What Is Updosed at Starbucks (What Is the History of Updosed Espresso at Starbucks, How To Order It + More Information)

While a Starbucks espresso is strong in itself, it never hurts to updose for a change in flavor. What is Updosed at Starbucks?

An Updosed espresso at Starbuck means that the espresso machine is loaded with more ground coffee than what would normally be used while the water remains the same. I have always found this method as a great way to compensate for the lost intensity when using light roasts. If you love your coffee intense and bold with a fuller body and you are not getting it in the normal espresso, perhaps you should try the Updosed espresso. If you are wondering what this craze is all about, keep up as we are going to unpack all the details about this extraction method and how it all came about.

What is the history of Updosed espresso at Starbucks?

While the exact origin of the Updosed espresso is unclear, the method became popular in 2009 and 2010. The espressos in America were found to be overbearing and contained a bitterness that was unbearable to most coffee drinkers. Starbucks and other coffee shops made a shift from the dark roasts to lighter roasts that were less bitter. However, something was lost in this transition. As it is said, one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

Some people did not find any satisfaction in the lighter roasts. As a way to compensate for the lost intensity, the Updosed espresso was born. Those who wanted to keep it light and simple could have their light roast while those who would rather have their coffee with an intense flavor could updose. The results of the updose were a full body with the same old intense flavor of the dark roast.

Starbucks Updosed espresso calories and nutrition

There is not much difference in the nutritional information of an ordinary espresso and an Updosed one. This is because the only thing added to it is some extra coffee ground while straining. An Updosed espresso will only have more flavor and the same nutritional content as an espresso. Even the caffeine content difference is negligible.

The caloric content of this espresso is 10 calories for 1.5 fluid ounces. The espresso has no fat content and has no cholesterol. The sodium is also at zero and has no sugars at all. The carbs are 2g only and 1 g protein. From this information, it is safe to say that an Updosed espresso is a healthy option before it is added to any drink. It might not provide you with all the essential nutrients on its own but we all know that no one drinks a shot of espresso directly. Let’s look at the information above in a nutshell.

Calorie count( out of 2000 daily calorie intake) 10
Nutrient content( per Grande serving) % of daily Value
Total Fat (0g)

Trans fat(0.00)

Saturated fat (0g)



Total Carbohydrates (2g)

Sugar (0g)

Dietary fiber(0g)



Proteins( 1)g 0.2%
Cholesterol(0) 0%
Sodium (0) 0%

What Does the Starbucks Updosed espresso taste like?

What Is the History of Updosed Espresso at Starbucks

This espresso has a strong taste and is bolder than a normal espresso. The quest for a better-tasting coffee rarely comes to an end especially when you are not getting everything you desire in a single shot. In this extraction method, you will get a sweeter flavor compared to what you would get in a dark roast. The bitterness will be toned down but it will still retain its full-bodied feel in the mouth.

At the end of the process, you will have a bodied taste full of sweetness without too much acidity and caffeine. The light espresso has relatively low acidity even when Updosed. An 18g coffee ground will add some richness to your espresso. Some people have said that the Updosed espresso stands out in milk drinks and you can taste the coffee without being covered by the taste of milk.

Some people have argued that the taste of the Updosed espresso is more or less the same as the ordinary espresso. Well, every person is different and people have differences in how they perceive things.

How do you order the Updosed espresso at Starbucks?

Most of the coffee drinks at Starbucks will use the signature espresso or the blonde espresso. Drinks like the latte and Americanos use espresso. However, you might want to be specific if you want to customize to an Updosed drink. Ensure that you let the barista know that. While there is not much information about ordering this espresso, we can assume that one has to tell the barista what kind of espresso they want just as it’s done with ristretto and long shots.

When ordering an espresso drink, choose an Updosed espresso in the place of a ristretto, long shot, short hot, or espresso. Starbuck uses the Mastrena espresso and has recently introduced a Mastrena that Updoses. You will have an easy time ordering your Updosed espresso drink.

Final Thoughts

There is a difference between an Updosed espresso and other types of espressos. The difference lies in the amount of ground coffee that goes into the espresso machine. The Updose uses more ground and the same amount of water as normal espresso. The result is a strong, bold, and sweet flavor. It is not as sweet as a ristretto but the difference is insignificant. The only disadvantage of the Updosed espresso is the amount of coffee involved. You will use much more than you would normally use on an ordinary espresso, but the end taste is all worth it.


Is the Updosed espresso bitter?

No, it’s not. This is the main reason why this espresso is popular as you get a strong espresso just like the dark roast without bitterness and toasty taste.

Is an Updosed espresso stronger than ristretto?

The Updosed espresso has a bolder flavor than a ristretto but the caffeine content level is more or less the same.

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