Starbucks Queen Street Auckland Guide (Starbucks menu in Queen Street Auckland, Starbucks in Queen Street Auckland Near me+ more information)

Whenever I visit a new city, my first instinct is always to locate a Starbucks. So, is there Starbucks in Queen Street Auckland?

Yes, there is. Queen Street is the busiest and most populated part of Auckland and a Starbucks store is strategically positioned here. I have suffered immense stress when I visit a new city and struggle to find Starbucks. This has inspired me to write this post to make it easy for those planning to visit the gorgeous Auckland city. You will learn all about the Starbucks menu, so keep reading.

Is there a Starbucks shop in Queen Street Auckland (Starbucks near me in Queen Street Auckland)?

Yes, there are two in this place that is known to buzz with activity. If you are visiting or moving to Auckland, your go-to street will be Queen Street for your favorite cup of caffeine. There are other Starbucks in other parts of the city, but this store is in the core of the busy city. You will find drive-thru, dine-in, and delivery services all under one roof. This store has a strong WIFI connection for those who would like to get some work done while sipping their favorite Starbucks. Queen Street is known for being the busiest commercial hub in Auckland. It is the main street in New Zealand’s most populous city. Let’s look at them in a nutshell.

220 Queen Street

Savills | 220 Queen Street, Auckland Central | Property to rent

This location is in the center of the city’s CBD and is a walking distance of many offices and transport facilities.

Opening HoursClosing HoursPhysical AddressEmailPhone
Monday to Sunday:


7:00 AM

Monday to Sunday:


10:00 PM

220 Queen Street Auckland, N 93029753


This Starbucks is located at the Britomart train station area in the Auckland Central Business District on the busy Queen Street.

Opening HoursClosing HoursPhysical AddressEmailPhone
Monday to Sunday:


7:00 AM

Monday to Sunday:


8:00 PM

12 Queen Street Unit 4Auckland, N 9 551 0155

How much does Starbucks pay its employees in Queen Street Auckland?

The estimated wage for a barista in Auckland is NZ$20. This is a competitive salary in this city and shift supervisors are paid up to $27. Customer representatives can walk away with approximately $15,938 annually while an ICT technician bags a whopping NZ150,307 annually. These are competitive wages in this city and one can live comfortably on them. As one gains experience and keeps working in these stores, the wages are bound to rise. You can easily find a barista who earns NZ 27 per hour due to experience.

Is there a Starbucks drive-thru in Queen Street Auckland?

Starbucks in Queen Street Auckland

Yes, there is. What is a city without a Starbucks drive-thru? The 220 Queen Street Starbucks store has a drive-thru apart from dine-in services. You can just drive to the store, place your order at the window without leaving the comfort of your car, pay up, and drive off. Most people enjoy the convenience and speed of a drive-thru. You will also have limited contact with the staff and other customers which is great during the pandemic. The services are generally faster on the drive-thru to prevent traffic build up and you don’t have to park up to get a service.

How many Starbucks managers are in Queen Street Auckland?

Starbuck hires one store manager for every shop. This means that Queen Street has two managers for both stores. The manager is tasked with leading the team of partners to create and retain the Starbucks experience for all its clients. This is also the person who keeps the regional and corporate management updated on the progress and challenges of individual stores. The manager is tasked with overseeing the day-to-day operations of the store. A manager is required to have experience in customer service and a diploma in business-related courses. In most Starbucks stores, a manager should be 18 years or above to get this position.

Are Starbucks in Queen Street Auckland hiring new employees?

Starbucks menu in Queen Street Auckland

Yes, Starbucks is constantly hiring for full-time and part-time positions. This month alone, Starbucks has announced over 250 barista positions in Auckland alone. This is the best to start sending out applications for these positions. You can apply directly on the Starbucks website or through third-party platforms like Indeed. The beauty of Starbucks is that it does not dwell on your experience, and you will get on-job training. You can be hired part-time if you are a student.

The management works around your school schedule to make sure you keep a healthy balance. If you have some experience in customer service, you can apply for the shift supervisor positions or even a managerial position if it crops up. You can also apply for other positions in other Starbucks stores across the city.

