Can coffee cause bloating and burping (what to do when you have a coffee bloat + more information)?

Though most people find coffee energizing, not everyone has a pleasant experience taking it and end up experiencing stomach upset. So, can coffee cause bloating and burping? Read on to find out.

Yes. Coffee can cause burping and bloating. Some people who experience burping or bloating after drinking coffee do not know why it happens and how to prevent it. I have always had a sensitive stomach, but I love the delicious flavor of the coffee. I noticed that every time I took coffee, I started burping, and my stomach felt bloated.

I did some research and found some useful tips that helped. This compelled me to create this post to share why coffee causes bloating and burping. By the end of it, you will also learn how to prevent it.

Reasons why coffee is giving you a bloat and burping

You may experience burping or bloating from coffee due to acidity, sensitivity to caffeine, additives, and dehydration. Every coffee has some acid that can irritate some people. Others are sensitive to caffeine. The caffeine in coffee may encourage your gut to produce more acid leading to bloating.

Additives such as milk or cream may also be the reason behind bloating in people with lactose intolerance. Another reason coffee gives you bloat is artificial sweeteners that you add to make the coffee more delicious. Additionally, a lack of enough water in the body can lead to fluid retention, which may, in turn, lead to bloating.

What to do if coffee is giving you a bloat and a burp

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Identify the specific reason why coffee is giving you a burp or bloat so that you can determine the right solution. If, for instance, you are stressed out and cannot go a day without coffee but are experiencing bloating or burping, you should try to relax.

Though coffee regulates mood, taking too much coffee when stressed out can increase the production of cortisol in the body leading to bloating. Look for ways to manage your stress levels, such as trying breathing techniques or meditation.

You should also reduce the amount of coffee you take daily to avoid experiencing burping or bloating. Do not take more than 2 cups in a day. Additionally, walk around after taking coffee if you are burping since this physical activity can aid digestion.

How do you prevent coffee bloat and burping?

Since dehydration may cause bloating and burping in some people, staying hydrated can prevent these. You may notice that you go to the bathroom more often after drinking coffee due to its diuretic effect. Taking water in between your daily coffee can prevent your body from dehydration and, in turn, prevent coffee bloat.

Incorporating electrolyte-rich beverages like coconut water or herbal teas into your hydration routine helps maintain fluid balance and replenish essential minerals lost through diuresis. Balancing coffee consumption with sufficient water intake throughout the day offsets caffeine’s dehydrating effects. Some individuals prioritize hydration with a Myers drip — a vitamin infusion promoting overall health.

You can also prevent burping by drinking coffee more slowly. This will reduce the amount of air that you swallow. Ensure you take a lot of fruits like kiwis, strawberries, and bananas, as well as vegetables. Since fruits and vegetables are good sources of nutrients like fiber and potassium, they can help your digestive system and prevent coffee bloat. Also, avoid artificial sweeteners and additives while drinking coffee.

Do all coffees cause bloating and burping?

Not every coffee causes bloating and burping. Most people report swelling of the belly after drinking black coffee. On the other hand, low-acid coffee brands may not cause bloating and burping since they reduce inflammation and are more gentle on the stomach.

Before you buy a certain coffee brand, try to find out what other customers say about it to avoid such symptoms, especially if you have a sensitive stomach.

FAQ section

Can decaf coffee give you a bloat?

Yes. Decaf coffee can still give you a bloat since it may contain additives that can cause this.

How long does a coffee bloat last?

Coffee bloat is often temporary, and it lasts a few hours.

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