Peet’s Coffee K-Cups Guide (How To Use, Where To Buy + More Information)

Peet’s K-Cups come in exciting flavors, and this is your guide for everything you should know about the best of Peet’s coffee K-Cups.

Like many of us who’ve opted to work from home full time, my coffee consumption is incredibly high, and I cannot help but wonder how it all began and what my life was like before this WFH transition.

While I grapple with that, I remain dedicated to feeding my caffeine addiction with the best coffee, preferably in single-serve pods, and finding the best K-cup coffee pods in as many flavors and roasts as possible.

I am happy to report that I have locked down the best K-Cups, Peet’s Coffee K-Cups, and I’ll share more about them here.

What are K-cups at Peet’s coffee?

Peet’s Coffee K-Cups
K-cups at Peet’s coffee. Image source: Peet’s coffee

Peet’s Coffee K-Cups are defined as the brand’s single-serving coffee K-Cups made to be 100% compatible with Keurig coffee machines.

Peet’s Coffee is dedicated to delivering the best quality coffee, and for their coffee to be enjoyed by Keurig coffee machine owners, their K-Cups are top-of-the-line single-serve capsules that work seamlessly with the Keurig Brewers, allowing users to brew their coffee easily and quickly at home or even at the office.

What flavors of K-cups are available at Peet’s coffee?

To ensure that everyone enjoys Peet’s Coffee, this company boasts an array of high-quality coffee in K-Cups. The coffee is available in 12 flavors listed below.

  • French Roast with notes of dark chocolate, burnt sugar, and a smoke finish
  • Alma De La Tierra with notes of toasted nut, bittersweet chocolate, and sweet citrus
  • Dark Roast House Blend with toast, citrus, and spice notes. A Decaf version of this is also available.
  • Big Bang with Graham Crust, Fruit Cup, and Milk Chocolate flavors
  • Café Domingo with toast, nougat, and toffee flavors
  • Caramel brulee with burnt sugar, caramel, and toasted nut flavors
  • Hazelnut Mocha with primary flavors like dried fruit, hazelnut, and milk chocolate.
  • Vanilla Cinnamon with heavy vanilla, cinnamon, and toasted nuts flavors
  • Major Dickason’s Blend has a complex flavor profile featuring earthy and spicy notes and everything else.
  • Decaf Especial with bright, sweet, and citrus notes
  • Luminosa Breakfast blend stands out because of its stone fruit, passionflower, and cacao flavors.
  • Single Origin Brazil with caramel, hazelnut, and sweet fruit flavors

What are the sizes of k-cups at Peet’s coffee?

Peet’s Coffee K-Cups are all pre-measured for single use in your Keurig. Each K-Cup is meant for a single coffee serving between 6 and 8 ounces, which is also the ideal brewing size for most Keurig coffee makers. But if your Keurig machine allows you to brew bigger coffee sizes, say a 12-ounce, you may have to choose the ‘Strong’ or the ‘Mug’ setting.

The K-cups come packaged in 10 K-Cups, 32 K-Cups, 54 K-Cups, 60, 75, or 88-count boxes. The 10 K-Cup boxes are ideal for anyone trying out new flavors or blends or people who don’t like having too many K-Cups on hand. But if you are a heavy coffee drinker who already knows their preferred Peet’s Coffee flavors, the 88-count K-Cup box would be ideal.

What are Peet’s coffee k-cup pods made of?

Peet’s K-Cups are made of a type of plastic called #5 Plastic or polypropylene plastic. Besides this plastic, the K-Cups are also made of specific paper or aluminum foil and filter material. The top cartridge features a plastic ring covered by foil and a biodegradable filter.

Notably, the top section of the K-Cup consists of a plastic lid to seal in the coffee grounds, allowing water to percolate through the grounds and leaving the coffee grounds in place. The K-Cup’s sides are made of paper and filter materials that are compatible with the Keurig machines and designed to allow for consistently high-quality brewing. Note that the filter material lines the inside of the capsule. The foil and plastic on the outside of the K-Cup pod protect against moisture, light, and heat, which would otherwise affect the quality of the coffee grounds.

The main reason for using this plastic is that it is the kind of plastic acceptable widely by curbside recycling systems in North America. But not all polypropylene K-Cups are recycled. Also, the plastic used is non-biodegradable and would take a long time to break down naturally in the environment.

