Nespresso frother Guide (a step-by-step guide on how to use a Nespresso frother, how to clean + more information)

Learn how to use a Nespresso Frother to start making a café similar to your favorite coffee house café in the comfort of your home without spending any money on it. Keep reading to find out more.

Using a Nespresso frother is as simple as setting it according to the type of milk you want, pouring the milk into the machine, setting the temperature, and pressing the start button to froth.

I have had a hard time making coffee to avoid queues at the coffee houses and spending a lot of money. I thought I was limited to only having straight shots of espresso at home, but I could not have been more wrong. After I learned about Nespresso Frother, I knew that I could make a perfect cup of coffee with frothed milk just like the one I buy at coffee houses. I decided to write this article to teach all you need to know about a Nespresso Frother, so read till the end.

How to use a Nespresso frother?

A Nespresso Frother is very easy to use. It will take less than 5 minutes to froth your milk, which you can use to make a cappuccino or latte.

Below is a step-by-step guide to how to use a Nespresso Frother.

Decide how you want to make your milk.

A Nespresso Frother is used to froth milk to either steamed milk or foamed milk. You can decide on the type of milk you want, considering the drink you want to make with frothed milk. For example, cappuccinos require foamed milk, while lattes require steamed milk.

The difference between steamed and foamed milk is that steamed milk is creamy with small or no bubbles, while formed milk is aerated with big bubbles.

Set up the Nespresso machine.

Nespresso frother Guide
How to set up the Nespresso machine. Image source: Youtube

Once you have decided on the milk you want, dry the Nespresso Frother container. Modify the mixer of the Nespresso Frother according to the type of milk you have chosen to make. For steamed milk, remove the spiral ring from the machine, and for foamed milk, set the spiral ring around the whisk. After this, you have already set the machine, and it is ready to start working.

Add Milk to the Nespresso Frother

Add milk to the container of the Nespresso frother, depending on the amount of milk you want to froth. However, the minimum amount of milk you should add is up to the bottom line indicated in the container. There is no problem with filling the container with milk.

Choose the Temperature of the milk to be frothed.

A Nespresso Frother has a button that you are supposed to use to set the Temperature of the milk. It can make cold or hot milk froth. To make cold milk froth, press the button once, and a blue light will appear on the Frother. To make hot milk froth, press the button twin within three seconds, and a red light will appear on the Frother.

Start Frothing

Press the on button to start frothing the milk. Froth for about one minute for cold milk froth and one and a half minutes for hot milk froth. Turn off the Frother and add your milk froth to the cup of coffee you are making.

Caring and maintenance of a Nespresso frother

The best way to care for a Nespresso Frother is to clean it regularly and store it in a cool, dry place. This will prevent your milk from spoiling while you are frothing it. It also prevents the Nespresso Frother from getting broken.

How to clean a Nespresso frother

a step-by-step guide on how to use a Nespresso frother
How to clean a Nespresso frother. Image source: Pinterest

It’s essential to clean the Nespresso Frother every time you are done frothing milk. This is because milk can stick on the Frother and become hard to remove. Also, milk can go bad and cause a bad smell in the Frother. Also, cleaning the Frother prevents it from spoiling the milk being frothed since it is a sensitive fluid. Below are the steps of how you can clean your Nespresso Frother easily.

Remove the pitcher or container from the base.

After removing the container, remove the seal, lid, and whisk and set them aside. The container is cleaned separately because it is where milk is put during frothing. It should be cleaned well with utensil soap that does not contain any scents. Rinse it with water and dry it with a towel before returning it. For some seconds, you can also froth water and rinse the pitcher with warm water. Dry it with a towel and set it back to the base.

Clean the whisk, lid, and seal.

Insert them with the frothing wand into hot water and leave them for some time. Using a brush or cloth, remove any milk left on them. Clean them with mild soap and rinse them with clean water. Dry them using a towel and store them.

How to reset a Nespresso frother

Not all Nespresso Frothers require resetting. However, if it requires resetting, it means it has many available options that you can use to customize your milk. Therefore, with so many settings, you may mess them up and be required to reset the machine. It will only take a few seconds to reset the Nespresso machine. Follow the procedure below to reset your Nespresso Frother.

  1. Press the two arrows on the Frother simultaneously for three seconds. It will enable you to see a hidden menu on the Frother.
  2. Press the button at the center to confirm the factory setting for your Frother.

Common problems in a Nespresso frother and how to solve them

how to use a Nespresso frother, how to clean 
Nespresso frother. Image source: Nespresso

Broken whisk

If the whisk is not shipping when the Nespresso frother is on, it means that the whisk is broken. It is not something to get worried about because it is common in most frothers. Just replace the whisk by buying a new one. They are highly available in the market.

Gunk on the whisk

The whisk has a magnet that attracts it to the bottom of the pitcher. If you don’t clean the whisk properly, milk residue will build up on the magnet and foam a coat, preventing the whisk from attaching to the pitcher.

In case of this problem, clean the whisk using salt, vinegar, and a small brush. Follow the procedure below while cleaning.

  1. Pour vinegar into a cup and add a tablespoon of salt.
  2. Soak the whisk in the content for a day or more.
  3. Remove the whisk and clean it with a small brush to scrub any remaining dirt.
  4. Rinse it using clean tap water and dry it using a towel before attaching it to the pitcher.

Faulty Thermocouple

This is a sensor used to measure and regulate the set Temperature in the Nespresso Frother. A thermocouple could wear out after sometimes or get damaged after a short circuit. This is a common problem in Nespresso, and fortunately, it is easy to fix.

The best solution for this problem is to replace the thermocouple. To replace it, locate the thermocouple attached to the printed circuit board on the Nespresso Frother using a slip connector. Remove the board and take out the thermocouple. Spray the new thermocouple with a thermal paste and fix it well to make sure it is conducting heat. Put the board back and test whether the Frother is working.

FAQs Section

Why did my Nespresso Frother stop frothing?

The Nespresso frother may stop frothing when the milk in the container it too much. If the level of milk you pour into the pitcher exceeds the maximum level mark on the pitcher, then the Frother may stop frothing to prevent damage.

Also, it can stop frothing because of the type of milk you are using. Sometimes the Frother may not work when you use plant-based milk instead of whole milk. Also, the Frother could not be working because you have not set it properly.

Why is my Nespresso milk frother burning?

The Nespresso milk Frother may be burning because it is not properly cleaned. The burning marks appear at the bottom of the pitcher. They are built-up milk dirt that has accumulated because of the Nespresso frother not being well cleaned. To prevent it from burning up, clean the Nespresso Frother after use to remove the built-up milk dirt.

Can I put my Nespresso milk frother in the dishwasher?

Putting the Nespresso milk frother in a dishwasher will depend on the type of Nespresso frother you have. There are some which are plastic; hence they are not safe to put in a dishwasher. Others are safe to put in a dishwasher. However, it is best to hand wash your Nespresso Frother to clean it properly.

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