Is black rifle coffee good (how good is Black Rifle coffee + everything you need to know)

If you have been ordering coffee from different companies, you have probably come across Black Rifle. Many coffee fans ask, is black rifle coffee good?

Yes. Black rifle coffee is good since it is flavorful and of top quality.

Though some coffee fans are aware of Black Rifle coffee, some avoid this company since its products are expensive. I can relate since it took me a while before I finally decided to buy coffee from Black rifle. What changed my mind was Just Black coffee.

I decided to buy this medium roast from Black rifle after a friend recommended it, and I was happy with my purchase. I really liked this coffee’s dark amber color and delicious aroma. I later created this post to share more on Black Rifle coffee. By the end of it, you will discover the texture of its coffee.

What is the flavor profile of Black Rifle coffee?

Black rifle offers a unique blend of flavors that range from bold to smooth. Its coffees can give you the caffeinated kick you need to start your day. The flavor profile varies depending on the type of coffee bean you choose and the roast level. For instance, if you choose medium roast coffee from Black Rifle, you may enjoy a delicious rounded flavor.

Most coffee from Black rifle is very tasty with plenty of body. The flavors are bold and strong, and the coffee beans are aromatic and fresh. If you are used to darker roast coffee, you may enjoy varieties from Black rifle since even medium roasts are dark. Dark roast coffee beans at Black Rifle roast hotter and longer, and they, therefore, become darker than lighter roasts.

As the beans continue losing more moisture during roasting, they release more oils and lose acidity. Therefore, they create a fuller body and a bold aroma. This leads to a more balanced and dense flavor profile.

What is the texture for Black Rifle coffee?

how good is Black Rifle coffee 
Black Rifle ground Coffee. Image source: Black Rifle Coffee

The texture of Black rifle coffee is not the same. For instance, medium roast such as Just Black coffee from Black Rifle has a smooth buttery finish. This coffee also has bold-tasting notes and an aroma of vanilla and cocoa.

You may also come across Black Rifle coffee with a light mouthfeel, such as the Gunship roast.

Such light mouthfeel coffee from this company is roasted to light shade and has higher acidity. It also features floral and citrus notes.

What blend is Black Rifle coffee?

Black Rifle Coffee is a blend of light Colombian and dark Brazilian coffees. This brand is famous for its quality coffee, characterized by a rich aroma and complex flavors. Both countries are famous for their distinctive coffees, which have an intense sweetness.

Black rifle has both Arabica and Robusta blends that you can pick from. After the company imports such coffee beans from these countries, it roasts them and ships them directly to customers.

FAQ section

Is Black Rifle coffee strong?

Yes. Dark roast coffee from Black Rifle is strong since it is made from Colombian beans. The caffeine in Black Rifle coffee ranges between 75 and 150 mg of caffeine.

Is there a decaf Black Rifle coffee?

Yes. This company offers Just Decaf coffee which has no caffeine. It is 100% medium roast Colombian ground coffee in a 12-ounce bag.

Is Black Rifle coffee worth the price?

Yes. Though Black Rifle coffee is costly, it is worth the price since the company has top-quality blends full of tasty flavor.

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