Black rifle coffee nutrition facts (what is the nutritional value of Black Rifle coffee + more information)

Many people want to know the black rifle coffee nutrition facts to decipher whether it is healthy. Read on to find out.

Black rifle coffee is very nutritious and healthy as it has 0-150 calories, though it depends on how much coffee you drink daily. I love taking coffee in the morning before going to the gym. However, most of the coffee shop near me is not open. I talked to a friend about it, and she told me about canned black rifle coffee. I decided to try it out, and I have come to love it. I became cautious of my health since I had been consuming it daily, and I decided to research black rifle coffee’s nutritional facts to know whether it was healthy. I have written this article to give you all the details you need about black rifle coffee’s nutritional values, so read till the end.

What is the nutritional information for Black Rifle coffee?

what is the nutritional value of Black Rifle coffee 
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Black Rifle Coffee contains lots of nutrients that are healthy for our bodies. It is a healthy drink when consumed in moderation. Black rifle coffee has low fats, carbs, and sugar. A Grande size of black rifle coffee contains an average of 2.5 g of total fat, 22 g of carbs, and 25 g of sugar. Compared to other coffees like Starbucks Frappuccinos, with over 50g of fats, carbs, and sugar, this is a healthy cup of coffee since it is suitable for everyone regardless of whether you are on a diet. If your health conditions require you to take low-sugar drinks, the black rifle coffee is perfect for you. Its sugar content is limited to make it perfect for people with health issues like diabetes.

Regarding calories, most black rifle coffees have 0 calories, and the coffees with calories have very low-calorie content. For the coffees with calories, a Grande-sized has an average of 150 mg of calories. Black Rifle is much healthier than Starbucks Frappes, with over 300 calories. Out of 2000 daily calories intake, Black Rifle coffee is within the recommended range. Since black rifle coffee is also supplied to soldiers in the military, they try to lower its calorie content to keep them fit.

However, Black rifle coffee’s caffeine content is very high. Its average caffeine content is 300 mg out of 400 daily caffeine intake. The coffee is made to be very strong and energetic. It can be unhealthy if drunk often in high amounts. Due to its caffeine content, Black Rifle Coffee is very addictive and can cause withdrawal effects. Therefore, one should limit themselves when drinking black rifle coffee or decaf coffee. Black Rifle also has other nutrients such as Calcium, Potassium, Proteins, and Sodium.

Below are the nutritional facts of some of the black Rifle Coffees.

Espresso 300 mg Caffeine

Calories (out of 2000 calories daily intake)


Nutrition Facts Serving Size: 15 fl oz

% Daily Value


Total Fat 2 g


Cholesterol 5mg


Sodium 290mg


Total Carbohydrates 20g


Dietary Fiber 1g


Sugars 17 g


Calcium 134mg


Potassium 269mg


Espresso Mocha

Calories (out of 2000 calories daily intake)


Nutrition Facts Serving Size: 12fl. Oz.

% Daily Value

Total Fat 2 g


Cholesterol 10mg


Sodium 220 mg


Total Carbohydrates 30 g


Sugar 14 g


Protein 7g


Calcium 247 mg


Potassium 472 mg


Triple Shot Espresso Colombian Coffee

Calories (out of 2000 calories daily intake)


Nutritional facts: serving per 15 fl oz

% Daily Value

Total Fats 2.5 g

4 %

Sodium 270 mg

12 %

Total Carbohydrates 22 g

8 %

Sugar 18 g


Calcium 134 mg


Potassium 269 mg


Protein 5 g



Is Black Rifle coffee high in fat?

No, black rifle coffee is low in fats. It contains low fats, cards, and sugar content.

Is Black Rifle coffee strong?

Yes, the black rifle coffee is very strong. The coffee is roasted dark to contain more than 250 caffeine content making it very strong.

Is Black Rifle coffee healthy?

Black rifle coffee is healthy if drunk in moderation. The coffee contains fewer nutrients but high caffeine content. It is good for everyone though it can be addictive, which is unhealthy.

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