Why Does Starbucks Turn Off Order Ahead? (Why Is Starbucks Not Allowing Order Ahead? + More Information)

Ordering ahead when craving your favorite Starbucks meal, saves time and obliterates the need to stand in the queue. But why does Starbucks turn off order ahead? Read on, to find out why?

For a long time, I have been a beneficiary of the various Starbucks promotions and the one that had me racking up so many stars was the mobile orders that I placed before getting to the outlet. The last time I redeemed my 150 stars, I got a free drink. I however recently realized that I couldn’t order ahead, well this was quite disturbing given the goodies that come attached. I, therefore, went on a fact-finding mission, and below I share what I discovered with regards to why Starbucks turns off order ahead.

There are a couple of reasons why Starbucks might turn off an order ahead, and one of the most common one is because the specific drink or meal that the client wants is out of stock.

Can you mobile order Starbucks ahead of time?

Yes, you can mobile order Starbucks ahead of time, but first, you must ensure to download the relevant Starbucks app to your phone. The application has been configured to allow you to customize your order, and then pick it up at the chosen location.

So, the first step to fully exploiting the services of the Starbucks mobile app is to download the current Starbucks application from the App Store or Google Play. You will then set up your Starbucks account with your official name, email, and password. After the above procedure, you will be able to earn stars with every purchase that you make through the app.

How to order ahead on the Starbucks app

Open the Starbucks app, and then turn on-location services, navigate to the order tab at the far end of the screen interface, and click on it. Customize your order with your favorite drink or food and then add them to your shopping bag. You will then choose the store from where you will pick up your order, at this point, the Starbucks app will estimate for you the wait time.

Can Starbucks turn off mobile ordering?

Yes, Starbuck can turn off mobile ordering, and below are some of the reasons why the chain of restaurants turns off this service.

Having the wrong account

If you have the wrong Starbucks account for the country that you live in, then there is a very high chance that you will find the order ahead option unavailable. To be more practical is that the Starbucks site could have been set to either USA or Canada on your device. So, if you are trying to make an order while on the wrong page, you will be furnished with an “order ahead unavailable” notification.

Don’t fret if the above happens, because you still have the chance of making your order before getting to the restaurant. Through your favorite browser, you will access the relevant website, create a new Starbucks account, and then place your Starbucks order ahead.

Staff shortages/the store is closed

There are occasions when Starbucks turns off the order ahead feature, this could be because the store is short-staffed. Remember that Starbucks tends to a lot of people and not everyone fancies ordering ahead. As such, there could be long queues at the physical store that would have led to customer mobile orders piling up. There are also chances that the store could be closed leading to the turning off of the order ahead option.

Why is Starbucks not allowing order ahead?

Why Is Starbucks Not Allowing Order Ahead?

Starbucks turns off the order ahead option during peak hours. The above is done to ensure that the customers who are in the physical store, are served good quality meals which are at the right temperature.

How do I pick up my Starbucks after I order ahead?

Starbucks offers three provisions for customers who order ahead, to pick up their orders. Starbucks clients must however note that as they make their order through the app, they are also required to choose how they want to pick it up. They can, therefore, pick the order from inside the store, they could use the drive-through, or pick their orders from the curbside.


Can I order Starbucks for a later time?

Yes, you can order Starbucks for a later time, what you must, however, know is that you will first pay when you make your order ahead. And the app will estimate the time that your order will be ready.

Why is my Starbucks mobile order not working?

Your Starbucks mobile order is not working, maybe because the store is closed, short-staffed, or because the particular product that you want is out of stock.

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