What Is a La Boulange at Starbucks? (Why Did Starbucks Buy La Boulange + More Information)

The pastries and bread at Starbucks are phenomenal – tasty and fresh, but did you know who makes them? What is la Boulange at Starbucks?

My family and I enjoy the variety of pastries at Starbucks every time we go out for a little coffee date. We are always spoilt for choice. One time we order the ham and Swiss croissants, another time the savory bagels. If you are anything like us, you enjoy these too! But have you ever wondered how the busy store manages to sell freshly prepared pastries? Do they make them in-store? I did a little research, and here is what I found out.

La Boulange is a French bakery that specializes in making quality French-inspired pastries from scratch. Starbucks bought the company in 2012 for $100 million. La Boulange is why Starbucks could comfortably meet customer needs with fresh and quality pastries.

Why Did Starbucks Buy La Boulange?

Starbucks bought La Boulange to increase its pastry production. Before this purchase, the coffee giant struggled to meet its clients’ pastry needs. By purchasing the French bakery, Starbucks hoped to fix the demand in supply.

Starbucks not only bought the bakery but also hired the founder, an experienced baker. Starbucks was determined to keep even more customers flowing, especially after experiencing the French expertise invested in the bread and cakes.

What Happened To la Boulange at Starbucks?

Starbucks resold its La Boulange stores back to Pascal and Nicolas Bernadi in September 2015. After the repurchase, the bakery was branded La Boulangerie. Still, in partnership, Starbucks continues to sell authentic French bread and pastries.

Final Thoughts

The pastries sold at Starbucks are mind-blowing. If you have not tried them yet, you should. Have you ever wondered how the busy store manages to sell freshly prepared pastries? In this article, we provide details on how a great partnership makes this possible for Starbucks.

FAQ Section

Is La Boulange a chain?

No La Boulange is not a chain. Each of the bakeries runs independently, reflecting the culture of its neighborhood.

Does Starbucks have its bakery?

Yes, Starbucks has an Italian bakery chain, Princi.

What is the meaning of La Boulangerie?

In English, La Boulangerie means French bakery. The name is inspired by the owner, who is French, and also by the French-style products.

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