Starbucks white tea vs. black tea: Which One is better?

Starbucks tea is one of my favorite drinks. But I have never really considered which tea is better. The thought of which tea is better kept bothering me whenever I wanted to order tea. Therefore, I decided to research which has better ingredients, taste, and health impacts. The learning process was exciting as I learned much about the two drinks. In this post, you will learn the essential features of the drinks and how they compare and contrast and ultimately will know which one is better.

What are the differences between Starbucks white tea vs. black tea?


White tea

Black tea


An Infusion of a blend of white teas, water, and liquid cane sugar containing citric acid, potassium sorbate, natural flavor, cane sugar, turbinado cane sugar, and water.

An infusion of a blend of black teas and water

Taste profile

It has a sweet, subtle, and refreshing tea flavor.

It has a more robust tea taste and may be slightly smoky and malty

Caffeine content/nutritional value

It has 20mg of caffeine, 45 calories, 0g of fat, 0mg of cholesterol, 10mg of sodium, and 11g of carbs.

It has 25mg of caffeine, 0 calories, 0g of fat, 0mg of cholesterol, 10mg of sodium, and 0g of carbs.


It is a rare type of tea and may sometimes be unavailable

It is readily available in all Starbucks stores and throughout the year.

Roast level/ processing

It has very minimal processing, which includes withering, drying, and baking

Undergoes many processing steps to achieve total oxidation, scent, color, flavor, and aroma.

Starbucks white tea vs. black tea – How They Compare.

Starbucks white tea vs. black tea

Starbucks white tea is made using a blend of Teavana white teas infused with water and liquid cane sugar. Cane sugar has several components, including citric acid, potassium sorbate, natural flavor, cane sugar, turbinado cane sugar, and water that slightly contribute to the taste, flavor, and nutritional composition of the tea.

An infusion of black Teavana teas and water makes the Starbucks black tea blend.

White tea wins in this category because it has cane sugar as an added advantage. The cane sugar improves the sweetness of the tea.

Taste profile

Starbucks white tea has a naturally sweet flavor that you can describe as refreshing and delicate. It has a light taste with no hint of bitterness or intense flavors.

The Starbucks black tea tastes much more intense than the white tea. The taste is more robust, and a keen person will notice an element of smokiness or maltiness. It has a strong smell and flavor noticeable in regular tea.

Black tea wins in this category because its flavor is strong and more noticeable. It also has the sweet aroma of freshly made tea that is appealing and attractive to any tea lover.

Caffeine content/nutritional value

Starbucks white tea is among Starbucks teas with the lowest caffeine levels. The 20 mg caffeine in a 16 fl oz is negligible. It minimizes the daily caffeine limits, allowing you to take as much tea as possible without worrying about too much caffeine. The 45 calories are also negligible, and anyone with weight loss goals can take the drink comfortably. It has a slight sugar content of 11g, resulting from cane sugar.

Similarly, Starbucks black tea has negligible caffeine content. The 25 mg of caffeine has no adverse health impacts and allows you to take as much tea as possible in a single day. The drink has no sugar or carbs making it a perfect drink for losing weight.

This category has no winner because both drinks contain minimal caffeine and calories. They cannot contribute to any adverse health impacts.


White tea is generally rare because of its limited production. It is, therefore, possible to experience a shortage in some Starbucks stores.

On the other side, black tea is abundant and is produced in large quantities. It is unlikely to find a Starbucks that has run out of it.

Black tea wins this category because it is readily available and accessible.


Unlike coffee, tea is not roasted. The Starbucks white tea undergoes through few processing steps. The buds and the first leaves are used in the production. The tea is not oxidized, which explains its delicate flavor and taste.

The Starbucks black tea has several processing steps, including a complete oxidation process. The oxidation process involves exposing the tea leaves to air to dry and darken. The oxidation process is responsible for black tea’s more pungent taste, flavor, and aroma.

Starbucks white tea vs. black tea: A comparison review

Starbucks black tea – Overview

Starbucks white tea

Starbucks black tea is rich in flavor, aroma, and taste. If you are looking for the authentic taste and smell of tea, you can find it in the Starbucks black tea. Black tea is the starting point for those new to tea who would love to experience its magic flavor.

What I liked;

  • The intense flavor and aroma of tea

What I didn’t like;

  • It has a longer processing time

Who it’s best suited for.

  • It best suits those who want to try tea for the first time because it provides the actual tea flavors.

Starbucks white tea – Overview

Starbucks black tea

The Starbucks white tea is sweet and has a delicate tea flavor. It is unique and refreshing and lets you appreciate tea flavor and taste in its most refined form. It calls for your full attention when consuming it. Otherwise, you will miss the sweetness in the delicate flavor. If you love tea, it is time to test the Starbucks white tea and feel its uniqueness.

What I liked;

  • I like the sweet, delicate flavor that grabs my attention with every sip.

What I didn’t like;

  • The tea flavor is not strong enough; hence, you may miss the tea flavor, especially if you are new to tea.

Who it’s best suited for.

  • It is most suited for tea lovers who can identify and appreciate tea’s taste and aroma, even in its most minimal form.

Final Verdict: So, which is Better? – Starbucks white tea or black tea

Starbucks black tea is better than white tea because it has a strong tea flavor and aroma. It is also readily available; hence, you will never crave tea and fail to get it. The white tea has a very muted flavor and aroma, and you may sometimes feel like you are drinking water.


Is Starbucks white tea healthier than black tea?

No, both types of tea have insignificant caffeine and calorie levels. The caffeine and calories in the tea have minimal impacts on health.

Which one tastes better between white tea and black tea?

The black tea tastes better because the tea flavors are more robust.

Is Starbucks white tea better for weight loss than black tea?

Starbucks white tea is not better than black tea for weight loss because it has calories, while black tea has no calories.

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