Starbucks menu and prices in Queen Street Auckland

Starbucks Queen Street has an expansive menu for all your needs. You will find hot coffee, hot tea, Frappuccino blends, Refreshers, iced drinks, iced coffee, hot breakfast, lunch, and bakery treats. Let’s see what the menu looks like and the pricing. All our prices are in New Zealand Dollars.

Hot coffees

Café Latte4.204.905.806.60
Café Mocha4.204.905.806.60
Café Americano4.004.605.105.60
Caramel Macchiato4.905.806.407.10
Café Mistro4.905.806.407.10
White chocolate mocha4.905.806.407.10
Flat White4.204.905.806.60
Brewed coffee4.004.605.105.60

Hot Tea

Chai Tea Latte5.106.006.607.10
Green Tea Latte5.106.006.607.10
Royal English Breakfast4.005.105.90
Earl Grey Tea4.005.105.90
Mint Citrus Tea4.005.105.90
Mint Blend4.005.105.90

Hot Drinks

Caramel Signature5.306.006.807.10
Signature Hot Chocolate5.205.706.507.00
White hot chocolate5.205.706.507.00
Classic Hot chocolate4.305.005.806.70


Triple mocha ultra-caramel7.308.008.60
Espresso Caramel6.807.508.10
Java Chip Frappuccino6.807.508.10
Caramel Mocha6.407.107.70
White chocolate mocha Frappuccino6.407.107.70
Strawberry and cream Frappuccino6.807.508.10
Coffee Frappuccino5.506.206.80
Double chocolate chip Cream6.807.508.10
Green Tea Cream6.607.107.60
Chocolate cream6.006.707.10
White chocolate cream6.006.707.10
Banana Split Coffee Frappe6.807.508.10

Cold Coffees

Iced Café Latte3.85
Iced white chocolate mocha4.80
Iced caramel macchiato4.60
Iced Café Americano3.55
Cold Brew3.50
Cold Brew Latte3.80
Iced brown sugar oat shaken espresso4.90

Iced Teas

Iced Shaken Lemon Passion Tea4.90
Iced shaken Lemon Green Tea4.90
Peach Iced tea3.70
Iced Black Tea3.10
Iced Hibiscus Tea3.10
Iced Matcha Green Tea3.85
Iced chai tea latte3.85

Iced Drink

Strawberry Acai refresher4.55
Pink coconut Refresher4.95
Cool Lime Refresher4.55
Iced Hibiscus Infusion Lemonade3.35

Hot Breakfast

Beyond meat sandwich5.65
Smoked Bacon Roll4.10
Traditional Sausage Sandwich4.10
All day Breakfast Wrap4.80
Ham and Cheese Croissant4.10
Pain au chocolat2.35
Butter Croissant2.20


Iced Raspberry swirl3.00
Cinnamon swirl2.99
S’More Muffin2.65
Triple chocolate cookie2.35
Pistachio and Raspberry loaf cake2.75
Strawberry and cream muffin2.65
Banoffee Mini Loaf Cake2.75
Trio of favorites4.55
Banana Bread2.95
Cookie and Cream Brownie2.40
Chocolate caramel shortbread2.40
Lemon Loaf Cake2.95
Birthday Cake cookie2.40
Chocolate chunk shortbread2.50
Blueberry muffin2.59
Lemon muffin2.59


Steak and cheese Panini5.15
Chicken, mozzarella, & Pesto Focaccia5.45
Chicken Caesar Wrap3.95
Ham and Egg Sub Roll4.79
Spinach and Pea Falafel Wrap(Plant-based)3.95
Chorizo and Red pepper Pizzetta6.25
Smoked Turkey and cheddar sandwich3.95
Hickory Ham and Cheese Toastie5.00
Tomato and mozzarella Panini5.00
Free range egg and mayo sandwich3.00
Gluten-free ham and cheese Panini5.00
Tuna Melt Panini5.00