The good news is that Peet’s Coffee boasts a line of compostable coffee pods since they are made using renewable materials, and you can put them in your compost bin. And the aluminum used is easily recyclable.

What is the best roast level for Peet’s Coffee K-Cup?

Ultimately, the best roast level for your Peet’s K-Cups will vary depending on your preference. For some, the medium roast coffee is perfect, but others need something stronger, which is where Peet’s dark roast coffee K-Cups come in.

However, it is worth noting that Peet’s Coffee is generally known for its bold, intensely flavored coffee, with most of its K-Cups made of dark roasted flavored coffees ideal for anyone who prefers strong and full-bodied coffee. In such cases, the French Roast and the Major Dickason’s blend would be ideal because both are boldly flavored and have a rich mouthful with caramel, spice, and chocolate notes.

For someone who prefers smoother or milder coffee, Peet’s Coffee has good medium Roast K-Cups like Café Domingo or their House Blend with a more balanced flavor profile, some nuttiness, and a slightly acidic flavor taste.

The best roast level will depend on what you prefer or the day.

Buying Peet’s coffee k-cups

Peet’s Coffee K-Cups Guide 
Peet’s coffee k-cups. Image source: Peet’s coffee

How much are Peet’s coffee k-cups

Peet’s Coffee K-Cups have standard pricing starting from the 10-count boxes, which cost $9.99, $29.97 for bundles of 3 with 10 K-Cups each, or $43.29 for 6 packs each with 10 K-Cups. For example, this 75-count Major Dickason’s Blend costs $69.32, with each piece priced at $0.54.

Where can I buy Peet’s coffee k-cups?

You can buy Peet’s Coffee K-Cups online on Peet’s Coffee website or Amazon for an even wider variety. Local brick-and-mortar retail stores may also have your preferred Peet’s Coffee blend or flavor, or even Peet’s Coffee stores.

Note that the place you choose to buy the K-Cups from may change from time to time depending on the products’ availability and your shipping preference. While both Peet’s Coffee and Amazon offer one-time purchase options, Peet’s Coffee also features a subscription-based option allowing them to send you a package weekly, every two, three, four, six, or eight weeks.

Does Peet’s coffee sell in-store?

Yes, Peet’s Coffee also sells its coffee in different retail stores across the county. Peet’s Coffee boasts more than 200 retail locations spread across the country, and you can buy your preferred Peet’s Coffee flavor or try a new blend from any of these locations. In addition to the K-Cup coffee options, their stores also stock ground and whole beans, teas, and coffee-related merchandise.

Can Peet’s coffee deliver K-cups?

Peet’s Coffee delivers its K-Cups through its website or local stores. Their website lists all their K-Cup coffee varieties, and thanks to the easy-to-use interface, you can easily navigate the site, browsing their K-Cup selections and adding the preferred flavors or blends to the cart. The website allows for easy checkout and payment and offers different shipping options like expedited shipping and standard or overnight shipping, depending on how fast you need the coffee delivered.

And as mentioned above, you could opt-in to their subscription service through which your preferred K-Cups will be delivered to your doorstep regularly on your preferred schedule.

How to use Peet’s coffee K-cups

While Peet’s Coffee K-Cups are coffee pods filled with ground coffee, it’s essential to understand precisely how they work.

How do Peet’s K-cups work?

The K-Cups’ pods or capsules are filled with ground coffee held in place by a filter and aluminum foil with a ring. The pod has a small hole at the bottom, allowing water to percolate through the ground coffee and into the cup below.

  1. Plug in your Keurig and allow clean water to run through it.
  2. Open the holder, put the Keurig K-Cup pod in the compartment with the foil side of the pod facing up, then close it. After closing, press the Brew option on your Keurig and then wait for your coffee to brew.
  3. During the brewing process, the coffee machine draws water from the water reservoir, heats it up, and then pumps water up the K-Cup chamber.
  4. This chamber has two hollow needles slightly bigger than a marinade injector. One of the needles punctures the top of the foil, filling it up with water starting the brewing process, while the other needle punctures the bottom of the plastic cup to allow the brewed coffee to flow down to your coffee cup. As water fills the capsule, it extracts the aroma and flavors of the coffee into the cup.
  5. Once the brewing cycle ends, remove the used K-pod, then dispose of it as desired – in the trash can or in recycling if you have a recycling program in your community.

