It’s a Grind coffee menu (Items on the It’s a Grind coffee menu, Price list + More information)

If you love eating out, you need to know about the It’s a Grind coffee menu. Read on to find out what is on their menu and their prices.

During and after the pandemic, I began ordering food online from my favorite “It’s a grind coffee,” which helped me master the menu. I discovered that it’s a Grind coffee menu is divided into parts, and the prices of products in each part vary. After ordering from different locations, I noticed that the price varies depending on your location and the location of the coffee house. The cheapest item from it’s a Grind coffee house is cookies that go at 1.99. , the prices of the items vary depending on size and amount. In this post, I compiled the menu and the item prices to make it easy for you, so read on!

It’s a Grind coffee menu

All Day Breakfast Menu & More

All-day breakfast menuPrice
Oversized bagel dogs$ 5.49
Egg sausages and cheese sandwich$5.99
Smoked salmon breakfast sandwich%9.99
Egg and Sandwich croissant sandwich$5.99
Egg and cheese bagel sandwich$5.89
Breakfast quesadilla$7.69
English muffin breakfast sandwich$5.99
Breakfast wrap$6.29
Ciabatta sandwich$7.99
Cheesy chicken sandwich$9.99
Yogurt parfait$4.89
Gourmet cheese pizza 8.”$8.99
Gourmet pepperoni pizza 8″$9.99
Italian Brand 9 oz combo calzone$11.99

Home-Made Breakfast Burritos (New!)

Items on the It’s a Grind coffee menu
Home-made breakfast Burritos (new)Price
Build your own breakfast burrito$7.99
Morning bacon breakfast burrito$9.99
Hungry ham breakfast burrito$9.99
Sleepy sausage breakfast burrito$9.99
Spicy chorizo breakfast burrito$9.99
Millennial Avocado breakfast burrito$9.99
Delicious deli pastrami breakfast burrito$9.99
Vegan spinach and mushroom breakfast burrito$8.99
Alarm clock spicy breakfast burrito$9.99
Mom’s chicken pesto breakfast burrito$9.99

Bakery Items & More

Bakery items & more menuPrice
Mixed berry scone$3.89
Awesome desserts$3.25
Donuts$ 2.95
Seven layer dessert bar$3.89
Loaf cake$3.25
Chocolate croissants$3.35
Bagel with cream cheese$3.89

It’s Hot (Espresso)

It’s Hot (Espresso)Price
Hot latte$8.50
Hot white mocha$8.25
Hot Caramel Mochiatto$8.99
Hot Mocha$8.45
Hot Americano$7

It’s Hot (Tea, Cocoa & Coffee)

It’s Hot (Tea, Cocoa & Coffee)Price
Coffee box$25
Tea box$25.99
Coffee of the day$11.25
Hot tea$5
Hot tea latte$8.5
Hot green tea matcha latte$14.50
Hot chocolate$11.50
White hot chocolate$11.50

It’s Iced Blended (Iced Blended)

Items on the It’s a Grind coffee menu
It’s Iced Blended (Iced Blended)Price
Funky monkey$15
Original mocha$14.50
White chocolate$14.50
Triple chocolate mocha$12.50
Caramel mocha$13.50
Mint chop$14.50
Coconut crunch$12.50
Green tea mocha$13.50

Gelato, Smoothies and Milkshakes

Gelato, Smoothies and MilkshakesPrice
Gelato Italian ice cream$5.25
Gelato milkshake 16oz$5.99
Real fruit smoothies$6.29

It’s Over Ice

It’s Over IcePrice
Iced latte$12.50
Iced mocha$14.50
Iced cold brew$14.50
Iced Americano$14.50

It’s Over Ice (Specialty)

Items on the It’s a Grind coffee menu, Price list
It’s Over Ice (speciality)Price
Iced lemonade$9.00
Iced tea lemonade$9.00
Iced chai tea latte$13.50
Iced green tea latte$9.50

Kids Drinks (No Coffee)

Kids drinks (no coffee)Price
50/50 16oz$5.25
Vanilla bean$4.95
Chocolate milk$4.95


It is essential to know the menu and the prices of items at a grind coffee house because it helps you budget. Knowing how much you will spend for your breakfast, lunch, or dinner keeps you prepared. Therefore, having a look and keeping a copy of the above It’s a Grind coffee menu is clever. Also, the prices listed might have some little differences in different locations.

FAQ Section

How much, on average, can you spend on breakfast at It’s a Grind coffee?

You can spend at least $11 for breakfast at It’s a Grind coffee. For instance, you can purchase hot tea at $5 and an Egg sausages and cheese sandwich at $5.99, adding up to $10.99

What is the most popular menu item at It’s a Grind coffee?

Tea and coffee are the most popular menu items at Grind coffee.

Are there vegan options items at It’s a Grind coffee?

Yes, Grind coffee house offers vegan options, including almond milk and oat milk, and some baked items are also vegan.

Does It’s a Grind coffee serve coffee all day long?

Yes, Grind coffee serves coffee all day long.

Does it’s a Grind have oat milk on its menu?

Yes, Oat milk is part of Grind’s menu. It was added after customers requested it.

Does It’s a grind to have lunch hours?

Yes, Grind has lunch hours.

Do prices at Grind coffee depend on the size of the item?

Yes, the larger the item, the more the price.

What drinks can kids drink from Grind coffee menu?

Kids have their special menu that does not have coffee. There is a blended signature drink, juices, chocolate, vanilla bean, and chocolate milk for kids.

Do we have almond milk or items made with almond milk on the Grind coffee house menu?

Yes, there are options for almond milk items on Grind coffee menu.

What is the highest price I can pay for a single item on the Grind menu?

The highest you can pay for a single item is $25.99.

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