Snacks and Sweets

Ginger biscuits1.75
Milk chocolate bar1.60
Cookie straw0.99
Dark chocolate peanut butter cups1.85
Starbucks milk chocolate gold coin1.00
All butter shortbread biscuit1.75
Dark chocolate bar(Plant-based)1.60
Mixed fruits and nuts1.60
Large caramel waffles1.60
Roasted and salted mixed nuts1.60
Kettle chips lightly salted1.30
Kettle chips sweet chili and sour cream1.30
Mini Waffles3.70

Starbucks delivery in Auckland

The pandemic has increased the need for delivery services globally. New Zealand has seen the rise of these services in service providers like UberEats, DoorDash, Menulog, and Delivereasy. Starbucks has been known to deliver its drinks ad food items through these services in New Zealand.

What are the delivery options for Starbucks in Auckland?

Starbucks has partnered with top delivery services to ensure that you get your favorite Starbucks items at the comfort of your home, office, park, beach, or wherever you desire in Auckland. You can order your favorite Frappuccino or latte from the UberEats App. This app is known worldwide for its efficiency in food delivery. You will see a cyclist or a rider at your doorstep in no time.

All you need to do is download the UberEats app on your mobile device. It is compatible with android and apple gadgets. You will be prompted to create an account with a username and password. Once you are logged in, set up the mode of payment and start ordering items. You can choose from a variety of items listed on the menu such as lattes, Americanos, hot and cold teas, hot and cold drinks, bottled drinks, at-home coffee, Frappuccino blends, and bakery treats.

You can even get a sandwich delivered to you. Many people who would rather skip the helter-skelter of Queen Street prefer to use delivery services. UberEats contributes 162 million dollars to the New Zealand economy annually. US-based DoorDash has recently made its debut in New Zealand, and it has already made remarkable progress in the delivery scene in New Zealand. UberEats is still the dominant delivery service and continues to offer its services to Starbucks customers.

What are the payment options while ordering Starbucks for delivery in Auckland?

Starbucks in Queen Street Auckland Near me

Most of the delivery apps will give you payment options when you download and sign up. For UberEats, you will download the app from the Apple store or Google Play store and install it on your device. After you create an account, you will encounter the select payment option. You will be presented with options like cards payment or online pay.

If you select the cards option, you will need to link your card with the app. You can either feed the details of your cards manually or scan them. If you don’t want to use your card, you can opt to pay online via Google Pay or PayPal. The procedure is the same as the card. All you need to do is link your PayPal or Google Pay with your UberEats app and start placing your orders. Other delivery apps are more or less the same and offer similar payment methods.

Final Thoughts

Starbucks Queen Street is a great spot to visit and explore the city’s dining experience. You will have two options on the same street. As we had earlier mentioned, this is the busiest street in Auckland, and this makes it high in population. The two stores have managed to serve the busy street while still maintaining the Starbucks experience. In any busy city, delivery options are essential especially for those who do not have the time to make long queues or order in-store. The Starbucks experience at Queen Street is similar to other top-notch stores all over the world.


What is the busiest Starbucks in Queen Street Auckland?

The busiest is the 220 Queen Street store as it has been described as loud and super busy by traveler reviews. This Starbucks is located on the busiest street in Auckland.

Where is the largest Starbucks in Queen Street Auckland?

The largest is 220 Queen Street, and it provides dine-in and drive-thru services on its two-story building. It is made to accommodate the high population on this part of the city.

Where is the oldest Starbucks in Queen Street Auckland?

Starbucks came to New Zealand in 1998on Parnelli, Auckland and has spread to the entire city including Queen Street.

How old do you have to be to work at Starbucks in Queen Street Auckland?

You can work at Starbucks Queen Street from the age of 16. This is the minimum age limit for most Starbucks stores.

What is the highest pay at Starbucks in Queen Street Auckland?

The highest pay is NZ$ 27 paid to Café Managers.

Is Starbucks popular in Queen Street Auckland?

Yes, it is. It is the busiest and most popular Starbucks in Auckland due to its location on the hub of commerce in Auckland.

Can I order Starbucks online while in Auckland?

Yes, you can via the Starbucks New Zealand App.

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