7 Best Portable espresso Machines (reviews of our top choices for Portable espresso machines + more information)

Are you looking forward to enjoying an exceptional coffee experience while on the go? If yes, you are probably wondering what is the best Portable Espresso Machines” you can use.

I have always enjoyed coffee my entire life. I used to get my coffee at various coffee shops. However, I recently got to know of amazing portable espresso machines through my friend. Well, I now make my coffee using my portable espresso machine from anywhere. Since some people sometimes find it hard to choose the best portable espresso machines, I developed this post to help you know the best portable espresso machines you can get. Enjoy!!!

Best portable espresso machines:

How do you use a portable espresso machine?

Making coffee anywhere you are should not be a hard thing to do. The portable espresso machine is small and light, allowing you to take it anywhere you plan to go. To use a portable espresso machine, you first need to add ground coffee into a filter basket using a scoop. Then you can use little pressure to help you align the grind. After doing this, you can add hot water to the tank. Lastly, release the piston, then begin to steadily pump the piston to build pressure so it can force water through the coffee.

How much coffee can a portable espresso machine make?

The amount of espresso a portable espresso machine can make will depend on its capacity. An average portable espresso machine can make three to four cups of espresso with a 2.03 oz capacity. You will achieve this with just one full charge of the portable espresso machine.

Some portable espresso machines can make 3 cups of espresso of 1.6 oz capacity. So, if you are an ardent espresso lover, choose the size that will address your needs and personality.

How we choose the Best portable espresso machines

If you are just starting, you probably are wondering how we were able to select the best portable espresso machines. If that is that is the case, we are here to respond to that. We chose these portable espressos machines based on their capability to be carried around easily and make the best espresso. Our team chose to use this criterion since it came to our knowledge that not all espresso machines are portable and can make delicious espresso.

Over and above that, we went ahead to seek the feedback and opinions of different people who have used the portable espresso machines. You should trust this post because it has taken into account the inputs of several users as well as experts and pointed up their experiences with portable espresso machines.

7 Best portable espresso machines

RankPortable Espresso MachineBest known for
1Wacaco NanopressoBest all-round
2AeropressMost Versatile
3Flair Signature Espresso MachineBest for home
4STARESSO Portable Espresso MachineGreat double shots
5Wacaco PicopressoGood for pro-level option
6Handpresso Wild HybridBest for traveling
7Wacaco MinipressoBest budget-friendly

Wacaco Nanopresso

reviews of our top choices for Portable espresso machines
Wacaco Nanopresso. Image source: Wacaco

This portable espresso machine is on top of the list among the Wacaco series. This machine is capable of reaching 18 bars of pressure. With this feature, you will require less effort to get more pressure. You cannot ask for more than the Wacaco Nanopresso since you get more than enough for your espresso.

The Wacaco Nanopresso lets you easily control how short or long your espresso will be. This is made possible with a water capacity of 80 ml. Its filter can hold up to around 8 grams of ground coffee. However, it is incompatible with single-serve espresso pods.

If you love adventure, you will enjoy bringing along this portable espresso machine. This is because it is 6 inches long and weighs less than 1lb. I will perfectly fit in any carry-on or bag. Moreover, you will like that it comes with great accessory options, including options to add water capacity, and it also provides excellent ease of use. You can check the price for this espresso machine here.


Best Portable espresso Machines 
Aeropress. Image source: Aeropress

The Aeropress is one of the most popular portable espresso machines. This machine has warmed the hearts of many people because of its versatile nature. The Aeropress can brew in less than one minute, and cleaning it up is no stress. You only need to run the plunger underwater.

One thing to note is that the portable espresso machine is incapable of producing much pressure that is needed in the preparation of creamy espresso. Nonetheless, to achieve much pressure, you need to plunge into your cap at a faster rate. Aeropress is versatile since you can make anything with it, from espresso-like coffee to americanos or lattes. You will love this portable espresso machine if you are the kind that is looking for a do-it-all machine. You can check the price for this espresso machine here.

