Starbucks Secret Menu: Mix and Match Frappuccino (Taste, Ingredients, Caffeine, Calories, Copycat Recipe, and more information)

Are you indecisive about what flavors to indulge in from Starbucks? Then, the Starbucks Mix And Match Frappuccino is for you.

The Starbucks Mix and Match Frappuccino is a secret menu frappuccino prepared with two frappuccinos and caramel syrup. I am one of those people who can’t decide which frappuccino to get whenever I visit the Starbucks store. Thanks to my barista, I discovered the Starbucks Mix and Match Frappuccino, which combines all the flavors I’m usually torn between; caramel, chocolate, and vanilla.

Keep reading to learn everything about this frappuccino, including its at-home recipe.

A brief history of the drink

The creation of the Starbucks Mix and Match Frappuccino is credited to one Reagan H., who was generous enough to also share the recipe with Starbucks in 2014. One of the ingredients, the vanilla bean frappuccino, was first served at Starbucks in 2002, while the double chocolaty frappuccino was launched in 2008.

Starbucks Mix and Match Frappuccino Overview

What’s in a Starbucks Mix and Match Frappuccino? – (Ingredients)

The Starbucks Mix and Match Frappuccino consists of the following;

Vanilla Bean Frappuccino: Half of the Mix and Match Frappuccino is the vanilla bean frappuccino that contains crème frappuccino base, vanilla bean powder, ice, whipped cream, and ice. This base beverage provides the Mix and Match Frappuccino with rich vanilla flavors.

Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino: The other half of the Mix and Match Frappuccino is the double chocolaty chip crème frappuccino used for its rich chocolate flavors. This base beverage has crème frappuccino syrup, ice, mocha sauce, milk, frappuccino chips, and whipped cream.

Caramel Syrup: This syrup is added to these base frappuccinos to sweeten and add caramel flavors. It contains natural flavors, water, sugar, preservatives, and citric acid.

Caramel Sauce: The cup is lined with this sauce for extra caramel flavors. The caramel sauce has corn syrup, sugar, heavy cream, skim milk powder, preservatives, water, butter, and preservatives.

Whipped cream, chocolate, and caramel drizzle: These are used to garnish the frappuccino. Whipped cream is simply vanilla syrup and heavy whipping cream, and the chocolate drizzle has cocoa, sugar, citric acid, corn syrup, water, and natural flavors.

Starbucks Mix and Match Frappuccino: Sizes, nutrition, caffeine, and calories

Starbucks Mix and Match Frappuccino

What sizes are available?

The Mix and Match Frappuccino is available in tall, grande, and venti sizes, with capacities of 12fl oz., 16fl oz., and 24fl oz., respectively. The most popular size for this frappuccino is the grande size, but beginners are advised to start with the tall size.

Nutritional facts

This frappuccino is high in sugar, cholesterol, and fat; therefore, rare and moderate consumption is encouraged. Due to the modifications that can be made to the frappuccino, the table below shows the estimated dietary values of this frappuccino;

Nutritional Values (per Grande serving)% Daily Value
Total fat (25g)28%
Trans fat (0.5mg)
Saturated fat (18g)69%
Dietary fiber (3g)7%
Protein (10g)
Total carbs (58g)21%
Cholesterol (65mg)20%
Sugars (52g)
Sodium (290mg)15%

Caffeine information

The Starbucks Mix and Match Frappuccino have 10mg of caffeine in the tall size, 15mg in grande, and 20mg in a venti. Despite both base drinks being crème frappuccinos, the caffeine is from cocoa in the double chocolaty crème frappuccino. However, these caffeine levels are insignificant; therefore, anyone who’s limiting their caffeine intake can still enjoy this frappuccino.

So, what does Starbucks Mix and Match Frappuccino taste like?

This frappuccino is creamy and thick with rich camel, chocolate, and vanilla flavors. The vanilla flavor is from the vanilla bean frappuccino, while the chocolate flavor is from the double chocolaty frappuccino. The rich caramel taste is thanks to the caramel syrup and sauce used in the drink.

Ways to customize a Mix and Match Frappuccino at Starbucks

The number of caramel syrup pumps incorporated can be modified to your specifications.

Opt out of lining your cup with caramel sauce if you want light caramel flavors in your frappuccino.

The amount of toppings used can also be customized to your liking.

How to make Starbucks Mix and Match Frappuccino at home – Starbucks Mix and Match Frappuccino copycat recipe

Starbucks Secret Menu: Mix and Match Frappuccino

Starbucks Mix and Match Frappuccino copycat recipe

Kai JordanKai Jordan
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Cuisine American


  • Blender


The ingredients for the vanilla bean frappuccino base are;

  • ½ cup whole milk
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • ½ cup ice cubes
  • 1 scoop of vanilla bean ice cream

For the double chocolaty crème frappuccino base;

  • ½ cup whole milk
  • 2 tablespoons chocolate chips
  • ½ cup ice cubes
  • 2 tablespoons chocolate syrup

For the topping;

  • Whipped cream
  • 4 tablespoons of caramel syrup
  • 2 tablespoons of chocolate syrup


  • Use as much of either frappuccino as you like.
  • Any kind of milk will work fine in this recipe, but dairy is recommended for a thicker consistency.
  • The amount of topping is adjustable, so be as generous as you’d like.


How do you order Mix And Match Frappuccino from the Starbucks app?

Order a vanilla bean frappuccino and customize it by lining the cup with caramel sauce in the “Add-ins” section and selecting caramel and mocha drizzle in the “Toppings” section. Then, in the instructions box, request the barista to “Fill ½ the cup with a standard double chocolaty frappuccino.”

Is the Starbucks Mix And Match Frappuccino still available?

Yes, this frappuccino is available on the Starbucks app, website, and stores.

Does Starbucks have Mix And Match Frappuccino all year round?

Yes, this is an all-year-round beverage.

Is the Starbucks Mix And Match Frappuccino healthy?

No. The sugar and fat levels are high, so it’s best consumed as a once-in-a-while treat.

How much is the Starbucks Mix And Match Frappuccino?

A Grande is approximately $5.25.

Is Starbucks Mix And Match Frappuccino Good?

This is subjective as some may love the mixed flavors, and others may not enjoy that.

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