Cafe2U menu (Items on the Cafe2U menu, Price list + More information)

This article will elaborate more on the items you can find on the Cafe2U menu and their prices.

As I was making my way to work, I came across a red van, and around it was people holding red cups with steaming liquids and chatting away. I decided to cross over and see what this place was all about. I found out that the van was a mobile coffee shop called Cafe2U. Instead of you leaving your house to get to the café, they will come to you. How convenient!

I ordered a cup of coffee myself and learned about the variety of drinks they offer. Therefore, I wrote this article with the menu items Cafe2U offers, as well as the price of each item. Interested? Keep reading.

Cafe2U Menu Items and Price List

The following section contains tables of the items in the menu and the price lists.

Cafe2U Espresso Menu

Cafe2U Espresso MenuPrices
 Grande 12 ozSupremo 16 oz
Flat White£2.70£2.70
Long Black£2.50£2.80
Café Latte£2.70£3.00
Hot Chocolate£3.00£3.30
Chai Latte£3.10£3.40

Cafe2U Frappe Menu

Items on the Cafe2U menu
Cafe2U Frappe MenuPrices
 Grande 12 ozSupremo 16 oz
Iced Coffee£2.50£3.00
Milky Way£2.70£3.00
Polar Bear£2.50£3.00
Mint Crème Biscuit£3.10£3.40
Fruit Smoothie£3.10£3.40
High Voltage£3.00£3.30
Choc Malt£3.00£3.00
Cookies and Cream£3.10£3.40

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Cafe2U offers a wide variety of coffee drinks that you can choose from. Despite your unique tastes and preferences, you will surely find something of your liking within the list. Whether it’s a hot coffee to warm you up on a cold morning or an icy frappe to cool you down on a warm afternoon, you will find it all at Cafe2U. Plus, they are the ones who come to you instead of you having to go to them, which is very convenient.

FAQ Section

How much, on average, can you spend at Cafe2U?

Your spending will depend on what you buy. The drink prices range from £2.50 and £3.40. Therefore, you may spend an average of £3.00.

What is the most popular menu item at Cafe2U?

The most popular menu item is the espresso drink. Espressos have one of the highest levels of caffeine, enough to give you an energy boost for the entire day, which would explain why they’re so popular.

Are there vegan options items at Cafe2U?

Yes, there are. When ordering, you can ask the barista to switch the dairy milk to a vegan-friendly milk alternative. Cafe2U offers soy, coconut, oat, and almond milk.

Does Cafe2U have decaf coffee?

Yes, they do.

Can you get coffee at Cafe2U all day?

This depends on the availability of the stock available in the van. Cafe2U does not have a permanent store since their vendors operate using vans. The van will be operational as long as stocks last.

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