What are inclusions at Starbucks? (how many kinds of inclusions does Starbucks have + more information)

Starbucks refreshers will always quench your thirst and taste good while on the go. Each refresher is made with inclusions that heighten the color and flavor of these iced drinks. So what are these inclusions at Starbucks?

Starbucks Inclusions are frozen fruits that include: dried strawberries, dragon berries, blackberries and limes that heighten the color and flavor of refreshers. The term inclusion is only intended for the fruit refreshers and not the traditional coffee offered at Starbucks. 

If you probably like cold drinks with caffeine, but without the taste of coffee, especially during the hot season? Try out refreshers with inclusions at Starbucks. I also love cold drinks, and I’m usually excited whenever I try Starbucks refreshers. These inclusions are an ultimate natural energy booster and provide health benefits in the following areas:

  • Hydration
  • Skin
  • Recovery and detoxification

To that end, don’t forget to visit the nearest Starbucks store, to have a taste of the numerous refreshers that the company offers.

How Many Kinds Of Inclusions Does Starbucks Have?

Starbucks keeps on reviewing and changing its menu from time to time. For instance, you will no longer find Starbucks offering the kiwi fruit refresher as it has been removed.

All the same, Starbucks has four main kinds of inclusions: blackberries, limes, dragon berries and freeze-dried strawberries. These inclusions are used in making the following refreshers:

  • Strawberry acai Lemonade
  • Cool lime 
  • Dragon drink
  • Mango dragon fruit
  • Very berry hibiscus

How Can I Ask For Inclusions If I Forget The Fruit In My Drink?

It should bother you if you are unfamiliar with fancy drink orders. Your barista will always understand and assist you in case of anything. For instance, if you forget the fruit in your drink, ask for extra or less. Also, if you don’t like the frozen, dried fruit floating in your glass, you can order the blended drink.

What Does No Inclusion Mean At Starbucks?

how many kinds of inclusions does Starbucks have

There is usually a taste difference when the drink has no inclusions. Even though you can still order a refresher without the inclusions, some Starbucks stores will not serve refreshers if the respective inclusions are out of stock. In some instances, selling a refresher without inclusion can be termed as noncompliance and can lead to the termination of the barista. No inclusion also means an increase in complaints from consumers. Most consumers will be frustrated by the services, as they prefer drinks with fruit.

Does Starbucks have the Dragon Fruit Intrusion?

Yes, Starbucks has the Dragon fruit on its menu. The fruit inclusion involves incorporating the dragon drink into the brand’s menu. This pink or magenta-colored drink mixes numerous fruits like mango and dragon fruit, making it highly nourishing. Interestingly, you can enjoy this pinkish drink in diverse recipes or swap it with coffee for breakfast. The drink is a bit more expensive, but you can purchase it at lower costs during Starbucks’ happy hours.

Final Thoughts

Starbucks got it right by inventing a perfect drink for non-coffee drinkers. Adding inclusions to the refreshers is not only a great invention, but consumers can now spend their money on drinks they like, especially on hot summer days.

FAQ Section

Does Starbucks charge extra for fruit inclusions?

One to two scoops of inclusions is usually added to the refresher, depending on the size of the drink. Starbucks does not charge extra for fruit inclusions; hence you are free to always ask for more inclusions.

What does Starbucks use inclusions for?

Starbucks uses inclusions for fruit refreshers only. Inclusions are not used in coffee.

Can I put inclusions in my Starbucks coffee?

While you can add inclusions to any drink, Starbucks does not intend to add inclusions in coffee.

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