Starbucks Secret Menu: Liquid Cocaine (Ingredients, Taste, Variations, Sizes, Copycat Recipe, Caffeine, Calories & More information)

This article will tell you all there is to know about Starbucks liquid cocaine, how to order it at Starbucks, and how you can make yours at home.

Just as most Starbucks fans often do, a fan posted the drink on Instagram and it picked my curiosity. The drink looked catchy in the photo and I being a coffee lover found myself wanting to try out the drink. The major issue was getting information on how to order this drink so I dug into some research and I had the chance to go and have my Starbucks liquid cocaine drink. As most people may not know what the drink entails, I will share all the information below to make it easier for you next time you want to try this amazing drink.

A Brief History of the drink

As mentioned above, Starbucks’ liquid cocaine drink was popularized by the use of social media. This dates back to when Starbucks’ secret menu became famous for having various customized drinks.

Is Liquid Cocaine still available at Starbucks?

Starbucks Secret Menu: Liquid Cocaine Sizes

Yes, this drink is available at any Starbucks store at any time of the day so long as you read the recipe to the barista.

Starbucks Liquid Cocaine (Ingredients, Taste, Variations, Sizes, Caffeine, Calories)

What’s in a Liquid Cocaine – (ingredients)

Starbucks liquid cocaine is a very caffeinated drink that will give you instant stimulation. This is brought about by the 4 shots of espresso in the drink. There is ice that makes the drink chilled and that makes the drink perfect for summer. Starbucks liquid cocaine is given a sweet twist by the white chocolate syrup added to it. You can add some milk to the drink if you find it to be too steep but it’s not mandatory. The type of milk is at your discretion.

Starbucks Liquid Cocaine: Sizes, nutrition, Caffeine & Calories

What sizes are available

Due to the high caffeine content of the drink, it is only served in Grande cup size which is 16 fl Oz.

Nutritional facts

Starbucks liquid cocaine contains a big portion of caffeine and sugar. There are a few other nutrients like magnesium and potassium. Most of the calories in it are from carbs and sugar. Due to the lack of milk in the drink, there are very little or no fats even in saturated form. Most people will say that the drink is unhealthy but with values below the daily allowed percentages based on a 2000-calorie diet a day, I would say it’s well within limits. I wouldn’t recommend having this drink more than once a day. It is a drink you should have when you need that energy boost. The table below shows the nutritional facts.

Calorie count 580
Carbohydrates 25g 11%
Potassium 150mg 5%
Sodium 17mg 1%
Magnesium 25%
Fats 67g 3%
Sugar 15g 50%

Caffeine information

This drink has a very high caffeine content from the espresso shots. The drink has 256mg of caffeine which is quite high for a single drink but it is still below the daily recommended maximum caffeine intake for an adult.

So, what does Starbucks Liquid Cocaine taste like?

This drink tastes like pure coffee with tones of chocolate flavor. It is sweet from the chocolate syrup.

Ways to Customize Liquid Cocaine at Starbucks – Starbucks LIQUID COCAINE Variations

Starbucks Secret Menu: Liquid Cocaine Calories

The only way to customize this drink is by adding some milk. You can use any type of milk that you wish and as much milk as you would like.

Starbucks Secret Menu: Liquid Cocaine

How to Make Starbucks Liquid Cocaine at Home - Starbucks Liquid Cocaine Copycat Recipe

Kai Jordan


  • Espresso machine


  • Coffee beans for espresso
  • White chocolate syrup
  • Ice cubes


  • Make your espresso coffee using the espresso machine
  • Pour 4 shots of espresso into a Grande size cup
  • Add 4 pumps of white chocolate syrup
  • Fill the cup with ice
  • Stir the mixture and enjoy


  • The espresso machine may be expensive so you may use a French press to make your espresso.
  • When using the French press be sure to use good quality coffee

Informative Section

How do you order Liquid Cocaine from the Starbucks app?

Order four iced espresso shots known as quad shots. In the flavors, section select four pumps of white chocolate syrup. Choose the Grande cup. Select delivery or pick-up options and finally mode of payment

Does Starbucks have Liquid Cocaine all year round?

Yes, Starbucks has liquid cocaine all year around.

Is Starbucks Liquid Cocaine healthy?

I would say it is healthy since contents are below the daily recommended values although the values are a bit high on a single drink.

How much is the Starbucks Liquid Cocaine?

A Grande-sized cup will cost $5.80 at Starbucks

Why is it called Starbucks liquid cocaine?

The name liquid cocaine is due to the rush you get from the caffeine in the espresso.

What is the white lightning from Starbucks?

White lightening is the other name for Starbucks liquid cocaine.

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