Starbucks receipt guide (how can I get a copy of my receipt, can I get points for my Starbucks receipt + more information)

Keeping receipts is essential for various reasons, such as keeping track of your personal expenses or getting points and rewards in some organizations. If you are a Starbucks lover, you may be wondering, how can I get my Starbucks receipt?

The primary way to get your Starbucks receipt is on the company’s website. I always keep my receipts from personal expenses to help me keep track of how much I spend.

Being a Starbucks lover, I visit the coffee shop frequently to get my favorite coffee. Getting the receipts is important for me, and if it is vital for you also, I will provide a detailed guide concerning Starbucks receipts.

How do I find my receipt on the Starbucks app?

Starbucks always provides receipts to show proof of purchase in all its stores. For those using mobile orders, the barista in the store where you make your purchase can give you a receipt from the day you buy an item up to seven days after ordering.

Likewise, when using the scan & pay method, the barista can provide the receipt after making the payment at the store.

Additionally, it is possible to find your receipt on the Starbucks app. You should follow the following ways to find your receipt on the Starbucks app.

The first approach is the manual way that involves getting the specific receipt that you want from the Starbucks app. To get a Starbucks receipt manually, you will need to:

Step one – open the Starbucks app on your mobile device, find the Account History tab, and tap on it.

Step two – from the Account History tab, look for the Recent Transactions section. You will find all your Starbucks receipts in this section.

Step three – click on the specific receipt that you need to check from the receipt list. And there you go! Finding your receipt in the Starbucks app is as easy as that.

It is important to note that you do not have to find your Starbucks receipt manually. You can also utilize the WellyBox application, and all your receipts will be organized for you and ready for you to download, send, print, or take the action you need. 

You can get your Starbucks receipt automatically from the company via WellyBox by following the below steps:

Step one – the first thing you should do is to log in to the WellyBox account to access the receipts. When you log in to the account, you will see the Starbucks receipts immediately on the dashboard. If you do not have a WellyBox account yet, you will first be required to connect to your mailbox and then sign up for free before proceeding.

Step two – since WellyBox is connected to your mailbox, all the receipts from the connected accounts are available in the dashboard. The Starbucks receipts are placed first above the rest, so it is easy to spot them.

Step three – you then tap on the receipt that you want and click on the arrow button to download. There are other options such as send, print, or store with just a click of a button. So, you can take the action that you need at the time.

It is important to note that if it is within the first month and you did not receive your Starbucks receipt, you can reach out to the company’s customer support and get it sorted.

How to Scan a Receipt from Starbucks 

how can I get a copy of my receipt

Keeping your receipts may be a challenging task since some may get lost, and there may be no way of retrieving them afterward. That is why it is essential to scan and store them as e-receipts if you need to access them in the future easily.

The Starbucks app is an easy way to purchase your favorite Starbucks drink or food items ahead of time, as well as pay in-store, customize your order, and scan. If you want to scan a receipt from Starbucks, utilize the following steps:

Step one – the first thing you need to do is to log in to your Starbucks app. Then you will be required to tap on the camera icon on the Starbucks app homepage.

Clicking on the camera icon will automatically put the mobile device in camera mode.

Step two – with the phone being on camera mode, place the receipt you want to scan on a flat surface and snap a photo. Ensure to check the photo for blurriness to make sure all the text is visible.

Step three – after taking a clear photo, click Submit, and the receipt will be saved on your cloud. And there you go; you have scanned your receipt from the Starbucks app.

Additionally, you can also scan your Starbucks receipts using WellyBox. Scanning receipts using WellyBox is pretty straightforward, and below is how you can scan a Starbucks receipt using this approach:

Step one – log in to your WellyBox account or sign up for free if you do not have an account yet and connect to the relevant accounts.

Step two – on the WellyBox homepage, navigate the left sidebar and connect your phone number to WellyBox. Then use the WhatsApp application to scan the receipt.

After scanning the receipt successfully and ensuring all the text is clear, you simply send the photo to the WellyBox chatbot.

