3 Best Starbucks egg bites (Are Starbucks egg bites healthy? + What To Know Before Ordering Starbucks)

While Starbucks is best known for its coffee, its sous vide egg bites are equally great. Let’s look at the best Starbucks egg bites.

Besides coffee, my frequent orders at Starbucks are their delicious sous vide egg bites such as the egg white and red pepper and the bacon and gruyere bites. These small delights are my favorite day-starters. It gets confusing when picking the best one especially if you are conscious of what’s in them. I used to get confused too. In this post, we shall explore all the best Starbucks egg bites. You will learn everything you need to know before ordering, so keep reading.

Are Starbucks egg bites healthy?

Yes, they are. They use real eggs which are great sources of proteins and some are reasonably low in calories. The vegetarian options are especially healthy as they are low-fat and great in taste.

Which Starbucks egg bites are the healthiest?

The vegetarian options are the healthiest. They incorporate both proteins and vegetables for a balanced meal and are low in calories and carbs.

What brand egg bites does Starbucks use?

Are Starbucks egg bites healthy?

Starbucks has been using Cuisine solutions for its egg bites and it has been great so far. This is not the first time the coffee giant is partnering with a major food and beverage company for supplies. It does this with its pastries and sandwiches too.

How to order Starbucks egg bites

These tasty delights are listed on the hot breakfast section of the vast Starbucks menu. You might want to start there for pricing and available options. If you are vegetarian, order the egg white and red peppers sous vide or the kale and mushroom portabella.

How we choose the Best Starbucks egg bites

We chose the egg bites based on their taste and nutritional information. We know the importance of healthy eating and Starbucks knows this too as it has provided the nutritional facts for these food items. However, we cannot ignore the taste as it’s equally important. With that in mind, we put together the list based on the Starbucks menu, so you can trust this post as it is written based on existing knowledge and facts.

3 Best Starbucks egg Bites

RankEgg bitesIngredients
1Egg white and roasted red pepper sous videCage-free egg whites, Monterey cheese, roasted red peppers, spinach
2Kale and mushroom portabella sous videChopped kale, portabella mushrooms, cage-free eggs, cottage cheese, Monterey Jack cheese, Swiss cheese, Parsley, hot sauce, garlic, black pepper
3Bacon and GruyereCottage cheese, eggs, shredded cheese, bacon, hot sauce

Eggs white and roasted red peppers sous vide egg bites

What To Know Before Ordering Starbucks egg bites

These are the healthiest egg bites at Starbucks. They are specially made using the sous vide cooking method. In this age-old but still widely used method, food is sealed in a vacuum food bag. It is then immersed in a precise heat water bath for some time until it is well cooked. The temperature needs to be right for the food to be cooked and taste well.

In this case, the water is just a few degrees below the boiling point and it is kept constant throughout the cooking. The egg and red peppers continue to shine on the nutritional part. The carbs fall at only 11g which is decent while the calories are at 170 which is still decent. The proteins carry the day at 12g and only 8g of fat. This sous vide food item has been recommended for vegetarians as it is just eggs, cheese, and vegetables.

Kale and mushroom Portabella

Best Starbucks egg bites

I am not biased, but this one is overly delicious. With 230 calories per 130g serving, this one packs me with energy and I get to down it with a low-carb Starbucks drink. The fats are at 14g which translates to 18% and some 9g of saturated fats which brings us to 45%.

The carbs are at 11g which is 4%. I must warn you about the cholesterol that comes at 180mg and this is 60%. If you are on a low-fat diet or have underlying conditions, you are safe in the hands of the egg white and roasted red peppers egg bites. The proteins are great at 15g and only 1g of sugar. These figures are readily available on the Starbucks website and they represent percentages of the daily value in 2000 daily calories.

Despite the cholesterol, this food item is delicious and can be used in a keto diet that requires between 15-30 daily carbs. The rule of this diet is high fat, moderate protein, and low carbs which are reflected in this sweet food item.

Bacon and Gruyere

 What To Know when Ordering Starbucks egg bites

This one is for meat lovers and all non-vegetarians. It is considered the most delicious of all the egg bites at Starbucks by popular opinion. As Starbucks puts it, this smoked bacon and cheese has a velvety taste and bursts in flavor. On the nutritional side, you might want to tread carefully as a 130g serving gives you a whopping 300 calories. This is the maximum requirement for breakfast.

The fats aren’t spared either and come in at 20g which is 26% and 12g saturated which translates to 60% of the daily value. Things keep escalating as the cholesterol comes in at 215mg which is 72%. Yea, I know. The carbs are spared at only 9g. which is only 3% and sugars come at 2g. On the flip side, the proteins look good at 19g. In a nutshell, only order this if all you want is great taste.

Informative Section

What are the best egg bites at Starbucks?

The egg white and red pepper are the best nutrition-wise while the bacon and gruyere taste the best.

Are the Starbucks egg bites any good?

Yes, they taste great, but you might want to reconsider when looking at the nutrition.

What brand egg bites does Starbucks use?

Starbucks uses the Cuisine solutions egg bites.

Why do Starbucks egg bites taste so good?

They are sourced from the best company and made with the sous vide method which locks in all the flavors in the bites.

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