Does Starbucks own Peet’s? (Are Starbucks and Peet’s competitors + More Information)

Many people get confused on the ownership of Peet’s Coffee mainly because of the founders and management of both companies. So, does Starbucks own Peet’s?

Starbucks is so far one of the biggest companies across the globe having its success largely contributed by coffee business. It was started back in 1971 by three friends: Jerry Baldwin, Gordon Bowker and Zev Siegl. What is interesting is that these three friends received mentorship and training by the founder of Peet’s Coffee, Alfred Peet at his coffee shop in 1970.

Being generous as he was, he trained them on all the ins and outs of the coffee making business. He taught them how to roast the coffee beans. The success of Starbucks today can be traced back to this guy, Alfred Peet because he allowed these three friends to copy the design of his business and even supplied them with his own coffee before they could make their own.

Is Peet’s owned by Starbucks?

Are Starbucks and Peet’s competitors

The founder of Peet’s Alfred Peet sold Peet’s Coffee in 1979 to a tune of $1-2 million dollars. In later years one of the co-founders of Starbucks Jerry Baldwin bought Peet’s Coffee four locations so as to uphold the standards that it had. He went ahead to sell off Starbucks to fully concentrate with Peet’s coffee. In 2012 Peet’s was again sold at $977.6 million to another company and went private.

Are Starbucks and Peets competitors?

They are both big names in the coffee business however we cannot dismiss the success Starbucks has been able to attain over the years. To exist and be relevant in this line of business, they must compete for customers which is quite normal.

Does Starbucks offer better tea and coffee compared to Peets?

Starbucks vs Peet’s

This comes down to personal preferences and taste. Starbucks has 14,000 stores in America and 30,000 across the world. Now having such numbers, quality might be compromised in some shops. Despite this they do deliver the best coffee and tea and can be termed as consistent. Peets on the other hand has fewer stores, therefore customers do enjoy their coffee and tea it also goes without saying Alfred Peet who was the founder passed on the coffee making skills to Starbucks’ founders. Eventually this bottles down to an individual’s choice.


Which coffee is stronger Peets or Starbucks?

This is one of the most debated topics between these two coffee business giants. Again this goes back to personal preference, both companies do offer quality coffee. People might prefer Peets over Starbucks coffee as the coffee undergoes deep roasting process. However, Starbucks does offer a variety of different coffee which have a blend of various tastes.

Is Starbucks and Peets owned by one person?

No. this are two different owned companies. Despite Starbucks starting out through the guidance of the founder of Peet, Starbucks was managed and started separately. Peets is currently privately owned by a German group.

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