Can Cats Have Whipped Cream from Starbucks? (Are Starbucks pup cups, and Puppuccinos safe for your cat + Starbucks guide for your cat)

Feeding a cat a proper diet can keep them healthy and happy. If you are a Starbucks customer, you are probably wondering, can cats have whipped cream?

Yes. Cats can have whipped cream. However, you should not give a cat more than a few tablespoons of this. Some Starbucks customers wonder whether this coffee chain offers treats for only dogs or also other pets. After introducing a cat to my home, I was wondering what to feed her.

As a Starbucks regular, I was glad to learn that this coffee chain had some treats that I could give the cat occasionally. I created this post to help you figure out whether things like whipped cream or Puppuccinos are safe for cats.

Can cats have whipped cream from Starbucks

Yes. Cats can have whipped cream but in moderation. This treat is safe since it does have any harmful components that can cause side effects to the feline. Despite this, you should not give a cat too much whipped cream from Starbucks. This is because cats are carnivores, and their main diet should be made up of meat. Whipped cream does not contain meat that can benefit this feline.

If you have a lactose intolerant cat, you should avoid giving it whipped cream since this could lead to indigestion. You should not let a cat take too much whipped cream since it contains vanilla extract and sugar that can also lead to tummy problems. The sugar in a whipped cream can also increase the risk of obesity when you give a cat too much whipped cream. If you give a cat whipped cream, you should pay close attention to them to assess how it reacts.

Does Starbucks have cat treats?

Can Cats Have Whipped Cream from Starbucks?

Yes. Starbucks not only serves human food items and drinks but also has treats that pets like cats can enjoy. It has treats such as pup cups that are not only safe for dogs but also cats.

Can Cats Drink Puppuccinos (Pup Cup) from Starbucks?

Yes. Cats can drink puppuccinos. You should, however, not give a cat too much of this since it contains additives. Puppuccinos are made up of whipped cream and coffee. Pup cups should only be given to the feline on special occasions, not as a real meal replacement. The coffee in the pup cup can make a cat sick if they drink a lot of Puppuccinos.

Are Puppuccinos Healthy/Safe for Cats?

Though a few licks of Puppuccinos may not harm a cat, this treat is not healthy for cats. This is because they contain flavoring, high calories, and sugar content. This treat has large amounts of lactose that a cat may struggle to digest.

Though a cat may like the creamy taste of Puppuccino, you should ensure that it does not overindulge in it. Instead of making Puppuccinos part of the cat’s regular diet, give them other healthier food alternatives such as meat.

How to order a Puppuccino for your cat?

Are Starbucks pup cups, and Puppuccinos safe for your cat

Though Puppuccinos are not available on the Starbucks main menu, ordering them for a cat is easy. You only need to tell the barista to give you a puppuccino. This treat for cats is free of charge if you buy something from the coffee shop.

Feel free to ask the Starbucks barista for Puppuccino in a cat-sized portion to prevent the cat from taking too much of this treat. Though this promotional item is not available at all Starbucks stores, you can look for it in different stores. Calling ahead before visiting a Starbucks store can also help you find out whether it is available or not. Do not forget to leave the barista a tip when you get Puppuccino for free from a Starbucks store.

Tips for Giving Your Cat a Puppuccino

When you get Puppuccino for the cat, you should not offer them a whole cup. Doing this reduces the chances of the cat overindulging in the treat. You can put a small amount of the treat in the lid of the cup and then give it to the cat.

Store the leftover puppuccino in the fridge so that you can occasionally give it to the cat so that you don’t have to keep on going for more from a Starbucks store.

FAQ section

Does Starbucks have a menu for cats?

No. Though the Starbucks menu does not include cat food items, you can still get treats for the feline, such as pup cups.

What will happen if I give my older cat a pup cup?

Though pup cups are cat friendly, giving this treat to an older cat is not always the best idea since it may be lactose intolerant. The older cat may experience digestion problems.

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