Starbucks Secret Menu: Tie Dye Frappuccino (Taste, Ingredients, Caffeine, Calories, Copycat Recipe & More information)

Starbucks Tie Dye Frappuccino is your drink if you love colorful tropical drinks. Let us see what gives it such a bright, colorful appearance.

On my way home, I was walking past a Starbucks shop when I saw a small girl walking out with this colorful bright drink. I had never seen Starbucks serving such a drink, so I walked in and got one for myself. The barista was kind enough to tell me the drink’s name and prepared me a Grande-sized cup. The flavor profile was not anything I wasn’t used to already, but something about those vibrant colors made it so much better. Let us look into what goes into making Starbucks Tie Dye Frappuccino.

Brief history of the drink

Frappuccinos have been an integral part of Starbucks’ menu for the longest time. Their popularity keeps growing as the years go by, with every generation of Americans falling in love with them. One of the newest additions to the Frappuccino menu is the Tie Dye Frappuccino which took the market by storm in the summer of 2019. The drink was most popular among the LGBTQ+ society.

Is Starbucks Tie Dye Frappuccino still available at Starbucks?

The Tie Dye Frappuccino was a limited menu item in Canada and the United States, meaning it is no longer available at any Starbucks shop worldwide.

Starbucks Tie Dye Frappuccino Overview

What’s in Starbucks Tie Dye Frappuccino – (ingredients)


What’s in Starbucks Tie Dye Frappuccino? The Tie Dye Frappuccino is a creme frappuccino with colors added to it.

  • Crème Frappuccino syrup: instead of the traditional flavorings Starbucks uses this crème base as a flavoring for its crème frappuccino
  • Milk: Starbucks uses animal milk for its frappuccinos; however, it can use plant-based milk on request.
  • Yellow color: it is usually in powder foam and is made from turmeric extract, making it 100% natural.
  • Blue color: this is in powder form and is made from spirulina extract, which also makes it completely natural
  • Red color: this is made from beet extract as well as some fruit juices, which makes it all-natural as well

Starbucks Tie Dye Frappuccino: sizes, nutrition, caffeine & Calories

Starbucks Tie Dye Frappuccino

What sizes are available

If you want to order Starbucks Tie Dye Frappuccino, it is available in; a venti cup (usually 24 fl oz), a Grande cup (usually 16 fl oz), and a tall cup (usually 12 fl oz). The amount of the drink in each cup may vary slightly depending on the location.

Nutritional facts

You should expect these nutrients from a Grande-sized serving of the Tie Dye Frappuccino. However, it is not a healthy drink to consume daily.

Calorie Content 406Number of calories from fat 143
Nutrient content (per Grande cup)% Daily Value
Total fat 16 g


Trans fat 1 g

Saturated fat 11 g



0 %


Total carbohydrates 63 g


Sugar 59 g

Dietary fiber 0 g

Proteins5 g
Cholesterol 51 mg18 %
Sodium 243 mg
Caffeine 0 mg

Caffeine content

The Tie Dye Frappuccino is a creme Frappuccino which means that it does not have any coffee added to it have is 100% caffeine-free. This is the perfect drink for people cutting back on caffeine and kids. However, no rule states that you cant add espresso to this drink for a caffeine boost.

So, what does Starbucks Tie Dye Frappuccino taste like?

When you first see the Tie Dye Frappuccino, you first expect to be hit by a mouthful of flavor and your month to start watering. However, this is not the case since the colors used in the Frappuccino add no flavor to the Frappuccino. The only significant flavor is the creaminess of the Frappuccino from the milk and the creme base.

Ways to Customize Starbucks Tie Dye Frappuccino at Starbucks – Starbucks TIE DYE FRAPPUCCINO variations

Unlike most other drinks that Starbucks offers, the Tie Dye Frappuccino does not have a wide range of options to customize it. The only thing that can be customized is choosing to have animal milk or plant-based milk. You could also choose to have the sugar-free option of the creme base.

How to make Starbucks Tie Dye Frappuccino at home – Starbucks Tie Dye Frappuccino Copycat Recipe

Starbucks Secret Menu: Tie Dye Frappuccino

Starbucks Tie Dye Frappuccino Copycat Recipe

Kai Jordan
Since the Tie Dye Frappuccino is no longer available at any Starbucks shop, this is how you can make it at home.


  • A blender
  • Glass


  • Milk Crème base
  • Red food color
  • Yellow food color
  • Blue food color
  • Ice


  • Add the milk, ice, and a few pumps of crème base to a blender jug.
  • Cover and blend until incorporated.
  • Pour the mixture into a glass.
  • Mix all the colors with water separately and pour into the glass at different spots to give the tie-dye appearance.


  • You can elevate the flavor of the Frappuccino by adding some vanilla syrup and caramel sauce.

Informative section

How do you order Tie Dye Frappuccino from the Starbucks app?

You cannot order the Tie Dye Frappuccino from the app since it is no longer part of the menu.

Is the Starbucks Tie Dye Frappuccino still available?

No, since it was a limited menu item.

Does Starbucks have Tie Dye Frappuccino all year round?

No, it is not, since it was only available for the summer of 2019

Is the Starbucks Tie Dye Frappuccino healthy?

The Tie Dye Frappuccino is not healthy at all.

How much is the Starbucks Tie Dye Frappuccino?

The Tie Dye Frappuccino sold at $ 4.63

Is Starbucks Tie Dye Frappuccino good?

Yes, it was; however, it didn’t taste the best.

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