Can you use regular ground coffee for cold brew (how to use regular ground coffee for cold brew + more information)?

Cold brew slaps differently when prepared using coarsely ground coffee. However, can you use regular ground coffee for cold brew?

Yes, it is possible to use regular ground coffee for cold brew. You can use your favorite roast, from medium to dark roast; what matters the most is the grind size of the coffee.

I am a big fan of cold brew, so I experiment with many variations. I recently used regular ground coffee to make my cold brew, and I was surprised with how that turned out because I am used to using coarsely ground coffee when it comes to my cold brew. Surprisingly enough, my drink tasted delicious, but the taste difference was not very. Continue reading to learn more about making cold brews with ground coffee.

How to make cold brew using ground coffee

Everyone has their preference when it comes to cold brew coffee. The type of ground beans someone decides to use depends on their preference. The brewing method and time may vary depending on the taste someone wants to achieve.

Choosing the best grind for cold brew

You should use coarse-ground coffee to get great results from a cold brew. Coarse ground coffee will allow the water to penetrate the grounds easily to extract the coffee. Finer grounds may lead to a bitter brew because the water extracted much of the coffee beans’ flavor. A finer grind may also result in dry clumps when brewing, and you must use more coffee.

Brewing method for cold brew using regular ground coffee

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Cold brew with ground coffee. Image source: Pinterest

You can put the grounds in a jar and pour water over them. After the brewing cycle, you can filter to get your cold brewed coffee. If you have a cold brew kit, place the grounds of coffee into the cotton filter and pour enough water to make them wet. After a minute, pour the remaining water in and close. The brewing cycle can be done in an open space or a refrigerator.

Preparation time for a cold brew while using regular ground coffee

Cold brew coffee preparation time will depend on the amount of coffee you want to brew. More coffee will need more time to brew compared to a smaller amount. One liter of coffee can take 6-10 hours, and any brew above 1 liter can take 12-18 hours. If you brew for a longer time, you might have a bitter flavor.

How much ground coffee do I need to make one cup of cold brew?

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Ground coffee for cold brew. Image source: Pixabay

The ground coffee you will need to make one cup of cold brew will depend on how strong you love your coffee. However, the general recommendation is to use one ounce (measured by weight) of coarsely ground coffee in a cup of water. And as mentioned above, if you use a finer grind, you will have to use more coffee to have the same strength as the coarsely ground coffee.

One ounce of coarsely ground coffee translates to around a quarter cup of whole coffee beans, like half a cup of ground coffee. However, if you want to measure the amount of this coffee using the metric system, then an ounce is the same as 28 grams.

Some people, however, use the 1:8 ratio while making cold brew. That means for every 8 grams of water; they put in 1 gram of coffee. That yields 125 grams of coffee for a liter of coffee. However, if you feel this is quite strong, you can tone down the brew ration to 1:45. If you love your coffee more, you can add more ground coffee.

Final thoughts

As seen above, you can use ground coffee to prepare a cold brew. You can use different methods to prepare your cold brew with ground coffee. You can follow the above methods as they are straightforward. Additionally, the amount of ground coffee you use depends on how strongly you love your coffee.

FAQ Section

How long does cold brew last?

Cold brew can last up to seven to ten days if refrigerated correctly. However, if you are not refrigerating your drink, consider consuming it within 12 hours to get the best experience.

What is the shortest time to steep cold brew?

The shortest time to steep cold brew is between six and eight hours. However, you should be aware that if you steep your cold brew for a short time, you will get a darker roast. Consider steeping your cold brew for 12 to 18 hours if you want a lighter roast.

Can you make cold brew using coarse-ground coffee?

Yes, you can make a cold brew with coarse-ground coffee and finer grind coffee. However, if you decide to make it with a finer grind, you will have to use more coffee to get the same strength you can get from coarse-ground coffee.

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