What is the Starbucks red cup controversy (When did Starbucks start the red cups, How to get a free red cup at Starbucks + more FAQs)

Starbucks is not only famous for its delicious beverages but also for its red holiday cups. What is the Starbucks red cup controversy?

Since Starbucks changed the design of its cup in 2015, some Christians felt that Starbucks red cups are an anti-Christmas symbol. Some people have been asking when they can get the free red cup. Since I am a social media fan, I heard about the Starbucks red cup controversy. My opinion was that those who were mad about the change in the design of the Starbucks red cup were overreacting.

I created this post to help you learn more about the Starbucks red cup controversy. You will also learn when the red cup was introduced and how you can obtain a free red cup from this company.

When did Starbucks start the red cups?

Starbucks introduced its first-holiday cup in 1997. This cup came in a magenta hue. The design of the first-holiday cup at Starbucks included coffee beans, leaves, and swirls. Two years later, in 1999, Starbucks introduced the red cups.

The first red cups at Starbucks included some abstract patterns and tasteful images that reminded customers of the holidays. Since Starbucks started selling its drinks in red cups during the holidays, customers have been looking forward to the return of these cups every year.

The Starbucks red cups became quite popular as more and more customers posted pictures of their favorite drinks in these cups on different social media platforms. This also increased the publicity of this coffee chain.

How to get a free red cup at Starbucks

How to get a free red cup at Starbucks

To get one, you must order a fall beverage or handcrafted holiday drink from any participating store in the US on November 18. Some of the fall beverages or handcrafted holiday drinks you can buy and get a free red cup include Hot Chocolate, Chestnut Praline Latte, Apple Crisp Macchiato, Pumpkin Cold Brew, Peppermint Mocha, Pumpkin Spice Latte, and Toasted White Hot Chocolate.

Starbucks offers customers a free reusable red cup to minimize waste caused by single-cup use. The free red cup that Starbucks offers customers is mostly made using recycled materials. Giving a reusable red cup to customers has become a tradition for Starbucks customers for many years.

The free cup is available for different types of orders, including curbside pickup, pickup, and even mobile orders. You may also get the free red cup if you place your order through the Uber Eat app on the specified day. Ensure you confirm restrictions and availability as you use this app.

What is public opinion about Starbucks red cups over the years?

The Starbucks red cup controversy began in 2015 when this company changed the design of its cups from patterns to plain red. Since the red cups no longer featured Christmas ornaments, holly leaves, and snowflakes, some Christians felt that the company was no longer acknowledging Christmas. Some outspoken Christians even launched a counter-war on the coffee chain.

One outspoken internet evangelist, Joshua Feuerstein, even created a video claiming that Starbucks removed Christmas from its red cup since they hate Jesus. He claimed that Starbucks baristas are not allowed to wish customers Merry Christmas. This video went viral since it had more than 17 million views.

Starbucks released a statement after this explaining why it had removed Christmas symbols from its cups. The Starbucks VP explained that such views were inaccurate since the company chose plain red cups to show that the company accommodates all and creates a culture of inclusion, diversity, and belonging. The plain red cups showed that Starbucks is not biased and accommodates people with different religious beliefs.

Though some people were mad about the change in the design of the red cups, others felt that this was not a big deal. They even created posts on Instagram denouncing Starbucks protesters and counter hashtags such as #itsjustacup. Some felt that the protesters were only looking for attention.

In 2017, Starbucks introduced another holiday cup that experienced controversy. The cup had white and red swirls and two holding hands. Some people felt that this cup promoted the gay agenda due to the hands. It was hard to tell what gender of bodies the hands belonged to. Starbucks explained that this was meant to be an interactive cup.

FAQ section

Can I buy a Starbucks red cup?

No. This is offered at no cost in November when you buy one of the specified beverages.

Are red cups reusable?

Unlike regular cups, red cups are reusable. These are mostly made from recycled materials.

Is Starbucks giving red cups in 2021?

Yes. In 2021, Starbucks gave away red cups on November 18 for free to customers that bought handcrafted holiday drinks or fall beverages.

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