How much are birthday cake pops at Starbucks? (are birthday cake pops at Starbucks healthy + more information)

Apart from the many drinks that Starbucks offers, they also have a wide variety of sweet bites, and the cake pop is definitely the best. So, how much are birthday cake pops at Starbucks?

Being an adult comes with many responsibilities, and I find essential things slipping my mind from time to time. In many cases, I find myself forgetting the birthday of a close friend or family member. To avoid showing up at the party empty-handed, I also pop into my local Starbucks shop, and they always have a wide selection of birthday cake pops. The birthday cake pops at Starbucks usually cost anywhere between $2 to $4, depending on the design and the size of the cake pop. Keep reading for more information on them.

How much calories does Starbucks birthday cake pop have?

The standard size for a Starbucks birthday cake pop is usually 40 grams. This might seem little, but if you have one, it will satisfy your sweet tooth cravings right away. Starbucks came up with the idea as a way of making use of all the cake scraps from the cakes that they make. Cake pops have also gained a lot of popularity in recent years, and Starbucks wanted to capitalize on them.

Even though the Starbucks cake pops are small in size, they usually do pack a mighty punch when it comes to the calorific content. One Starbucks birthday cake pop typically has a total of 155 calories. This is due to the fact that the cake pops have a high number of saturated sugars and the wheat that is used in its making.

To give you a deeper understanding of where the Starbucks birthday cake pop gets all its calories from, the cake pop contains approximately 6 grams of fat, and 5 grams of this are saturated fats. The cake pop also has 11 grams of cholesterol, 74 grams of sodium, and 23 grams of carbohydrates that come from wheat and sugars, which make up for 16 grams of carbohydrates. Finally, the birthday cake pops have 2 grams of fiber and 3 grams of protein.

What is in the birthday cake pop at Starbucks?

Are birthday cake pops at Starbucks healthy

In order to understand what is in the Starbucks birthday cake pops, we first need to understand the components that make up the birthday cake pops. Just like any other cake, the Starbucks birthday cake pop is made from cake and frosting. However, unlike traditional cakes, the frosting is a bit hard, and the cake inside is not as fluffy as in regular cakes.

The Starbucks birthday cake pop is made from a few ingredients that are typically used to make all cakes. However, the ingredients may vary slightly depending on the flavor of the cake pops. They usually contain cake flour, caster sugar, salt, oil, baking powder, flavorings, hot water, and eggs. The frosting is generally made of candy melts, vegetable shortening, and a few sprinkles on top to make it pleasing to the eyes.

When making the birthday cake pops, Starbucks’ staff usually bake the cake first; then, they let it cool completely. They then crumble the cake and add in the melted candy melts to make the cake come together. After this, they scoop the cake out and form round balls and insert a cake pop stick until halfway through the ball. They then dip the balls in the frosting and add the sprinkles on top before the frosting hardens.

What does the Starbucks birthday cake pop taste like?

I remember the first time taking a bite of Starbucks birthday cake pop; one of the things that stood out the most for me was the bold vanilla flavor that the cake pop had, followed by the sweetness of the hard candy melts. However, there are sight chocolate notes that come from the candy melts that are added to the cake in order to make it hold its round shape.

I have never been a vanilla kind of person, but the birthday cake pops at Starbucks are definitely my go-to treat when I need something sweet after a long day at work.

How do you ask for Starbucks birthday cake pop?

Ordering the Starbucks birthday cake pop is as easy as asking for any other item on the menu. When you go to one of the Starbucks physical locations, all you have to do is walk up to the counter and ask the barista to give you a birthday cake pop, and proceed to make your payment at the cashier. The cake pops can also be bought through the Starbucks app, where they can be delivered to your location.


Is the Starbucks birthday cake pop healthy?

No, the Starbucks birthday cake pop is not healthy because it has a lot of calories for such a small treat.

Is the Starbucks birthday cake pop gluten-free?

No, the Starbucks birthday cake pop is not gluten-free because it uses wheat flour which contains a lot of gluten.

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