What Is Dutch Bros Known For (What Does Dutch Bros Sell+ More Information)?

If you don’t have a Dutch Bros location near you, you might not know much about the brand. Have you ever wondered what Dutch Bros is known for? Find out below.

Dutch Bros is known for being a popular drive-through coffeehouse chain in the US with a wide, diverse menu and specialty coffee drinks.
I had my first Dutch Bros experience when I moved to Oregon after college. It was shocking how business is booming for them on this side of the country. But after tasting some of their drinks and interacting with the coffee chain more, I completely understand the hype. If you want to know more about Dutch Bros and why it attracts so many customers daily, this article is for you.

What Is the Popular Item at Dutch Bros?

The most popular item at Dutch Bros is undeniably the Breve. A breve is a term coined by Dutch Bros to refer to their signature latte drink. What makes it different? Well, instead of regular milk in lattes, breves have half and half, which gives them an extra creamy taste to keep customers coming back. The breve comes hot, iced, or frozen. It, therefore, caters to a lot of people. Another reason this is their most popular menu item is that the breve comes in assorted flavors such as Irish Crème, Vanilla & Caramel, Chocolate Macadamia Nut, and White Coffee Cookie.

Why Is Dutch Bros So Popular?

What Does Dutch Bros Sell
Dutch Bros store. Image source: Dutch bros

Dutch Bros is a powerhouse coffee franchise that registers enormous gains over competitors for a few reasons. Here are some of them:

  • It has innovative drink menu items – Dutch Bros has a wide variety of flavored drinks on their menu that are simply irresistible. They offer all sorts of teas, coffees, and even energy drinks! It’s the one-stop shop for drinks.
  • It is a drive-through franchise – Americans love nothing more than convenience and comfort when it comes to their drinks. Dutch Bros tapped into that. With all their locations being drive-throughs, Dutch Bros appeals to people in a rush or are too tired to go into physical shops.
  • They use high-quality ingredients – Dutch Bros uses its special blend of coffee from Brazil, Colombia, and El Salvador, as well as other great-tasting ingredients. Customers can taste the difference. Their coffee is also always freshly brewed.
  • It is inexpensive – When compared to its rivals in the coffee world, Dutch Bros stands out for offering tasty drinks at relatively affordable prices. This has helped it attract the middle class, which is the biggest demographic.


Is Dutch Bros popular in the US?

For sure! Dutch Bros coffee is one of the most popular coffee chains in the US.

Where is Dutch Bros most popular?

Dutch Bros is popular mainly in the western and southern parts of the US. It has over 500 locations in 12 states.

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