Does anyone actually win Starbucks for life? (What do you get if you win Starbucks for life? + More information)

Most eating places are usually a flurry of activity during the festive season. With increased traffic at Starbucks largely attributed to the Starbucks for life promotion, one might wonder, “Does anyone actually win Starbucks for life?”

Yes. People have won the grand prize and other prizes on the Starbucks for life. By the time the competition concludes at the end of the first week of January, it has happy winners from the five weeks enjoying their prizes. I discovered this a few years ago, and while I have yet to win anything, the excitement and general good cheer is something to look forward to. People have won fun prizes such as gift cards, bonus stars, free drinks, exclusive ware, and puzzles. You can also donate to local food banks by taking part.

How many people have won Starbucks for life?

It is estimated that 50 people in the US have won the Starbucks for life grand prize since its launch in 2014. In addition to these, millions have won other prizes including one year, six months, three months, and one month, free food, drinks, discounts, and merchandise.

In Starbucks for life 2021 version, the company set 22 prizes, 10 of which were rare game pieces prizes, and 13 were instant prizes. The total number of possible winnings from these was in excess of 2.7 million prizes.

How do you win Starbucks for life?

What do you get if you win Starbucks for life?
Starbucks for life. Source: Starbucks

To win Starbucks for life, you need to collect 3 specific digital game pieces, one of which MUST be a rare piece. The two game pieces are relatively easy to find, the challenge is the one rare piece because there are only ten in circulation for the ten possible grand prize winnings.

To participate go to the website and collect the pieces from your game play. This way you can collect pieces for any of the 10 game piece prizes. If lucky, you may get pieces for the grand prize and become one of the grand winners of the year.

What do you get if you win Starbucks for life?

30 years of free standard menu drink or food per day is the grand prize. In the last edition, you also stood to win the following from the game piece prize levels: Starbucks for a Year, for 6 Months, 3 Months, a Month, 15,000 Bonus Stars,$100 Card, Ravensburger Puzzle, 1,000 Bonus Stars or the Starbucks For Life Tumbler.

Instant prizes were Starbucks for Life Beanie, Reserve Coffee, Coffee Traveler, Holiday Card Set, Free Drink,150 Bonus Stars, Free Bakery Item,50 Bonus Stars,25 Bonus Stars + 5 Donated Meals, 25 Bonus Stars,10 Bonus Stars,50% Off Drink Coupon, and 50% Off Bakery Item Coupon.

How to Play Starbucks For Life Game and Win

What do you get if you win Starbucks for life?
Starbucks For Life Game . Source: Starbucks

You need to collect all three specific game pieces for the prize level you are aiming at to win. Game pieces are acquired from game play. Upon registration and subscription on the starbucksforlife site, you get one free game play. You need more game plays to increase your chances of collecting game pieces. Collect the 3 unique game pieces from the game plays to win the prize.

There are 3 ways in which you can get game plays. The first way is by making a qualified purchase using the Starbucks app or card. Then go to and sign in get a game play. This way you get a maximum of 2 game plays in a day.

The second way is to get free game plays without making any purchases. Sign in to At the bottom of the page, follow instructions to enter without a purchase. Complete and submit the form for free game play entry. You get an email with a link for a game play. This way you can get 2 free game plays a day.

The third way is by completing 8 challenges to get bonus game play. This will give you 8 game plays, which you can get one after the other, without waiting for the next day.

Place your game pieces on your board and hunt for more. 2 pieces for a level plus its rare piece wins you that level’s prize. If lucky, you can get the game pieces for the grand prize, and be a grand prize winner.

Final Thoughts

The Starbucks for life is an interesting way to entertain and reward customers during the festive season. It is also an ingenious marketing tool. However, it is difficult to establish just how many people actually get to win prizes. A client may fail to follow thru with all the requirements and waste pieces. The company does not give information regarding the number of cards they issue to the prize winners.

FAQ Section

What are duplicates on Starbucks for life?

Duplicates are game pieces similar to what you already have on your game board.

How do you hack Starbucks for life?

There are two ways to get Starbucks for life game plays without making any purchases. One, by using the entry without a purchase link on the starbucksforlife site. The other by completing 8 challenges to get bonus game plays.

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