Starbucks Secret Menu: Valentine Frappuccino (Taste, Ingredients, Caffeine, Calories, Copycat Recipe & More information)

The Starbucks Valentine Frappuccino is a must-have, especially on that romantic date. But how do you order this item on the secret menu? Read on to find out.

The Starbucks Valentine Frappuccino is a treat my partner and I enjoy weekly. There is much to love about this drink, but what impresses me the most is its taste and multi-color. I was even more surprised when I learned that it is made up of three Frappuccino flavors. How incredible! Let’s talk about what this drink contains.

Brief History of the drink

I first knew about the Valentine Frappuccino during a blind date at Starbucks. My date ordered this for us, and I loved it. Later, when we made the relationship official, I asked him the steps to order it, and we have since made it our weekly date drink.

So, what exactly is Valentine’s Frappuccino?

This delight of lovely colors originated in the US, where it was created by Tony Aguilar, a Starbucks partner in Tucson, Arizona, and his baristas. He posted the recipe on his social media platform. Its attractive multi-colors are what made it Instagram-worthy, and within no time, everyone was interested.

Starbucks Valentine Frappuccino Overview

What’s in a Starbucks Valentine Frappuccino – (ingredients)

Valentine Frappuccino is made up of three Frappuccino flavors: Strawberries and crème Frappuccino, vanilla bean Frappuccino, and blackberry Frappuccino. Let’s take a look at its ingredients in detail.

The Strawberries and crème Frappuccino contains milk, ice, crème Frappuccino syrup, strawberry puree sauce, whipped cream, and classic syrup.

Vanilla bean Frappuccino, on the other hand, is made up of vanilla bean powder, ice, milk, crème Frappuccino syrup, and whipped cream.

The blackberry Frappuccino is also made up of tasty ingredients, including freeze-dried blackberries and vanilla bean Frappuccino. These ingredients combined bring out the sweetest taste of Valentine’s Frappuccino.

Starbucks Valentine Frappuccino: Sizes, nutrition, Caffeine & Calories

Starbucks Valentine Frappuccino

What sizes are available

There are three main sizes, tall (12 fl Oz), Grande (16 fl Oz), and venti (24 fl Oz). I recommend the venti because you can enjoy a large cup of the tasty drink to your fill.

Nutritional facts

Nutritional facts
Calorie count 460 (out of 2000 Cal)Calories from Fat 160
Nutrient content (per daily serving)


(Serving size of 24 fl Oz)

% Daily Value
Total Fat (17 g)


Saturated Fat (11 g)

 Trans Fat (0.5 mg)

22 %



Cholesterol (55 mg)18%
Sodium (320 mg)14%
Carbohydrates (66 g)


Dietary Fiber (1 g)

 Sugars (65 g)

24 %



Protein (7 g)
Caffeine (0 mg)

From the table, you can see that this drink has high-calorie content as well as sugar. Although it contains no caffeine, the sugar content is still questionable and should not be consumed daily.

Caffeine information

Interestingly, this drink does not contain any amount of caffeine. It is recommended especially for people like me, who are always interested in caffeine-free options at Starbucks. A benefit of non-caffeinated drinks is that it always prevents risks of high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. Even as you enjoy a drink, it is always important to keep a healthy lifestyle.

So, what does Starbucks Valentine Frappuccino taste like?

This drink has a lovely fruity flavor because of the raspberry, blackberry, and strawberry flavors that it contains. It also has that sweet unforgettable taste of whipped cream, which adds to the already existing sweetness. The first taste of this drink gives you that juicy chocolatey tropical feel.

Ways to Customize a Valentine Frappuccino at Starbucks

There are three main ways you can order this drink and enjoy them.

Firstly, you can order a Starbucks double chocolate chip crème Frappuccino but ask your barista to use a white mocha instead of a regular mocha. Now let them add in pumps of raspberry syrup (2 pumps tall, 3 Grande, 4 venti), and voila!

You could also order a strawberry and crème Frappuccino with extra pumps of raspberry syrup. Then ask your barista to include a vanilla bean in the middle and a blackberry at the top. Finalize this delicious drink with whipped cream at the top.

You can also ask for a tall creme-based white mocha Frappuccino topped with two pumps of raspberry and two scoops of blackberries. Then let your barista include dragon fruit atop the whipped cream.

How to make Starbucks Valentine Frappuccino at home – Starbucks Valentine Frappuccino Copycat Recipe

Starbucks Secret Menu: Valentine Frappuccino

Starbucks Valentine Frappuccino Copycat Recipe

Kai Jordan


  • Blender
  • Large glass for serving
  • Ice cube trays
  • Straws
  • Measuring spoons and cups


  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Strawberries
  • 3 cups of milk
  • Whipped cream
  • Vanilla bean ice cream
  • Sugar
  • Vanilla extract
  • Sugar
  • Ice
  • Freeze-dried blackberries


  • Add the vanilla ice cream, strawberries, and a cup of milk in a blender and blend thoroughly
  • Pour this strawberry crème Frappuccino into a glass and rinse your blender
  • Now blend another cup of milk, ice, vanilla bean ice cream, sugar, vanilla extract, and ice
  • Pour this vanilla bean Frappuccino into your half-filled glass
  • Add in a scoop of blackberries
  • Now top it with whipped cream and enjoy!


  • If you are interested in a caffeinated version, you can always replace a quarter cup of milk with coffee.

Informative Section

How do you order Valentine Frappuccino from the Starbucks app?

Unfortunately, this secret drink will not come out ideally if ordered on the app. The best thing would be to present yourself at Starbucks with your recipe and give your barista a step-by-step guide. Remember, if you blatantly order a Valentine’s Day Frappuccino, your barista won’t know what you are talking about.

Is the Starbucks Valentine Frappuccino still available?

Yes, the drink is available.

Does Starbucks have Valentine Frappuccino all year round? 

Fortunately, this drink is available on the Starbucks secret menu all year round. Its ingredients are ever present, so you must master your order and let your barista do the work!

Is the Starbucks Valentine Frappuccino healthy?

No. This drink is not healthy. Although it contains no amounts of good caffeine, it also contains a lot of sugar, which is not healthy to consume daily.

How much is the Starbucks Valentine Frappuccino?

The price varies from location to location, but generally, the price ranges from $4.95 and $5.95.

Is Valentine Frappuccino from Starbucks Good?

I’ve enjoyed this drink once every week for the past year. I love it a lot. It is a good drink with its infused flavors. It is also very romantic and can be drunk, especially on those romantic evenings.

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