All these steps occur in under 2 minutes, and you end up with your perfect cup of coffee based on the selected blend, flavor, or Roast qualities.

Can you re-use Peet’s coffee k-cups?

No, you cannot reuse Peet’s Coffee K-Cups because once the pod is inserted in the pod holder, your Keurig machine’s built-in needles poke holes in the pod to allow water to flow through the ground coffee and to kick off the coffee brewing process. In other words, the design of the K-Cup pods doesn’t allow re-use.

The other reason why you cannot re-use your K-Cups is the fact that the used coffee pods will have lost most, if not all, of the coffee aroma, taste, and flavors during the first brewing process.

It’s recommended that you only use your K-Cup pods once.

How many times can you reuse Peet’s coffee reusable k-cups?

You can only use Peet’s Coffee K-Cups once. While it would save money to re-use the coffee pods more than once, the reality is that the punctured coffee K-Pod, whose coffee grounds have been drained of their goodness, cannot be re-used. In other words, you cannot put a used K-Cup pod back in the pod holder once you’ve used it.

The only thing you could do with the used coffee K-Cup is to send it back to Peet’s Coffee for recycling. Peet’s Coffee robust recycling program allows for the best recycling processes made possible by their partnership with G2 Revolution, which ensures proper recycling of aluminum and the conversion of the used coffee grounds into high-quality, safe, and fertile soil.

Peet’s coffee k-cups compatibility

Peet’s Coffee K-Cups Guide 
Peet’s coffee k-cups. Image source: Peet’s coffee

Can you use Peet’s coffee k-cups in any machine?

Peet’s K-Cups are ideally designed for use in the Keurig Single-Serve coffee machines, and the K-Cups are compatible with all models of Keurig coffee makers. This is important to note because even though the K-Cups are designed the same way, different brands make them differently, and they aren’t always compatible with all Keurig machines.

You could also use K-Cups with some Nespresso machines.

Which machines are compatible with Peet’s coffee k-cups?

All Keurig Machines listed here:

  1. Keurig Elite Series
  2. Keurig Classic Series
  3. Keurig Select Series
  4. Keurig Rivo Cappuccino & Latte System
  5. Keurig Special Edition Series
  6. Keurig OfficePro Series
  7. Keurig Vue Brewing System

Besides Keurig, Peet’s Coffee offers specific Nespresso-compatible capsules that only work with Nespresso machines. These Nespresso-compatible capsules work with most Nespresso coffee makers except Nespresso Series like Expert, U, Expert&Milk, Prodigio&Milk, Umilk, and Prodigio.

Peet’s Coffee K-Cup pods are NOT compatible with Hamilton Beach coffee makers, Breville coffee makers, or Cuisinart coffee machines.


Are there gluten-free k-cups at Peet’s coffee?

Yes, Peet’s Coffee offers gluten-free K-Cups. More specifically, all K-Cups are free of gluten and gluten byproducts.

However, it’s difficult to tell this because Peet’s Coffee drinks don’t have labeling details specifying whether the drink contains gluten. Peet’s Coffee doesn’t have warning labels for these products, but this doesn’t mean they contain gluten. So, coffee is safe for people with celiac disease and other ailments.

Can you get decaf k-cups at Peet’s coffee?

Yes, Peet’s Coffee offers decaffeinated coffee varieties other than their vast range of caffeinated products. Some decaf varieties include Decaf Especial, a medium roast coffee known for its bright, sweet, and citrusy notes. They also have their House Blend, a decaffeinated dark roast coffee.

Are Peet’s coffee k-cups compostable?

Peet’s Coffee K-Cups are recyclable and deemed compostable thanks to the new technology used to make the capsules. However, their used K-Cups’ coffee grounds are compostable, while the aluminum capsules are recyclable.

Are Peet’s coffee k-cups good?

Yes, K-Cups by Peet’s Coffee are good, with Peet’s Coffee regarded as the best K-Cup coffee brand in the market today. The K-Cups are durable and recyclable, and the ground coffee in the capsules is the freshest and highest quality coffee variety.

Are Peet’s coffee k-cups keto-friendly?

Yes, Peet’s Coffee K-Cups feature different kinds of coffee and espresso that are keto-friendly, low-carb options.

Are Peet’s coffee k-cups kosher?

Yes, the K-Cups are certified Kosher and have received certification from the Kosher Supervision of America (KSA) and the Orthodox Union.

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