Starbucks Seattle reserve roastery menu (Items on the Starbucks Seattle reserve menu, Price list + More information)

Whether you are new in town and looking to sample delicacies in your area or you live there and you are curious about the Starbucks Seattle reserve roastery menu offers, this article will inform you of all you need to know concerning what is on the menu.

I know it is not just me. Are there moments when you are so lazy to cook that take-out seems heaven-sent? Or you are swamped with work and you get so immersed in it that only your rumbling stomach reminds you that you have not eaten all day? With Starbucks reserve, I can order food online without breaking a sweat when I am in the house, or take a quick trip to the store and invite a friend over for an invigorating chat while ordering my favorite meals. There are also moments when I carry my laptop and work from there.

While Starbucks has been known as a coffee giant company since its inception, it also offers a wide variety of meals, be it snacks, breakfast options, lunch, or dinner. With its Free Wi-Fi network, you do not have to worry about missing out on work hours, especially if you have a deadline to beat but just want a change of scenery. You can also plan for events, or plan for a tour at the Starbucks Seattle reserve roaster, because not only is it a food heaven, but it comes packed with history and art. Known for rare coffee cuisines all over the world, Starbucks Seattle reserve is a ‘must-visit’ for coffee fans. Might you be wondering what the difference is between the Starbucks reserve roastery and the traditional Starbucks? Well, read on. The answers await you!

What is Starbucks reserve roastery

There is a difference between Starbucks reserve roastery and traditional Starbucks stores. One is size. Starbucks’ traditional stores are smaller. Two is the price difference. One tends to spend up to four times more than they would have spent in a traditional Starbucks store. Most importantly though, the main difference is that roastery Starbucks has small-pot coffee beans, made by baristas using different methods like pour-over, Chemex, siphon, and more. These methods make rare coffee, which is what Starbucks’ reserve roastery is popularly known for.

They are supplied by the regional roastery. At the moment there are 43 locations, spread all over the globe. They include the regular Starbucks menu but with that, these various coffee offers are added in as well. One might even refer to them as coffee bars. You can step in and order coffee treats or delve in and find out coffee history by turning it into a unique coffee experience that mixes art and history to create a blend of memories that etches itself in the deep reserves of special moments. You could consider it both a coffee workshop and a stage for culinary magic.

Seattle is one of the major locations for the Starbucks reserve roaster. Others like it are:

  1. Chicago
  2. Shanghai
  3. Milan
  4. Tokyo
  5. New York

Sitting on a 15,000-square-foot space, Seattle Roastery is the grandest in the world. It started on the 5th of December 2014 and currently offers homage to decades of long coffee innovations. Interestingly, it even has a library that contains everything about coffee. Seek to know some coffee secrets? Why don’t you take a tour? You will have coffee roasted in front of you and get to know all there is about Starbucks coffee, coupled with a warm and imposing sight of silos of green coffee getting roasted, crushed, and brewed to absolute perfection.

With the imaginative serving ideas and the industrial line of coffee processing that takes you from start to finish, this is a tourist destination that will transform every coffee fan. A chat with coffee experts will leave you dazed in awe. You will get to watch as pneumatic tubes transfer doses of fresh coffee right in front of you for the preparation of unique blends of taste that are only found in specific areas of the world. A hangout with friends will inspire you to take a coffee flight if you feel adventurous.

Deep conversations with the mighty in the field will add to your glimpse of knowledge and might leave you deep in thought and even an epiphany might take place. The tremendous inventions that have taken place over the years, in the coffee industry are sure to help you realize just how much the human mind can be genius-level when given the chance. Who knows? Being in this space of human expertise shown here might even inspire you to take on your dreams once more, knowing that if other humans could achieve genius, then you can too.

There is no entry fee. Starbucks Seattle Roastery Reserve operates just like other stores. It is when you order something that you are charged for it. There are also, other items made by local artisans in the area. For example, there is a section where high-end coffee mugs are sold. If you wish to buy coffee beans and take them home, you can do so too. More than that, if you are not sure of what coffee you want to try, you can sample the drinks at no charge. The drinks range in price but you are sure to get one at eleven dollars. If you want pastries together with your order, it can cost you up to thirty dollars. The experience is worth it! You could even consider every penny spent as an investment in your wellbeing.

Even more exciting is that this is not just a restaurant. If you have an event and you are inspired by the warm yet, imposing scenery, you can book it for an event. Do you have a party to host? A wedding reception maybe? A conference perhaps? Might you want to celebrate your birthday surrounded by culinary art, innovation, and history? Graduation to mark your achievements? Any gathering can be held at this place. There are various offers on the main website to sample from.

What is in Starbucks Seattle reserve menu items?

Starbucks Seattle reserve roastery menu

Apart from coffee, there is also food offered at the Starbucks Seattle reserve roastery menu. This includes snacks and different beverages like tea, juice, refreshers, and energy drinks. Aside from that, you can also grab breakfast, lunch, and dinner from here if you wish to. This means that you can spend a whole day at Starbucks while sampling and ordering your various treats. Why not stop by to enjoy these delectable meals and spoil yourself a little? Top on the menu includes drinks such as:

  • Espresso con Panna
  • Cortado
  • Affogato
  • Bombolone
  • Espresso Macchiato
  • Shakerato Bianco
  • Kouign Amann
  • Strawberry balsamic spritz

When it comes to dishes, here are some that you can sample.

