6 Best Starbucks K Cup Flavors (The Ultimate Starbucks K Cup Guide + All You Need To Know)

Are you looking for the perfect flavor for your quick cup of coffee? Try out these best Starbucks K Cup flavors we’ve picked and learn more about where to find them.

Ever since their release, we’ve been obsessed with Starbucks K cups. On our busy mornings, we don’t have to miss out on our morning coffee thanks to these cups. But finding the right flavors for us was a bit of a hustle. There were very many varieties to choose from. But finally, we’ve come up with the best K cup flavors, Starbucks has to offer and we’re sure most people would agree with us. In this article, we will share with you this list as well as some extra need-to-know information when it comes to Starbucks K Cups.

Does Starbucks Sell K Cups In Their Store?

Around 2012, you could walk into any Starbucks store, whether corporate-owned or otherwise, and order your K-cups. The company, however, stopped the sale of the cups around 2017. But this was only for their corporate-owned, standalone stores. You can still buy the K cups from big retail stores like Walmart and Target. You can also buy them on online market platforms like Amazon and even sites like eBay. So, worry not, the K cups are still available.

Where Is A Good Place To Buy K Cups?

Starbucks K Cup Guide

As we said, there are still a lot of places where you can purchase Starbucks K Cups. But not every source is viable, so you need to be careful when it comes to selecting the best place to buy your cups. We would advise that you walk into the stores like Target and Walmart as opposed to ordering them online. That way you can easily inspect and confirm the packaging of the cups before buying.

We say this because, some customers who have bought their cups online, have complained about the cups not being properly packaged, or that they were stale, expired, or not the right brand. To avoid this, it is better to just walk into a store. But we understand that some regions don’t have access to physical Starbucks stores or retail stores like Target and Walmart. If this, is you, then reputable online platforms like Amazon is are still a viable option. Just make sure you read through the customer reviews before placing an order.

Does Walmart Carry Starbucks K Cups?

Yes, Walmart is one of the biggest retail stores offering Starbucks K cups. You’ll find a large variety of flavors, coffee blends, and roast levels. Some customers even say that their prices are cheaper than other places like Target. We are not sure how true this is, given that we are yet to buy our Starbucks K cups from there. But one thing we are sure about is that you won’t miss finding the cups in any one of their stores. You can visit the nearest Walmart store to you, or order from their online store.

How Much Do Starbucks K Cups Cost?

Starbucks K Cup Flavors

The price of a Starbucks K cup will vary based on a few factors. The average range, however, for a pack of 22, is about $15-$17. The price will, however, vary based on where you buy the K cups and the quantity you buy. Some come in packs of 10, others even have up to 42 cups. A variety pack is also likely to cost more than a single flavor pack. By variety, we mean a pack that has several different flavors and blends. If you are starting, and aren’t sure what flavors are for you, you can start with these variety packs.

How We Choose The Best Starbucks K Cup Flavors

While coming up with this list, we wanted something all-around that would fit most if not all tastes and preferences. That is why we followed the following criteria:

  • Flavor and taste notes – the flavors included in this list are rich and bold, not to mention well-balanced. They also have varied unique taste notes we are sure you’ll appreciate depending on your preference.
  • Compatibility – most Starbucks K cups are compatible with only Nespresso and Keurig coffee machines. In this list, we tried to include K cups that are compatible with both.
  • Roast level – like we said we wanted this list to be all rounded. So, we have options for the three different roast levels, blonde, dark and medium roast.

6 Best Starbucks K Cup Flavors.

Pike Place.

Best Starbucks K Cup Flavors

If you are looking for the closest reminder of the familiar taste of Starbucks coffee, this is the flavor to try out first. Some Starbucks employees have admitted to the fact that this is the blend, they use in most of their coffees. That explains the familiar taste.

It is a medium roast with low acidity and a smooth mouthfeel. It has pleasant taste notes of a delicious combination of toasted nuts and cocoa, not to mention, a well-balanced, all-rounded flavor. Every sip from this K cup, makes us feel like we are in a Starbucks store enjoying their coffee and not at home. We are sure you’ll feel the same way. This flavor is available in both Keurig and Nespresso compatible cups.


Starbucks K Cup

This was already one of our top five Starbucks coffee blends, so imagine our excitement when we found out they produced K cups for it. We were simply over the moon. This particular flavor is bold, rich, and full-bodied. Aside from the welcoming earthy aroma, we love the spicy and herbal taste notes that linger after every sip. It’s one of the best and most unique Starbuck Dark roast blends and we’re sure most people will agree. The best part is, these cups are budget-friendly, so it’s valuable for your money. You can find both Keurig and Nespresso compatible K cups for this flavor.

Veranda Blend.

Starbucks K Cup

If you love coffee but not the overwhelming bitter taste then this is a flavor for you. Veranda blend is said to be the favorite among Starbucks blonde roast and we agree. There is no bitterness but a smooth texture and a mellow but rich flavor, with enough punch to softly wake you up. Our favorite thing about this particular flavor is the malt and sometimes baked chocolate taste notes it leaves in your mouth. It’s perfect for a sweet coffee dessert drink or just a simple cup of coffee. Whether you have a Keurig or Nespresso machine, you can find compatible cups in this flavor.


Starbucks K Cup Guides

If you are a big fan of caramel, then this is the K-cup flavor to go for. We simply love Starbucks’ delicious buttery caramel-flavored drinks and so we had to try these K cups. The sweet aroma of caramel with your cup of coffee is what we love most about them. We must admit the taste of the caramel is not as intense as we expected but at least it allows you to enjoy the taste of your coffee without overpowering it with sweetness.

Pumpkin Spice.

The Ultimate Starbucks K Cup Guide

There is no way you can be a regular at Starbucks and not know the signature PSL. Appearing on the menu every fall season, the Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL) is among the top seasonal drinks Starbucks is celebrated for. So much that other coffee shops introduced it to their menu. Imagine having that warm and delicious combination of nutty, pumpkin, and cinnamon flavor. You can, with these K cups. Trust us it tastes just like a cup of PSL. Of course, being a seasonal drink, these K cups are limited editions as well, meaning they may go out of stock after the season. If we, were you, we’d stock up before they ended. That way you can enjoy some PSL all year round.

Cinnamon Dolce.

Starbucks K Cup Flavors Guide

If you want to know how good this K cup is, order a Cinnamon Dolce Latte. If you fall in love with that then this will be your everyday K cup flavor. We love the taste notes of combined cinnamon and brown sugar. The roast is blonde so the cinnamon flavor pulls through, unlike the mellow caramel flavor. It is, however, on the sweeter side, so if you aren’t a sweet tooth then you may want to ease up on the added sugar.

Information Section

What is the best Starbucks coffee flavor?

The best flavor truly depends on one’s palate, but based on popularity we would say a tie between caramel, cinnamon dolce, and pumpkin spice.

Which is the best Starbucks coffee pod?

Pike place takes this title. Its all-rounded and balanced flavor makes you feel like you’re drinking coffee in a Starbucks store, not to mention everyone loves it.

What is the smoothest K Cup coffee?

From Starbucks, we’d have to say Pike place, because of its balanced flavor and smooth mouthfeel. It has just the right amount of richness without being overwhelming.

How do you make K-Cups taste like Starbucks?

Choose the best quality and flavor among Starbucks’ variety of K cups. Use the right amount of water and add some milk or creamer and sugar r sweetener.

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