Flair Signature Espresso Machine

reviews of our top choices for Portable espresso machines 
Flair Signature Espresso Machine. Image source: Flair

I don’t know about you, but if you are looking for a gorgeous portable espresso machine, get the Flair signature Espresso machine. It just works perfectly like the regular espresso machine. Its dose capacity is 12-18 grams, and it can hold 60 ml of water. This portable espresso machine comes with a tamper, portafilter, basket, and a lever to pull up some shots.

The Flair signature Espresso machine is entirely manual, and 100% human powered. This means that no electronics and or plugs are needed. This is a perfect portable machine for espresso lovers on the go since it is light in weight and produces high-quality espresso shots. In addition, this is a must-have machine if you are a coffee enthusiast because it has a good design, is easy to clean, and is durable. You can check the price for this espresso machine here.

STARESSO Portable Espresso Machine

Best Portable espresso Machines
STARESSO Portable Espresso Machine. Image source: STARESSO

Are you planning another trip and want to quench your espresso thirst while on the go? Get the STARESSO Portable Espresso Machine and enjoy. This machine is very small enough to fit well in your pocket. You will find it very easy to use; you simply need to add coffee grounds, after which you down to press the lever and get to enjoy a perfect espresso.

You will find that the STARESSO Portable Espresso machine comes with a built-in pressure valve that guarantees authentic flavors with every single cup. Additionally, this portable espresso machine has anti-skid pads for stability, and it is also made with long-lasting stainless-steel material. It is capable of making up to 100 ml of espresso. You can check the price for this espresso machine here.

Wacaco Picopresso

Best Portable espresso Machines 
Wacaco Picopresso. Image source: Wacaco

If you are a home barista, the Wacaco Picopresso is for you. This machine will offer you great control of your shot from grind to cup. Much appreciation for its very-fine coffee grind that enables it to produce stunning aromas combined with creamy and dense flavors. It is best for pro-level users.

What gives the Wacaco Picopresso an edge is its naked portafilter which will allow you to look at how espresso flows from the filter basket. The machine comes with 18 bars of pressure which will only require a little effort. You can check the price for this espresso machine here.

Handpresso Wild Hybrid

reviews of our top choices for Portable espresso machines
Handpresso Wild Hybrid. Image source: Handpresso

The Handpresso Wild Hybrid is best suited for people who love traveling. It is one of the earliest hand-pump espresso makers. The Handpresso Wild Hybrid will amaze you because pumping is entirely from the extraction. You begin by generating 16 bars of pressure pumping, after which you add water, fill the basket, and then release by pressing a button.

It is very narrow and light, making it easy to carry around on the go. The accessories that come with it include cups, an insulated flask, and a carrying case. Get this portable espresso machine and live to tell a wonderful story. You can check the price for this espresso machine here.

Wacaco Minipresso

Best Portable espresso Machines 
Wacaco Minipresso. Image source: Wacaco

The Wacaco Minipresso is very light and small; you can go with it anywhere. You can get good espresso with this machine since it can reach up to 8 bars of pressure. The Minipresso boasts of having a built-in cup and scoop. So, when you pump the device, shots are directly directed into the cup. Moreover, this machine is not compatible with single-serve pods. However, you can get a pod adapter for it.

You will find this Minipresso easy to use. You are only required to add capsules that are compatible with the head of the outlet. And into the tank, add hot water. Unlock the piston and start pumping a few times. You do not need to have electricity to use this portable espresso machine. You buy its accessories such as a mini espresso case or tank. With this portable espresso machine, you can have a sweet cup of espresso wherever you are. You can check the price for this espresso machine here.


Are Portable espresso machines beginners friendly?

Yes. Most portable espresso machines are beginner-friendly, apart from a few, such as Wacaco Picopresso, which requires pro-uses.

Is Portable espresso high-end?

Some people find portable espresso high-end because of its design and compatibility.

Are Portable espresso machines good?

Yes. Portable espresso machines are good since they can be carried almost everywhere.

Is the Portable espresso worth it?

Yes, the portable espresso machine is worth it since they are portable and easy to use.

What coffee do I use for the Portable espresso coffee machine?

You can use the fine ground coffee for your portable espresso machine.

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