8 Best hot drinks at Starbucks for non-coffee drinkers (Ultimate List of Non-Coffee Starbucks Drinks! + More)

It’s not always about coffee at Starbucks; you can get great non-coffee hot drinks and enjoy them to the fullest. So, what are the best hot drinks at Starbucks for non-coffee drinkers?

I have never been intrigued by coffee or any coffee drinks. At Starbucks, I enjoy hot black and green teas that still give me a boost of energy. I have seen people struggle while placing orders for non-coffee drinks and this has inspired me to write this post and offer the ultimate list of non-coffee drinks. You will have a vast list that you can easily choose from at the end of this read.

Does Starbucks serve hot non-coffee drinks?

Yes, it does. Starbucks has always had a variety of great hot non-coffee drinks. You might be surprised to find out that some are better than coffee drinks. You can order a hot tea latte of your choice or a cup of hot chocolate. Some of the hot non-coffee drinks will be caffeinated while others will be caffeine-free.

How to order a drink without coffee from Starbucks

You don’t need to tell the barista that you want a hot drink without coffee and leave the poor partner wondering where to start with the vast menu. You can ask for a hot chai tea latte or a hot chocolate. You can even have a Matcha tea latte. If coffee is not working out for you, order the Starbucks mint majesty.

How we choose the best hot drinks at Starbucks for non-coffee drinkers

Ultimate List of Non-Coffee Starbucks Drinks!
Starbucks for non-coffee drinkers. Source: Pinterest

Our products have been chosen based on available information on Starbucks’ official website and our surveys on the tastes and preferences of the non-coffee drinkers online. Starbucks lists all the ingredients of its products and this made it easy for us to pick only non-coffee drinks. We trusted the people’s opinions more for the ranking on taste. Nothing gives the real picture of anything as the reviews of consumers. You can therefore trust this post as it is objective and based on facts.

8 Best hot drinks at Starbucks for non-coffee drinkers

1Hot chai tea latteChai tea syrup(Black tea cardamom, black pepper, ginger, cinnamon, cloves), steamed milk
2Matcha green tea latteMatcha tea blend, milk, sweeteners(Optional)
3Hot chocolateSteamed milk, mocha sauce, whipped cream, chocolate-flavored drizzle
4Mint majestySpearmint, peppermint, lemon verbena
5Jade citrus mint brewed teaGreen tea, hot water, lemon verbena, spearmint, lemon verbena
6Royal English Breakfast Tea latteSteamed milk, black tea, simple syrup
7Emperor’s cloud and mistGreen tea, hot water
8Honey citrus mint teaJade citrus green tea, steamed lemonade, peach tranquility herbal tea, honey

Hot chai tea latte

Hot drinks at Starbucks for non-coffee drinkers
Starbucks hot chai tea latte. Source: Starbucks

This is a classic Starbucks hot tea that is moderately caffeinated and tastes great. This has been described as the non-coffee latte which replaces the espresso with black tea. The chai tea is one of the highest in caffeine among the tea drinks at Starbucks with 95mg for a Grande. You’re guaranteed a great day with this hot beverage.

Matcha green tea latte

Matcha green tea traces its origin in East Asia but has gained ground worldwide. The specially made green tea is delicious and caffeinated. A Grande comes with 80mg of caffeine which is quite decent for a tea drinker. Besides the great taste, you will enjoy numerous health benefits of Matcha tea.

Hot chocolate

hot drinks at Starbucks for non-coffee drinkers
Starbucks Hot chocolate drink. Source: Starbucks

The mocha sauce in this drink has no coffee. Starbucks’ mocha sauce is tasty and chocolaty without any coffee. This drink is low in caffeine at only 25mg for a Grande. The source of caffeine here just in case you are confused is cocoa beans. Don’t shy away from this hit traditional drink.

Mint Majesty

Starbucks Mint Majesty

You will taste some mint and a hint of tarragon. It is light, sweet, and cooling. This is the drink to try out if you want nothing to do with caffeine. You will get the taste and no stimulation for that relaxed and quiet day. The benefits of this drink are endless as it has no calories or fat.

Jade citrus mint brewed tea

Starbucks jade citrus mint brewed tea

As Starbucks puts it, this is a refreshing and cooling green tea experience. Imagine a cold morning and a treat of spearmint, lemon verbena, and moderate caffeine. Doesn’t it sound perfect? The 40mg of caffeine in a Grand serving is enough to fuel your morning without indulging in coffee drinks.

Royal English Breakfast Tea latte

Ultimate List of Non-Coffee Starbucks Drinks!
Royal English Breakfast Tea latte. Source: Starbucks

This is another black tea option at Starbucks. It gives you the right stimulation without leaving undesirable side effects in your body. Like any black tea, the caffeine here is high but not as high as in coffee drinks. You will intake 80mg of you consume 16 fluid ounces serving. The latte version contains steamed milk infused with black tea.

Emperor’s cloud and mist

Starbucks Emperor’s cloud and mist

Starbucks never forgets to tell us the amazing conditions that this tea is grown in. The special tea that is grown above 3500 feet in a cloudy and misty Chinese Province gives our taste buds a treat and a low dose of caffeine at 16mg for a Grande. It is ideal for the person who hates overstimulation and undesirable caffeine side effects.

Honey Citrus Mint Tea

Best hot drinks at Starbucks for non-coffee drinkers
Starbucks Honey Citrus Mint Tea. Source: Starbucks

Did you know that this amazing drink at a mere customer creation and found its way to the official Starbucks menu? This drink has a dash of honey and jade citrus mint tea with a steamed lemonade touch. You will also enjoy the peach tranquility herbal tea and slight caffeine of 16mg.

Informative Section

What Hot drinks can you get at Starbucks if you don’t like coffee?

You can get tea lattes like matcha green tea latte or London Fog tea latte.

What can I get at Starbucks for non-coffee drinkers?

You can get any Starbucks hot tea or steamers.

What is a good coffee for non-coffee drinkers?

You can go for a Caffe mocha as it tastes more chocolaty than coffee.

What is the best hot drink at Starbucks?

The best in the coffee category is the caramel Macchiato and Chai tea latte for the non-coffee drinks.

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