Step three – wait for approximately one minute after scanning, and the receipt will be visible on the WellyBox dashboard. And that is it! You just turned your paper receipt into an e-receipt successfully.  

What is receipt verification program? 

Starbucks receipt guide

Starbucks receipt verification program is a receipt reward program by the company. Starbucks introduced its loyalty program in 2008 that catered for registered members with the Starbucks gift card.

The organization later started testing its mobile app for the gift card in 2009, where customers could access prepaid funds to buy products from Starbucks.

The program relied on collecting receipts from Starbucks and other affiliated businesses. 

The Starbucks receipt reward program, known as the Starbucks Loyalty Reward card, required one to follow a straightforward process.

First, the Starbucks customer was required to keep receipts for qualifying Starbucks items after purchasing the products from grocery stores and other affiliated businesses. The customer was then needed to sign in to the Starbucks Rewards account and activate receipt verification with the phone number and email address.

The customer would earn stars after uploading one or more photos of receipts from their Starbucks purchases. 

Legal residents in all the fifty United States of America were eligible for the receipt verification program. The program was also open for residents of Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia who are 18 years and above, with the capacity to get into a binding contract. The receipt program was void in all other regions prohibited by regulation. 

The receipt verification program was indeed a good way of getting closer to the next reward, especially if you purchase Starbucks qualifying products frequently from the grocery.

However, much to the disappointment of most of the customers, Starbucks announced the end of the Starbucks Rewards Receipt Verification Program early this year. 

Starbucks sent an email to its customers that stated that starting the end of March 2022, the receipt verification program would no longer be available. The email explained that customers would no longer be able to earn stars after purchasing qualified Starbucks products from grocery stores and other affiliated businesses.

The company assured its customers that although these purchases would no longer be eligible to earn points and stars, they would still get their favorite Starbucks products from the grocery stores.

Additionally, Starbucks assured its clients that they would still continue to earn stars after buying their favorite Starbucks products, such as drinks and food from a participating Starbucks café and store. 

How can I activate receipt verification program?

If you wish to activate the receipt verification program and become a member of the Starbucks rewards program, visit Starbucks and create an account.

Follow the instructions Starbucks provides throughout the entire account creation process. 

After successfully creating the account, sign in and follow the link Starbucks provides on the website to enter a receipt. It will take you to the Starbucks Stars website Starbucks-stars

Once you are on the website, keenly follow the instructions provided by Starbucks to register for the Receipt Program. You must complete the registration form with your genuine personal details in the required field, including your first and second names, phone number and email address, and birthday.

The birthday entry is optional; however, it is good to fill in this field to get birthday rewards during your birthday. Complete the process by creating your receipt verification member account. 

Once the Member Account creation process is complete, you can participate in the Starbucks Receipts program. Notably, Starbucks gives you the power to terminate your account any time you like on the Website. 

Additionally, Starbucks imposes one Member Account per email address as well as per person. It is crucial to note that one can only participate in the Receipt Program after registering as a member on the official Starbucks website. 

How to participate and earn stars on the Starbucks Receipts Program (on qualifying products)

can I get points for my Starbucks receipt

Buy at least one of the qualifying products from any retailer other than the official Starbucks stores. Submit a picture of the original receipt to confirm the purchase of the product. You must submit the receipt’s photo within 60 days of purchasing the qualifying product to earn a Starbucks Star reward. 

Once Starbucks validates the receipt, they will deposit the fitting number of Stars to your Rewards loyalty account. You will earn stars for each qualifying product you purchase, as Starbucks outlines. 

Notably, only valid receipts from 50 United States, Puerto Rico, and District of Columbia stores can earn you stars.

Thus, not all Starbucks stores are participants of the loyalty program. To know which Starbucks store near you is a participant in the program, go to the Starbucks locator-Starbucks locator.  

Stars that Starbucks awards you for purchasing qualifying products can only be credited to one Member Account. In cases where Starbucks cannot fully validate the receipts you submit, it reserves the right to do so at its own discretion. 

