green mountain coffee Coffee stronger than Starbucks?

Green Mountain Coffee coffee is as strong as Starbucks coffee

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