James Hoffmann Aeropress (What Is It, How to Make It + More Information)

With new high-tech coffee-making gadgets hitting the shelves every so often, new brewing techniques are also coming up. One of the most recent ones is the James Hoffmann Aeropress. But what is James Hoffmann Aeropress? James Hoffmann Aeropress is a coffee brewing technique developed by James Hoffmann and uses Aeropress machines.

Aeropress machines are relatively new inventions in the coffee world, and as a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur, they piqued my interest upon entering the market. I also follow famous baristas like James Hoffmann on social media, so when he posted a recipe for his Aeropress brewing technique on YouTube, I immediately tried it out. It was a great decision as not only is his method fast and easy, but it also produces such high-quality espresso. So, I decided to share in this article what I know about the technique and provide a great recipe that everyone should try at home.

What Is James Hoffmann Aeropress?

Before we get to the recipe, I must share a few basic facts about the James Hoffmann Aeropress method and the coffee it produces. What makes it the ultimate technique? Let’s find out.

Where Did James Hoffmann Aeropress Come From: A Brief History

Aeropress machines are manual coffee makers that have been around for the past two decades or so. They were invented by Alan Adler back in 2005, and since then, devoted fans have labeled them the best gadgets for making coffee. Its portability, convenience, and versatility made coffee fans go crazy. On the other hand, James Hoffmann is a world-class barista from England who won the 2007 World Barista Championship. He developed his technique of using the Aeropress, and since then, it has exploded in popularity. With his method, coffee brewers no longer needed to preheat the device or rinse the filter, unlike other Aeropress brewing recipes. This changed the game.

What Is the Flavor Profile for James Hoffmann Aeropress?

James Hoffmann with the Aeropress® Coffee Maker. Image source: Youtube

Whereas typical Aeropress brewery methods result in lightly roasted coffee with a pungent acidic punch and subtle sweetness, James Hoffmann’s technique produces a more complex flavor profile. His method makes coffee full-bodied with a clean, rich, defined espresso flavor. The brewing process eliminates most of the acidity typical in regular Aeropress techniques. The coffee will have a pure espresso flavor without strong undertones. This is what makes the flavor profile of James Hoffmann Aeropress coffee incredibly versatile. It can easily be layered with other flavors and additives.

What Does James Hoffmann Aeropress Taste Like?

If you haven’t tried out coffee from the James Hoffmann Aeropress technique, it is very smooth on the palate and less sweet than the average Aeropress coffee or espresso. Aside from the smoothness and delicate sweetness of James Hoffmann Aeropress coffee, it is also chocolatey and nutty in taste. The bitterness in this coffee is very muted and subtle. It is not overwhelming in taste and can, therefore, make for a great everyday coffee.

How To Make James Hoffmann Aeropress: Copycat Recipe

Now to the section we have all been waiting for. Here we present the best recipe for James Hoffmann’s Aeropress method, which is simple to make at home. It also takes no time to make (the brew time is 3 minutes 20 seconds). Hopefully, you will try it out.

James Hoffmann Aeropress

James Hoffmann Aeropress: Copycat Recipe

Kai JordanKai Jordan


  • Aeropress machine
  • Digital scale to weigh the ingredients
  • Kettle to boil the water
  • Filters which usually come with the Aeropress
  • Timer device
  • Serving mug


  • 11g of light roast ground coffee with medium-fine grind size
  • 200ml of 201°F (99°C) water


  • Using the digital scale, ensure the ingredients’ measurements are accurate.
  • Take the Aeropress apart and set the plunger aside.
  • Place a dry filter in the filter basket and attach it to the brew chamber.
  • Screw the lid on tightly. The filter doesn’t have to be rinsed, as this does not make much difference in the coffee.
  • Place the brewer in a standing position over your serving mug of choice. The brewer need not have been preheated.
  • Add 11g of ground coffee to the brewer. For a light roast, make sure it is fine, but for a medium to dark roast, it can be coarser. Ensure the coffee is flat and leveled.
  • Start the timer and gradually add in all the hot water at once. Aim to wet all the coffee during pouring. For a light roast, get the water at boiling point, but for medium to dark roast, 185°F or 85°C and higher is appropriate.
  • Immediately put the plunger piece of the Aeropress on top of the brewer 1cm deep. This will create a vacuum to stop the coffee from dripping.
  • Let the coffee steep.
  • After 2 minutes on the timer, hold the serving mug, plunger, and brewer.
  • Give them a swirl. Let everything settle for 30 seconds after swirling.
  • Gently press the coffee until you get every drop from the brewer.
  • Drink and enjoy!

James Hoffmann Aeropress Nutritional Facts

High-calorie coffee drinks like frappes carry upwards of 500 calories, while low-calorie drinks like Americanos have as little as 10 calories per serving. With this in mind, it is clear that the James Hoffmann Aeropress is a healthy coffee alternative as it only has 6 out of the 2000 recommended daily calories. Essentially, it is an espresso shot, so it doesn’t have calorie-dense additives. Regarding caffeine, the James Hoffmann Aeropress coffee falls in the middle of the spectrum as high-caffeine drinks have approximately 200+ mg of caffeine, and low-caffeine drinks like decaf coffee have less than 5mg. James Hoffmann Aeropress has around 75mg per serving. All in all, it is a relatively healthy coffee drink since the recommended daily caffeine intake is 400mg for adults.

Check out some nutritional facts on James Hoffmann Aeropress coffee below per 200ml serving:

Calorie count (out of 2,000 calories daily intake) 6
Caffeine Content (per 200ml serving)75 mg
Nutrient Content (per 200ml serving)% of Daily Value
Total Fat (0.2g)


Trans Fat (–g)

Saturated Fat (–g)

Total carbohydrates (1.0g)


Sugar (–g)

Dietary Fiber (–g)

Proteins (0.5g)0%
Cholesterol (0mg)0%
Sodium (0mg)0%


How much water should you use when making James Hoffmann Aeropress?

200ml is the amount of water one should use when making James Hoffmann Aeropress coffee. It is paramount that this water is hot. In fact, the hotter, the better.

How much coffee should you use when making James Hoffmann Aeropress?

11 grams of coffee is what one needs for James Hoffmann Aeropress coffee. It should be fine in texture for light roast coffee. For a medium or dark roast, it can be coarser.

What kind of filters work best when making James Hoffmann Aeropress?

Aeropresses come with filters in their package, but if you need extra, paper filters work best. A metal filter can also be used.

Why is my Aeropress coffee weak?

There are a few reasons why your Aeropress coffee may be weak. Maybe you aren’t brewing enough coffee; make sure it is 11g for every 200 ml of water. The water may also not be hot enough. Alternatively, the filter used may not be appropriate, or the coffee grinds may not be fine enough. Also, if you don’t brew the coffee for long enough, the result may taste weak.

Why is the James Hoffmann Aeropress technique popular?

It is popular mainly because it is a simple and easy method that doesn’t require much effort. It also results in some tasty coffee.

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