Additionally, eligible members can earn Starbucks Stars by taking part in promotional programs available at select Starbucks stores.

The terms and conditions stipulating how you earn stars by participating in the promotional programs are unique and may include more qualifying products.  

How can you scan starbucks receipt to rewards?

You can scan your Starbucks receipt through the following method;

  1. Upload a picture of your valid receipt by texting the word “Rewards” to 811811. You will receive a text message containing instructions. 
  2. Email a picture of your original receipt to
  3. Upload a picture of the receipt at

All the receipts you submit will be reviewed and validated by Starbucks Administrators within 48 hours. Only pictures of receipts that clearly show the Starbucks store name, item name, product price, date of purchase, and product code will be considered eligible to qualify for star rewards. 

Always keep your receipts because Starbucks has the right to ask you to provide the original receipt for verification purposes- when deemed necessary. Starbucks has a rule that limits uploads to a maximum of 5 receipt photos per hour. 

Additionally, Starbucks has the right to limit the number of receipt photos you can upload daily without prior notice. Thus, it is essential to regularly visit the Starbucks website and check for any changes in the company’s terms and conditions related to the Starbucks Receipts Program.

When your receipt photos are not clear enough, Starbucks will send you a message indicating that your submission is invalid. The company will instruct you to submit a clearer receipt photo if applicable. 

Starbucks may deem your receipt invalid if; 

  1. It fails the anti-fraud detection test.
  2. It is deemed fake, authorized, or illegally obtained.
  3. It contains any codes, markings, and messages that the Starbucks Administrator does not recognize.
  4. It has printing errors or other errors.
  5. It is blank, unreadable, or illegible.
  6. It has been used previously.
  7. It is incompletely or incorrectly submitted.
  8. You did not submit it in its entirety.
  9. The date and time are not visible. 

Furthermore, if you obtained your receipt through unauthorized means, Starbucks considers it invalid. All traded, auctioned, or bartered receipts are also considered void.

Duplicate requests, as well as original requests from any Starbucks dealer and their employees, are deemed void.

Fraudulent submissions are prosecutable under the rule of law. Therefore, if Starbucks determines that the submission is fraudulent, you can be charged in a court of law. 

How can I download my Starbucks receipt from Starbucks?

Step One 

Open your Starbucks Mobile app and click on “Account History.”

Step Two

On the “Account History” tab under “Recent Transactions,” you will find all your Starbucks receipts. 

Step Three

Tap the specific receipt you are looking for to get a receipt from Starbucks.

Download the receipt with a click of a button.

Text messaging (SMS) terms and restrictions

Standard data and messages apply for all Starbucks receipt photos you submit via text messaging. By texting the word “Rewards” to 811811, you automatically consent to receive promotional messages via an automated dialing system. 

You can text “Help” to 811811 for help or “Stop” to the same number to opt-out. Charges specific to the message carrier may apply depending on your cellular plan. 

SMS is not available for all service providers or handsets. Check the capability of your service provider and phone for specific instructions.

Starbucks does not guarantee that any wireless service provider will be compatible with its Receipt Program. 

Additionally, as a participant, you are responsible for all taxes and applicable fees associated with participating in the Starbucks Receipt program.

Notably, Starbucks has the right to do away with a specific cellular carrier when it deems necessary without prior notice. 

How to find my Starbucks receipt on the internet?

Log into your online banking website and go through your Starbucks View list of bills. If the bill were paid via the Starbucks view, it would show details of the payment.

In case you lose the receipt and do not remember or have a record of the reference number, you can search the internet or the bank’s website for the receipt. 

You can also request a short statement of your bank account in question and go through your expenditure on the credit card.

Additionally, you can log into your bank account. After logging into your account, go to the “Payments/transfers” tab and click it. Scroll down until you find the payment to Starbucks for the missing receipt. 

After locating the payment, click on the “View Details” tab and save or write down the payment details as it appears on the tab. Once you have this evidence, Starbucks will definitely award you the fitting Stars. 

