How Does Starbucks Make Matcha Latte? (What Sweetener Does Starbucks Use In Matcha Latte? More Information)

The Starbucks matcha latte is one of the healthiest drinks made with milk and green tea. Read this article to find out; how does Starbucks make matcha latte?

The Starbucks matcha latte is a creamy and smooth drink sweetened just to the right taste made with healthy finely ground Japanese green tea powder mixed with sugar to produce a brilliant attractive green color you just want to look at. I am a sucker for healthy green tea. The Starbucks matcha intrigued me. The fact that the Starbucks matcha latté was sweet while green tea is naturally bitter, inspired me to find out how Starbucks makes their matcha tea and what sweetener they use to create that exceptional tasting matcha latte drink. Here is a look at the facts plus more information you may want to find out about the Starbucks matcha latte.

What is in Starbucks matcha latte?

The Starbucks matcha latte is an elegant pre-sweetened green tea drink made with Starbucks matcha powder and steamed milk that can be served either hot or, iced cold. A grande serving of matcha latte at Starbucks is made of 3 scoops of Starbucks matcha powder and 2% milk topped with milk foam. You can modify the drink using various toppings, add-ins, and flavors available under the customization options when placing your order. The other beautiful thing about ordering this drink is you can choose to increase the default sweetness to what you desire. It is important to note that because the Starbucks matcha powder already contains sugar, there is no available option of a non-sweetened version of a matcha latte drink at Starbucks.

What type of matcha powder does Starbucks use?

Starbucks Matcha Latte

All matcha drinks at Starbucks are made using sweetened matcha powder. The two main ingredients that make Starbucks matcha powder are: sugar and Japanese green tea. Natural Japanese green tea generally has a bitter taste but the pre-sweetened Starbucks version eliminates the bitterness to provide you an amazing, healthy, and enjoyable sip.

How do I order my matcha latte at Starbucks?

You can order a matcha latte drink from Starbucks physically at a Starbucks store or online via the Starbucks website or the Starbucks app. To order a matcha drink on the website:

  1. Log in to your Starbucks account
  2. Turn on your location settings
  3. Select the menu button
  4. Scroll to the drinks section
  5. Select hot teas from the options
  6. Scroll through the hot teas until you see matcha tea
  7. Choose matcha tea
  8. Select the cup size you want for the drink ordered
  9. If ordering a grande sized drink, select 3scoops of matcha tea
  10. Go to the milk options and choose 2% milk or any milk option you prefer
  11. Select customization options
  12. Add 1pump of toasted vanilla
  13. Top it with light whipped cream
  14. Select a store near you
  15. Confirm your location
  16. Place your order and wait for the delivery

Final thoughts

The Starbucks matcha drink is an extra ordinary drink with immense health benefits that is perfect at any time of the day that comes already sweetened and ready for the perfect sip. Head out and grab yourself a cup.

FAQ Section

What sweetener does Starbucks use in matcha latte?

Starbucks uses classic syrup to sweeten matcha latte drinks. The classic syrup is for anyone who intends to add more sweetness to the drink than what it already contains since the green matcha tea from Starbucks is already pre-sweetened. It is a blend of sugar and finely ground Japanese green tea that creates an already sweetened matcha tea powder.

  1. How much sugar is in a Starbucks matcha latte?

The Starbucks matcha latte is naturally sweetened. The small size order contains 14 grams of sugar in 1 scoop of matcha tea per order. The tall-size drink contains 24 grams of sugar from 2 scoops of matcha powder. The default grande-sized drink is made of 3 scoops of sweetened Starbucks matcha powder and packs 32 grams of sugar. The largest cup size, venti, has 43 grams of sugar from 4scoops of sweetened Starbucks matcha powder. The Starbucks matcha powder is made with sugar and matcha tea powder. The sugar per drink size will vary when you purchase matcha tea from Starbucks as shown above.

How many calories are in Starbucks Matcha latte?

Sweetener Does Starbucks Use In Matcha Latte?

Starbucks Matcha latte packs quite a punch when it comes to calories based on the cup size you order. The short-size drink order has 110 calories, the tall-size drink contains 190 calories, the grande size, which is the default order size of the matcha drink, contains 240 calories and, venti, which is the largest cup size, packs a stunning 320 calories to give you the much-needed boost that will turn around your day.

Does Starbucks have an iced matcha latte?

Yes, an iced matcha latte drink is available in all Starbucks stores. You can go ahead and order the smooth and creamy matcha tea served with milk and sweetened to perfection over ice. Green tea does not get better than Starbucks iced matcha; the taste of this iconic Starbucks drink is intoxicatingly refreshing and unforgettable.

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