Why are Starbucks cups green? (Is the Green Starbucks Cup Truly Recyclable + More Information)

In 2016, Starbucks rolled out its new cups, and everyone kept wondering, “Why are Starbucks cups green?” Read on to find out why the green color was chosen and what it stood for.

Starbucks is known for manufacturing its coffee cups in different colors, depending on the season or if a holiday is coming up. Starbucks decided to manufacture its coffee cups in 2016 in green as a sign of the connection it had with the community, which in this case included its employees and all of its customers. I was among the first people to be served in the cups when they came out, as I was eager to know if they served any different than Starbucks’ usual holiday cups. I will explain in detail what the green cup was made of and the main event that was happening around that time, for Starbucks to settle on the green color.

What is the Starbucks green cup controversy?

Starbucks’ green cup controversy is among the major controversies Starbucks has been involved in. The controversy started on November 1st, 2016 when Starbucks rolled out its new cups. As it was almost Christmas, everyone knew that the next Starbucks that was coming up would be of Christmas theme, and they were shocked to see a green cup with more than one hundred people drawn in a continuous stroke on it.

Starbucks’ intention of putting their new cups that way represented the community and united everyone, as it was a time of political divisiveness. General elections were coming up in the US, and people seemed to have been divided by their different parties. However, not all Starbucks customers received this positively, as they insinuated that Starbucks was politically brainwashing people.

To protect its business and customers, Starbucks informed the public that the cups would be used for a very short period and the real Christmas holiday cups would be released.

Is the Green Starbucks Cup Truly Recyclable?

No, just like the Starbucks cup, the green cup is not recyclable, as it is made with a plastic lining that prevents any form of liquid from leaking. Starbucks is, however, in the process of making their coffee cups recyclable, and we hope they will achieve it soon.

Is the Green Cup Truly Compostable?

No. When the green cup was manufactured, the same procedure was used just like the regular cups, making it non-compostable. Starbucks intended to unite the community and not to create a compostable cup.

FAQ Section

Are Starbucks cups eco-friendly?

Not all Starbucks cups are eco-friendly. Starbucks released several trial cups to the public that are recyclable and compostable but has yet to replace all of the old ones.

Are Starbucks green cups still available?

No. the cups were only available for a limited time, and you can no longer find them at Starbucks.

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