Additionally, you can download the payment and keep it in hardcopy form if the need for future reference arises. As mentioned earlier, Starbucks has the right to demand the original receipt when they deem it necessary. 

Should I keep my Starbucks Receipts?

how can I get a copy of my receipt

It is of utmost essence to keep all your Starbucks receipts safe. Apart from the benefit of asking for tax relief on expenditure, it is good for you to keep the Starbucks receipts safely for accounting purposes. 

Additionally, in the future, Starbucks may ask for those receipts as evidence for your claim of Starbucks Stars after the purchases of qualifying products. Failure to produce the receipts may render your claim void. 

How to redeem my earned Starbucks Stars for rewards?

You can redeem your Starbucks stars for complimentary products at any participating store in Canada, Puerto Rico, and the United States.

Starbucks awards you a reward depending on your Star redemption tier. Note that rewards available for the set Star redemption tiers vary by country and location. 

Additionally, Starbucks has the right to change the rewards set for the different Star redemption tiers at any time without prior notice. Star redemption tiers for all eligible stores in the U.S. are as follows;

  • You can redeem 25 Stars for 1 of the following modifications for the drink you purchase at Starbucks an extra shot of espresso, a dairy alternative (oatmilk, coconutmilk, soymilk, or almond milk), or a pump of syrup or sauce (mocha, or caramel) valued less than $1. The drink modifiers are only available as customizations to your base order. Therefore, you cannot redeem the drink modifier as a standalone drink. 
  • You can redeem 50 Stars for 1 of the following Starbucks menu items; a bakery item, hot coffee, and hot steeped tea. Starbucks excludes items such as iced coffees, Starbucks reserve, and clover brewed coffees from this redemption tier. 
  • You can redeem 150 Stars for 1 of the following menu items; all handcrafted drinks (Frappuccinos or lattes blended drinks), any snack menu item (other than packaged protein boxes), and any hot breakfast item. 
  • You can redeem 200 Stars for 1 packaged protein box, lunch sandwich, or packaged salad.
  • You can redeem 400 Stars for 1 select merchandise item or packaged coffee item valued at not more than $20 before tax deductions.

FAQ Section 

Is there a star code on the Starbucks receipt?

A star code is a unique code you can use to redeem for stars; however, star codes are not available on Starbucks receipts. 

Can I get a receipt for my Scan & Pay or mobile orders with a credit/debit card?

Yes, it is possible to get a receipt for your scan & pay or mobile orders with a credit/debit card. For mobile orders, the barista in the store where you make your purchase can give you a receipt from the day you buy an item up to seven days after ordering.

Likewise, when using the scan & pay method, the barista can provide the receipt after making the payment at the store.

Can Starbucks reprint a receipt?

While Starbucks may not reprint a receipt, you can easily get a copy of the receipt from the Starbucks app. To get a copy, open the Starbucks app and click on the Account History tab, then proceed to Recent Transactions.

In this section, you can view all your Starbucks receipts and simply tap on the one you need. 

Can I return a mug to Starbucks without a receipt?

The Starbucks return policy indicates that you can return merchandise, such as a mug, within 60 days from the day of purchase.

However, you must go with the original receipt for a refund to be eligible. Therefore, you cannot return a mug to Starbucks without a receipt. 

Did Starbucks get rid of the receipt verification program?

On its official website, Starbucks announced the end of the Starbucks rewards receipt verification program.

The company told its customers that they could still purchase their favorite Starbucks products from grocery stores, but the purchases would not be eligible for stars. However, customers would continue to earn stars after buying products from participating Starbucks shops. 

Why is my transaction not showing on the Starbucks app?

Transactions can take a little while before reflecting on the Starbucks app. If the transaction takes a long time to show on the app, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the Starbucks app and see if it works.

You can also try to log out and log in again. For points after making a transaction, Starbucks indicates that it can take up to 24 hours for the stars to be added to the account. 

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