What Is Starbucks Original Blend (What Is Its Origin, What Does It Taste Like + More Information)

You have probably wondered about what blend is used at Starbucks and where it comes from. So, what is Starbucks original blend? Let’s find out below.

The Starbucks original blend is a type of coffee at Starbucks, ground/whole bean, also called the house blend and is a medium roast. I love the balance that this original Starbucks roast brings to any coffee drink. Did you know that this blend was first made in 1971 as the very first Starbucks blend? If you are yet to try it out, you might want to keep reading to see why I’m not one to quickly drop the good old items for the latest inventions. I always know that old is gold and the original item always retains the best quality. In this post, we will tell you all about the original blend and where it originated. You will also learn all about the taste.

Where does the Original Blend come from?

This amazing blend finds its origin in Latin America. This coffee zone is famous for its rich coffee Arabica beans that carry a sweet, mildly acidic, and bold flavor which is perfect for this blend. Latin American coffee derives its taste from the favorable climatic conditions of this region.

This blend found its way to Starbucks in 1971 as the first blend in the coffee chain. You might be wondering where exactly in Latin America this coffee blend comes from. Well, the coffee belt in this region is mostly in Columbia, Costa Rica, and Puerto Rico. Most of the Starbucks coffee is sourced from this region and from what we know, this coffee has the best quality.

If you compare the quality with a Robusta, you can easily tell the difference as this one is well toned and reserved while the Robusta is a little burnt and can give off a burnt rubber taste. The Latin American coffee Arabica has graced the Starbucks stores since its foundation back in 1971. In this, coffee experts decided to create a unique blend that was loaded with flavor from toffee and cocoa. The result was a great success and that’s how the house blend came to be.

What does the Starbucks Original Blend Taste like?

What does the Starbucks Original Blend Taste like?

You will pick up toffee notes with a blend of cocoa. This mix can also translate to a nutty and chocolaty taste without overshadowing the bold coffee taste. This roast is roasted to a dark chestnut color and gives it a moderate smoky taste. Like all medium roasts, the taste of the original blend is sweet and full-bodied. It doesn’t produce a bitter taste as you would expect in darker roasts. The cocoa taste introduces the chocolaty notes and the nuts induce a distant nutty taste to this blend. At the end of it, the coffee flavor still stands out.

What is the Flavor Profile of the Starbucks Original Blend?

The coffee blend has the original strong taste of coffee derived from the coffee Arabica beans. These beans are known to have a mild sweetness and moderate acidity. Latin American coffee is bold and rich in coffee flavor. The flavoring is introduced with nuts and cocoa.

The cocoa is ethically sourced and it introduces the rich chocolate notes to the blend that are brought out by the roasting process. All medium roasts are roasted for a medium period and do not produce an overly smoky taste. The original blend also has notes of toffee. The taste of toffee can be defined as that of caramel and molasses with a dash of butter. The toffee and chocolate blend perfectly with coffee to bring out the intensity and flavor needed. Due to the bold coffee flavor, you will taste more of the coffee in this blend.

Final Thoughts

This blend continues to be the pride of Starbucks. Even with the introduction of new blends, this house blend still retains its popularity. With most people preferring the medium roasts due to their moderate flavor, the house blend is here to stay. The caffeine content in this blend is lower compared to the popular light roasts. This has everything to do with the time taken when roasting. The longer it takes to roast, the less the caffeine level. This is a great blend that has a strong aroma and a great taste as well.


How much caffeine is in Starbucks house blend?

In a plain brewed coffee, the blend has 260mg of caffeine in a Grande serving.

Which Starbucks roast is the strongest?

The Starbucks roasts in terms of strongest taste are the dark roasts. When looking at caffeine levels, the blonde roasts are the strongest.

What was the very first coffee blend Starbucks released?

The very first coffee blend was the Starbucks house blend that was introduced in 1971.

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