How to screenshot Starbucks app (Does Starbucks app allow Screenshots)

Do you know how to screenshot Starbucks app? Read the review below to find out all you need to know.

If you use an Android phone, you can use Google Assistant to take a screenshot on Starbucks app. On iPhone, use the video recorder feature through the control center.

Last weekend, I went to Starbucks to get my favorite coffee and used the app. Since my memory sometimes fails me😅, as I used the app, I thought of taking a screenshot. I wanted a reminder of the customization I had made on my drink. You may be in a similar situation and want to know whether the Starbucks app will let you take a screenshot. The write-up below will inform you about that and guide you on how to do it using an Android or iPhone. Also, find out whether you can screenshot Starbucks’ QR code and barcode. Read on to learn more.

Does Starbucks app allow Screenshots?

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Does the Starbucks app allow you to take screenshots?

Sadly🥲, according to most users, Starbucks does not allow you to take screenshots. Unlike other apps which may have this feature, you will have to use another route to get a screenshot. The app has a security policy restricting one from taking a screenshot. When I tried this on my phone, I had to use Google Assistant to have it done.

How to take a Starbucks app screenshot using an android

How to screenshot Starbucks app 
Starbucks app screenshot. Image source: Starbucks

Despite being unable to take a screenshot directly on the app, you can use other means to get one😂. If you own an Android phone, follow the steps below.

  • Open Starbucks app.
  • Activate your Google Assistant by long pressing the home key button.
  • Say to the Google Assistant, ‘Take a screenshot,’ and it will proceed.

How to take a Starbucks app screenshot using an iPhone

😊Here is a simple way to take a Starbucks app screenshot using an iPhone.

  • Go to the iPhone’s settings.
  • Click on the control centre, and tap the gray record button to start recording.
  • Go to your Starbucks app and record.
  • With your video recording, you can screenshot what you want specifically.

Can you screenshot Starbucks QR code?

Does Starbucks app allow Screenshots?
Starbucks QR code screenshot. Image source: Starbucks

As stated earlier, many users have discovered that the Starbucks app does not allow a screenshot. Therefore, you must use either method above to get a screenshot of the Starbucks QR code. However, if you want to use the screenshot of the QR code, it is best to consult with Starbucks customer care before making any arrangements.

Can you screenshot Starbucks barcodes?

Does Starbucks app allow Screenshots?
Screenshot Starbucks barcodes. Image source: Starbucks

You might want to use the screenshot of Starbucks barcode, which the app restricts you from. Hence, you will have to use another criterion to get the screenshot. As guided, depending on the type of phone you have, follow the steps listed on how you can alternatively take a screenshot. Starbucks may have restrictions on using barcode screenshots. Therefore, it is important that you first consult Starbucks customer care or staff.


Can you make payments using a screenshot of your Starbucks card?

Starbucks is yet to clarify this officially. However, you may inquire about it with their customer care before proceeding.

Does Starbucks accept screenshots of QR codes from the app?

There is yet to be an official statement which clarifies this. Therefore, inquire before going to Starbucks with a screenshot of the QR codes.

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