The pastries include:

  7. RAISIN AND PISTACHIO GIRELLA (Light and flaky roll with layers of raisins and pistachio cream.)
  8. CINNAMON ROLL (Light and flaky with a swirl of cinnamon)

Breakfast sandwiches and other foods that you can try are:

  1. PROSCIUTTO AND FONTINA ON CORNETTO (Slow-cooked prosciutto with fontina.)
  2. PROSCIUTTO AND PARMIGIANO-REGGIANO ON BRIOCHE (Prosciutto, Parmigiano-Reggiano and arugula.)
  3. SMOKED SALMON AND CREAM CHEESE ON BRIOCHE (Smoked salmon, red onion, arugula and cream cheese.)

More of what is offered include:

Salame Milano and Bufala mozzarella ON OLIVE SFILATINO
on focaccia. Thinly sliced mortadella on
Signature sourdough Baton-shaped bread mixed with raisins.

As shown, there are a lot of options to choose from. The sample above should give you a sneak peep of what to expect. You can also order:

  • Pizza,
  • Princina
  • chocolate chip cookies
  • Various kinds of meat, cheese, and sauces
  • Cocktails
  • Mocktails and many more.

How do I order Starbucks Seattle reserve menu items?

You can do this through the store by walking in and giving your order to the barrister. Aside from this, another way is to go online to the main website once you have selected the Starbucks reserve that you want to order from, fill in the necessary details after browsing the menu then add in the information required for delivery and wait for your order.

To find out whether Starbucks reserve can deliver to your area, put in your location details on UberEats to find out if it can have it delivered to your exact address. The prices listed on UberEats differ a bit so please be sure to know this before placing your order. As you can tell, Starbucks uses UberEats for its delivery services.

One question frequently asked by customers is whether you can order the drinks that you want. The answer is yes. It is important to keep in mind that this is not a 24-hour service. Opening hours are from 7.00 Am to 10.00 Pm every Monday to Saturday. The store remains closed on Sundays.

If you want to order your food a specific way by customizing your order, UberEats offers an opportunity where you can leave a note to the kitchen to have your order just the way you like it. This offers variety and ensures the satisfaction of the customer. Despite this, your order may take a little longer than expected because of this meaning you may have to be a little bit more patient.

Something else I find very advantageous is that you can schedule your delivery times. With this option, you can order your food at a specific time and have it delivered to you at the desired time. If you are not at home, running late in the office, or even just running an errand and still want to order your meal by a specific time, you can do so.

Starbucks Seattle reserves roastery menu items and price list

Please note that the following menu is from UberEats and may not be as extensive as the sample shown before which is from the store’s direct menu. If you seek to have a more detailed menu sample, you can visit the main website where you can call, or simply download a pdf of the menu and go through it.


Food ItemPrice
Hazelnut Bianco Latte$6.25
Dark Chocolate Mocha$6.25
Watermelon Spritz$6.25

Hot Breakfast

Starbucks Seattle reserve roastery menu items
Food itemPrice
Frittata with Avocado and Parmigiano Reggiano$10.50


Food ItemPrice
Cannoli Siciliani$8.00

Hot and Cold Coffee

Food ItemPrice List
Brewed coffee$6.25
Caramel Infused latte$6.25
Cold Brew$5.25
Whiskey Barrel Aged Cold Brew$11.00


Food ItemPrice
Chai Tea Latte$5.75
Matcha Green Tea Latte$5.75
Hot Brewed Teavana Tea$4.00
Iced Teavana Tea$4.50

Hot Drinks

Food ItemPrice
Hot Chocolate$5.75

Cold Drinks

Food ItemPrice
Cucumber mint Spritz$ 6.25
Strawberry Spritz$6.25
Watermelon spritz$6.25

Bottled Drinks

Items on the Starbucks Seattle reserve menu
Food ItemPrice
Ethos water$ 3.00
Galvanina Italian Sparkling water$3.50


Food ItemPrice
Raisin Pistachio Girella$5.75
Cinnamon Roll$5.75

Sandwiches and Toast

Food ItemPrice
Porchetta and Egg on Ciabatta$ 11.00
Prosciutto and Parmigiano Reggiano on Brioche$10.50
Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese on Brioche$10.50
Avocado toast$8.75

Whole bean Coffee

Food ItemPrice
Starbucks Reserve Roaster- exclusive seasonal blend- whole bean$32.25
Starbucks Reserve Whiskey Barrel-Aged Guatemala Whole Bean$46.5


Starbucks Seattle Reserve is incomparable when it comes to offering variety and satiable delicacies to its customers. It does not just offer coffee, but it offers the rarest coffee servings on the planet. Here, it is not just about eating and then leaving but each bite and sip is meant to be devoured. The rich history behind it all and the exquisite culinary artistic expression from which it all hails leaves one not only full but in the presence of spectacular invention, as we toast to our ancestors that kept reshaping this pleasant present experience all through the years.

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